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CM Radio - July 15, 2015 - Harry Manx, GigSalad, Azalea This week's show features a great interview with the one and only Harry Manx from this year's edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. He and Mike have an insightful conversation about things past and present. Canadian Musician and GigSalad are presenting a free seminar in Toronto on July 18th called "How to Get Gigs that Pay Real Money." Among the panelists are GigSalad's Mark Steiner and Benjamin and Mia Hackett from Hamilton, ON-based duo Azalea. We've got all three here, speaking about their respective careers and sharing a few tips for artists looking to land some new, good-paying gigs.
Talkin'Blues podcast episode 42: Harry Manx An interview with Canadian musician, Harry Manx -
7) Harry Manx - The Indian Blues Canadian singer/songwriter Harry Manx is the focus of episode 7 of the Stories Of You Podcast. He discusses his music - blues with an Indian flavour. Or maybe that's Indian with a blues flavour. 
Harry spent 12 years in India learning the Mohan Veena, a 20 string slide guitar. He has merged the western sounds of the blues with Indian music, hear about his experiences and his personal journey. 
You can find out more about Harry Manx at his website. 
Hope you enjoy the conversation! And thanks so much for listening to the show.
What do you get when a blues man meets a guru. Why Harry Manx of course! This time I get to spend some time with one if my favourite artists. Harry Manx talks about letting go and being at peace. Beautiful.
Harry Manx in conversation A magical and mystical hour in the company of Harry Manx and Steve Marriner
Harry Manx in session 2009 Harry Manx returns to the boat after three years and plays tracks from his new album "Bread & Buddha" and some old favourites
Harry Manx on the Raven and Blues Harry returns to the Raven & Blues after a gap of 8 years and plays Moon Going Down, Death Have Mercy, Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed, Bring That Thing and talks about this new album, Faith Lift
the distance traveled in one day - Chapter Nine + the SONG Lay Down your burden by Harry Manx Setting off on an adventure that has no determined destination creates its own energy. Expectations aren’t about getting somewhere – they’re more about being where you are – each step its own destination. In a moment, drinking water from my flask to get the dust from my throat becomes necessary, and one of the great all consuming activities of my life. There was a man who played professional baseball many years ago – no one knew how old he was – some said he had to be in his 60s when he retired from the game. But nobody knew for sure, him included. He’d quote Mark Twain in way of an answer to the question, how old are you? "age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." He was perpetually tall, not stooped. He was thin and athletic with a cool ease of going, of being, a strut that’d hold people where they stood. When asked how he kept in such good shape, what was the secret of his longevity, he said simply, well sir, you gotta remember to jingle and you gotta remember to jangle. That works for me. And with that he smiled and walked away, his next step exactly where he was, and exactly where he was going.


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056 Harry Manx (6 Juno Nominations) Rush roadie to Tokyo busker to worldwide blues legend "Some days it's ham and bacon; other days there ain't nothin' shakin'!"

So claims globetrotting blues legend, Harry Manx.

From his secluded back yard on Salt Spring Island off the Western Canadian coast, Harry creates and refines his unique fusion of Eastern and Western sound and song.

Harry has refashioned classic Mississippi Delta Blues with the use of the Mohan veena, a 20-string instrument with the particularly haunting and mystical sound of the Indian subcontinent's regional legacy.

Harry's fans around the world refer to the genre he invented as "Mystic-sippi Blues".

He shares tips on creating your own "brand" in writing, composing, and performing based on how your life experiences make you distinctive. And what about marketing? Harry describes how he formed his own record label, found an agent, and his own delicate balance between composing / recording and touring / performing.

This former roadie and "sound engineer turned musician" (Rush, Crowbar) has a treasure trove of quotable quotes borne of years in the studio and on the road.

Listen. Learn. Loosen up.

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