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#194 Your Money, This Week (14 May 2021) with guest Faith Archer Your weekly digest of the biggest money stories from the last seven days, this week looking at The reopening of restaurants, theatres, museums and more Summer holiday woes High street innovations Emergency savings Mental health awareness week Plastic bag charges & more My guest this week is Faith Archer, personal finance journalist and blogger.  Together we'll help you get up to speed with what's been going on. Read more about all these stories at     Follow Faith on Twitter ABOUT CASH CHATS Cash Chats is presented by money blogger and broadcaster Andy Webb. In 2020 the podcast was featured as one of the top finance podcasts by publications including Apple, Good Housekeeping, The Sun and the Independent. In 2019 it was awarded Best Money Podcast at the SHOMOS - the UK Money Bloggers community annual awards, and runner-up in 2020. On each Cash Chats episode you can hear Andy share ways to get the most from your money. He's often joined for friendly and accessible conversations by a friend from the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Andy also runs the award-winning website Be Clever With Your Cash, presented Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money and founded the community To contact Andy email ANDY ON SOCIAL Andy's handle is @AndyCleverCash and you can follow him over at:     GET ANDY'S WEEKLY NEWSLETTER You'll also get a free Quidco bonus for signing up MUSIC The music is Easter Island by Lonely Punk and provided on a creative commons licence
#6 - Pay Into Your Pensions with Faith Archer Workplace pensions: many have them, few do enough with them. In this episode, award-winning journalist and money blogger Faith Archer emphasizes that to ever stop working, we have to reject the idea that pensions are boring. Faith ignites urgency around the workplace pension and shares how we can optimize this financial benefit to our - not our employers’ -- advantage.
Ep46 Sticking to money resolutions and goals w/ guests Faith Archer and Jane Wallace Did you set a money resolution at the start of the year? We're at that point where willpower starts to falter and all our best intentions are forgotten. So in this episode I talk to money bloggers and journalists Faith Archer and Jane Wallace to share how you can keep motivated and stick to those financial goals. Read more over at
Ep10 w/ guest Faith Archer: Getting something for nothing, buying clothes abroad and money lessons Andy and guest Faith Archer talk about the 10 money lessons she's giving her daughter (including saying no to Prince Charming), the banks and supermarkets who give you something for nothing, and whether the falling pound has ruined shopping sprees in the States.
ICR263: Underestimating the cost of care (with Faith Archer) According to some new research, people in the UK are underestimating the cost of elderly care by £7bn every year. That's according to research from Scottish Widows’ independent think tank, the Centre for the Modern Family. On average, UK adults estimate that residential care would cost £549 a week – when in reality it costs on average £866 for a place in a nursing home – leaving a shortfall of £317 every week. In this episode, we talk about why people often underestimate the cost of care in later life, the tough conversations you need to have with family members, and where you can go for help and information. Introducing Faith Archer Faith is an award-winning money journalist who writes the blog Much More with Less, about moving to the country, living with less and making the most of it. She was Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Telegraph and continues to write today for a wide range of publications, including The Sunday Times and Mirror Online. You can follow Faith on Twitter @MuchMore_Less Want to join the Informed Choice Radio squad and co-host a future episode? Find out more here. Personal finance news - Consumers lodged the most complaints about any UK financial business in the first half of the year against the Bank of Scotland, according to the latest figures from the Financial Ombudsman Service. FOS dealt with 20,541 complaints about the Bank of Scotland, which is part of Lloyds Banking Group. - One in four UK adults is considering buying an electric car within the next five years, according to new research from Sainsbury’s Bank Loans. The supermarket bank’s latest Car Buying Index, which tracks consumers’ car purchase intentions, reveals that recent Government announcements designed to boost the switch to zero-emission vehicles are convincing large numbers of motorists that their future is electric. - The UK's factories are experiencing record order books, boosted by the weak pound and stronger eurozone economy. A new survey found firms' expectations for the third quarter showed output rising in 34% of businesses surveyed. - A new study has revealed that 31% of tenants in rented accommodation cannot imagine ever owning their own home. The research, commissioned by GoCompare Mortgages, also revealed that 21% of renters think that the removal of mortgage interest tax relief on buy-to-let properties, which came into force in April 2017, will reduce the supply of rented properties in their area. - As Freshers get ready to leave the family nest for university this September, research from American Express has revealed UK parents spend an average of £3,662 during the course of their child’s degree, purchasing everything from bedding and books to groceries and gadgets to ensure their offspring have the best campus experience possible. Get answers to your personal finance questions Do you have a personal finance or investing question for Martin? Email or ask on Twitter @martinbamford. You can call our dedicated podcast voicemail line on 020 8144 2745 with your question or visit to leave an online voice message.
