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TPOE 203: Erica Cody RnB artist Erica Cody is part of Extraterrestial: A Black Irish Celebration of Identity. It is a free livestream event curated by the National Concert Hall and District taking place this Thursday, May 20 at 8pm, and you can watch on the NCH YouTube/Facebook pages. Other performers include FeliSpeaks, Alicia Raye, Celaviedmai, JyellowL, Reggie and Tebi Rex. On this chat with Erica Cody, we talk about how the event came about, what we can expect from her (new music!), whether it's an event that could have happened even five years ago, Erica's music journey, a little bit of basketball (!) and lots more.
Ep.38: The heat is on – Erica Cody and Louise Dunne on gigs, beauty and being a BOSS On this week’s episode Niamh is joined by singer songwriter Erica Cody and CEO and founder of Louise Dunne, they’re talking about the gig culture in Ireland, the new Instagram feature that we can’t get our head around, re-inventing the beauty industry and they’re tackling some HEAT HACKS for the days ahead. For our Spotlight interview this week, we’re joined by Sinead Kane, Ireland’s first registered blind solicitor, who also happens to have two PHDs AND she runs marathons for the craic… as you do!
1: James Meets Erica Cody James is joined by Erica Cody, an R&amp;B artist who is huge on the Irish festival scene. Erica talks about how her interest in music started, her love for festivals, planning the perfect photoshoot with James’ beloved cat, Diana and more... #CokeSummerSounds
Episode 3: with RnB Princess Erica Cody This weeks guest is Alt-RnB singer songwriter Erica Cody. With an EP coming, Ireland's rising star tells us about how, for her, 2019 is a year of setting boundaries and respecting others and that's what her EP 'LEOness' will be all about.
Listen for Erica's journey so-far in the music industry, her inspirations, and the respect and boundaries she has had to set with others.
Thank you to Depop for sponsoring this podcast, this weeks Depop shop is @shopyotts. This girls shop features vintage and high end hand picked pieces such as Dior, Versace, Stone Island, Ed Hardy and Playboy at insanely low prices.
She Is Part Beyoncé, Part Samantha Mumba But ALL Erica Cody She is THE 'Leoness'   
There's a wave of incredible black RnB artists in Ireland right now. Soulé, Jafaris, Rejjie Snow to name a few and thankfully it doesn't look like crashing any time soon.
Surfing on this welcome sea of amazing new music is Erica Cody.
Muireann didn't touch her hair! ;-)
The Dubliner has supported En Vogue and Jessie J and speaks to Muireann about how she found writing songs was a real therapy (her Mother had cancer when she was ten), her plans and D.T.MH. !
Erica's debut EP 'Leoness' is out today and features  'Where U Really From' . The song is inspired by growing up in Ireland as a mixed race female where she gets asked that question almost on a daily basis.
"Where are you from?" "Dublin" "No, but really!?" It can get pretty tiring Erica wants people to own their identity, being it gender, race or sexuality.
“I’m black. I’m Irish. I am me.”
Listen to her perform 'Where U Really From' live on The Muireann O'Connell show:
[audio mp3=""][/audio]
Listen to her perform one of her heroes. This is her cover of 'Say My Name' by Destiny's Child:
[audio mp3=""][/audio]
Socials: @ItsMeEricaCody
Mabfield FM: Erica-Cody, Why-Axis & Gaptoof #001 Welcome to Mabfield FM ! Our brand new podcast series where we call up our favourite artists, creatives and friends of Mabfield to have a chit chat about how they are holding up in the most turbulent times of our life times.
Up first we have one of Ireland's finest RnB prospects in Erica-Cody. She's been busy leading Black Lives Matter marches in Dublin and we chatted about how the fight though emotionally draining is 100% necessary. She also talked about her dad's basketball career in Ireland and how lockdown has affected her productivity.
Why-Axis stopped by to talk about getting stuck in Amsterdam during the pandemic and a nationwide shortage meaning he has been going on treks to find the devil's lettuce. We talk what the future of gigs look like and how his video for 'BLOODSTAIN' has become a window into a period of time before lockdown when nights out were normal.
Soft Boy Records' Gaptoof chatted to us about working with Chlobocop, trying to get placements in the next year and what the next step is for him following the successful release of his 'Looks Like Rain' Project. 
Lock in!
Erica Cody Erica Cody by Collaborative Studios
S6 Ep6: The Good Glow with Erica Cody Today I speak to Erica Cody. Erica is a singer and songwriter and over the last couple of weeks has been educating us all on racism in Ireland. I have learned so much over the last couple of weeks and I'm so grateful to Erica for everything she has taught me and for opening up about such a sensitive subject.
#42: Erica Cody Talks Debut EP 'Leoness' & More! (Soul Doubt Podcast) On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by the multi-talented Erica Cody.
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