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#267: Leading Through Tragedy with Gary Kelly We’re wrapping up our special bonus content from EntreLeadership Summit with a powerful lesson from Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly on leading his team through the airline’s recent tragedy in April. He offers tremendous insight on the importance of communication and teamwork—and it’s a testimony you’ll likely never forget. Next, a few members of Ramsey Solutions operating board of directors answer questions from our attendees, with topics ranging from core values to the origin of Summit itself. We’ll also hear from Will Moyers, CEO of Vallus Energy Consulting, who came to Summit to celebrate the EntreLeadership-driven transformation of his now debt-free business. And last but not least, Sarah Sloyan, EntreLeadership Vice President, joins us to recap some of her favorite moments from an incredible three days in San Antonio. EntreLeadership Summit 2019 Want expert help with your business question? Call 844-944-1070 and leave a message or send an email to You could be featured on a future podcast episode!
#140: Gary Kelly—How Southwest Airlines Cultivates Amazing Company Culture Is it possible to keep your company’s culture intact and offer unbelievable customer service—even when your business is growing fast? Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, believes you can. Even though Southwest employs 50,000 and serve 118 million passengers per year, he and his team prove it every day! The CEO joins us to talk about his company, its culture, why people matter most, hiring, and the legacy of leadership. Also on tap is Dave’s CMO, Jen Sievertsen. Jen stops by to discuss how you can grow your business by creating trusted content. Fasten your seatbelts. This is going to be a super special episode. MarketingMap Tool Infusionsoft: Kick Procrastination to the Curb
#118 Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly Yearns for the Days We Argued About Reclining Seats On the National Podcast of Texas, the leader of the beleaguered, but beloved, Dallas carrier on what it will take to survive the pandemic.
Coaching with JBK: Klopp, Des Kelly & Gary Neville the spat! In this episode JBK discusses Jurgen Klopp's interview with Des Kelly of BT Sport and also Gary Neville's comments about the Liverpool manager trying to 'get an advantage'. JBK looks at whether or not this is the first time Klopp has taken TV broadcasters to task, as Jaymie is currently reading Klopp's book called 'Bring The Noise' which discusses Klopp's time at Mainz & Borussia Dortmund.
Adam Onslaught Talks to Gary Kelly of Molybaron On this week’s show, we feature a great interview with Gary Kelly of Molybaron who joined us recently to talk about their ground-shattering new album “The Mutiny” which has been celebrated by the great and good including Metal Hammer as featured on last month’s cover. All of these accolades are well deserved and we explore with Gary the insight into the creation of this record.
Gary Kelly, Chairman & CEO, Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) See for privacy information.
Record Highs for the S&P 500 & Nasdaq, What Comcast Is Calling "Pure Speculation", A "Breakthrough" for Eli Lilly, and Southwest's Gary Kelly on Stepping Down as CEO Carl Quintanilla, Jim Cramer and David Faber explored the road ahead for stocks with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq hitting new intraday record highs. Media news also on the front burner: CNBC parent Comcast calls "pure speculation" a Wall Street Journal report which states the company is considering ideas including a potential tie-up with ViacomCBS or an acquisition of Roku. The anchors also discussed a big development for Eli Lilly: Shares surging after the company announced it has received and FDA breakthrough therapy designation for its Alzheimer's treatment. Southwest Airlines Chairman and outgoing CEO Gary Kelly joined the program to discuss stepping down from the top job in 2022, the future for the airline and post-pandemic travel, and Southwest's relationship with Boeing. Kelly will be taking on the role of Executive Chairman at Southwest. Also in focus: JPMorgan Chase requiring employees to report their COVID vaccination status to help the bank prepare for workers returning to the office, and BuzzFeed announcing a deal to go public via a SPAC merger.
Celtic Soul Podcast Episode 69 Gary Kelly, Leeds & Ireland Celtic Soul Podcast Episode 69 with More than 90 Minutes, Editor Andrew Milne chatting to Gary KellyHis Legacy is the Cancer Centre named after him in Georges Street, Drogheda. Gary a working class kid from Marian Park, who from an early age had a ball at his feet.As Leeds United captain the fans called him a leader now they call him a legend after 17 years at the club. Leeds is a team and city very close to his heart but the town of good old Drogheda has always been and always will be home.An International star for Jack Charlton and Mick McCarthy at World Cups as the Drogheda people looked on with pride as he lined out in the Green of Ireland. The Top Shop and Ollie’s Bars were filled to capacity cheering him on in distance lands at all hours.The money from his testimonial game against Celtic would not only fund a cancer support centre in his hometown but money would be split with a cancer charity in Leeds.Gary lives the quite life in his hometown now and is not interested in the limelight and after numerous requests to interview him he finally agreed to share his journey with us.The Gary Kelly’s story will inspire many and is worth telling it’s a story of family, friends and football..&nbsp;Follow Andrew Milne on Twitter @AndrewMilne12More than 90 Minutes Issue 114 Print Edition &amp; Digital Edition is now on sale&nbsp;Click Link to buy Print or Digital Edition&nbsp; than 90 Minutes Celtic Fanzine Subscription Details Episodes Listeners Offer: Sale on selected Merchandise &amp; T-Shirts&nbsp; your business or CSC like the Podcast and would like to become a sponsor please email us at&nbsp; You can also contact us through the website or message us on social media.&nbsp;Further ListeningAll Podcasts available on all Platforms or click link below Us&nbsp;FB&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; @celticfanzineInsta&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;celticfanzineLinkedIn More than 90 Minutes&nbsp;Episode 69 was Produced by Ronan McQuillan&nbsp;Twitter @RojoEnemiesIf you would like to support our Independent Celtic Fan Media Platform you can become a Member, Subscribe, Buy or Donate for the Price of a Pint. Your Support helps us continue to produce Daily News &amp; Articles, Weekly Newsletter, Weekly Podcasts, Monthly Fanzine, Video Content &amp; Live Shows. See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Path Forward: The Airline Industry with Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly joins The Post to discuss his projection for air travel in 2021 and the role the latest coronavirus relief package may play in the industry’s recovery.
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