ICR168: Faith Archer, Much More With Less Have you ever dreamed about moving to the country, living more simply and making the most of life? My guest on the podcast today is Faith Archer. Faith is an award-winning money journalist, who also writes the blog Much More with Less about moving to the country, living with less and making the most of it. Faith was formerly Deputy Personal Finance Editor at the Telegraph Media Group. She’s now a freelance journalist and writer, specialising in personal finance. In today’s episode of Informed Choice Radio, I speak to Faith about how she started her blog, living below the line on just £1 a day, some of the benefits of living a frugal lifestyle, things that discourage frugality, highlights from saving £5,000 in a year, and much more. Welcome to Much More With Less with Faith Archer, in episode 168 of Informed Choice Radio. Some questions I ask: -Your blog is Much More With Less. How did that get started? Was that a natural spinoff from personal finance journalism and when you went freelance, and what was the motivation behind it? -What are some of the benefits of a more frugal lifestyle, of living frugally? -What are some of the first steps that people can take if they want to approach life in a more frugal manner? -What tends to put some people off frugality and trying to cut back a bit? Are there some secret elements which discourage people? -You mentioned on your blog that you want to make 2017 a money saving year, so what steps are you taking to make that happen? -Are there any quick wins when it comes to spending less and saving more money for the future? Where do you get the most satisfaction from saving money? Useful links mentioned in this episode: Much More With Less Faith on Twitter Faith on Instagram Faith on Facebook Much More With Less Thank you for listening! To get new episodes of Informed Choice Radio sent directly to your device as soon as they are published, you can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Your reviews on iTunes are incredibly helpful and really appreciated. We get notified about each one; please leave a note of your name and website URL so we can mention you in a future episode.
ICR273: Putting a price on happiness (with co-host Faith Archer) Can money buy you happiness? That's our topic for this episode, with some new research aiming to place an actual monetary amount on being happy. The latest research from SunLife reveals that while cash and happiness are related, you don’t need to a millionaire to be happy – just £82 spare per week. In this episode we talk about how money is linked to happiness, some ways to find that extra spare cash each week, and why spending money on experiences leads to greater happiness levels than simply buying stuff. Personal finance news -Behavioural economist Richard Thaler has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. Professor Thaler is co-author of the best-selling book Nudge, which examined why people make bad or irrational choices. -Car insurance premiums have fallen for the first time in more than three years, but drivers are unlikely to feel the benefit for long. Analysis by price comparison website shows insurance prices fell by 1% in the third quarter of the year. -Retailers are planning to defy the Royal Mint's deadline and continue accepting the old £1 coins. The Federation of Small Businesses, which represents 170,000 small shops, has advised members to continue accepting the round pound after the 15th October deadline. -The latest figures from Visa UK show a continued decline in household spending in September. It's the fourth monthly fall in expenditure in the last five months. -Younger savers are increasingly likely to want responsible investment choices for their pensions. A YouGov poll of 2,100 people found 13% of 18 to 34 year olds said it was their job to make sure their money was invested ethically.
How to choose a fund with top personal finance Journalist Faith Archer This week we uncover how President Donald Trump has been causing big price swings across markets globally as the US election draws near; we hear what the chief of Tesco had to say about the company's trading, and look at how EasyJet has fared amid a dismal holiday season for travel; in our interview, we speak to experienced personal finance journalist Faith Archer on some of the crucial features to look at when it comes to selecting funds for your portfolio; and finish with our take on the conversation.
09 - Tips for saving money on food with Blogger Faith Archer In today's podcast I am joined by Faith Archer, award winning personal finance journalist and money blogger We discuss how Faith came to blog successfully about money and frugal living, how she and her family live well on less, and how you can too. In this episode you will learn: How Faith found her way into the blogging world and has gone on to create a successful business from blogging How Faith and her family relocated from London to Sussex and live well for less Get a sneak peek into our chat about investing coming up in Season 2 How Faith started her blog with absolutely no capital or expense. Top reasons why families overspend on food, often without even realising The average amount that families spend on food per week, and how it differs depending upon income The pros and cons of online and in-person food shopping in terms of budgeting and cutting costs Faith's top tips for reducing your weekly spend, embarking on a low spend emergency month or week, and what the planning process looks like for this.   Resources: Book in a complimentary call to discuss how financial coaching can help you move from financial overwhelm to confidence and control.  Join Catherine's Facebook Page and FREE Facebook Group My Website  My Online Courses - From Spender to Saver, Investing for beginners from £1 My YouTube Channel  Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  Follow Faith on her Website  Follow Faith on Facebook  Apps – Yolt Money dashboard – Thrifty Leslie – Food ideas National office statistics
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