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Judith Collins: National Party leader responds to former press secretary Janet Wilson's comments John MacDonald had his weekly interview with National Party Leader, Judith Collins.They discussed the Māori Party petition to rename New Zealand to Aotearoa, the Covid elimination vs. suppression strategies and Janet Wilson's recent public comments about her time working for the National Party.LISTEN ABOVE
Janet Wilson on Judith Collins’ National Party Janet Wilson is an experienced journalist and public relations consultant who last year took on the role of chief press secretary for the National Party during their ill-fated election campaign, working first under the leadership of Todd Muller, then Judith Collins. In this episode she joins Duncan Greive for an explosive interview in which she discusses Collins' leadership as a threat to the party's very existence, and assesses both the bizarre 2020 campaign (the prayer, the Ponsonby Road walk) and the way the party has ignored the lessons of its drubbing in favour of an autocratic focus on loyalty tests.The Fold couldn’t be made without the support of The Spinoff Members. Find out how to join at See for privacy and opt-out information.
Heather du Plessis-Allan: Why did Janet Wilson give that interview to the Spinoff? One word: Why? Why did Janet Wilson give that interview to the Spinoff? This is not good strategy.Janet Wilson was Judith Collins’ press secretary during the last election campaign. She was asked by the Spinoff news website for an interview and declined. But after Collins had a go at Siouxsie Wiles last week, out of the blue on Saturday, Janet text the Spinoff and said yes.In the interview… she slates Collins. She says Collins "prizes loyalty above all else. But then her ugly stepsister, paranoia, steps in, and she has these almost paranoid storms."And then this assessment of the party's problem: "The enemy is within, it’s not outside. Act is merely capitalising on what’s happening within the Nats at the moment and their complete lack of discipline on all levels."None of it is particularly enlightening. I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know. I already knew – and I’d imagine you did too, that Collins is erratic in her strategy and either doesn’t’ take advice or takes bad advice. So, there’s very little value in the content. The interview’s only real worth is that it is shocking how badly this party is disintegrating.But, it’s rich of Janet Wilson to accuse to the Nats of a lack of discipline when she gives an interview like this.I can only hazard a guess at why Janet did this, and my guess is that she decided she needed to distance herself from Collins reputationally, that she needed to put it out there that none of Collins’ bad calls were because of her advice. I'm not sure this will work. This is not reputation enhancing. This is a bad call.It never looks good when a former staffer turns on the boss. Look at Dominic Cummings turning on Boris Johnson in a series of repeat public attacks. Who came out of that worse? Cummings did. In this case, the real victim is the National Party. Because the more people associated with that party turn on each other like this, the less trust people have in the entire lot of them.
123. Janet Wilson on Texas Culture, Country Music, and Green Bay Packers Janet Wilson joins us from Texas to talk Texas culture, country music and her favorite artists, live shows, and shares her thoughts on being a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ohjanjan
Johanna Moise for Janet Wilson Johanna Moise, a native Floridian, spent 17 years dancing and ultimately moved to New York City to follow a career in the arts. Throughout the episode, Johanna and I discuss the tug of war she finds not only between the arts and sciences but the battle between her aspirations and the expectations of a systemically oppressed society. While the American Dream lends credibility to a decadent life, Johanna reveals how she uses her identity to reinvent what the American Dream means to her. &nbsp;Johanna stands where she does today due to the immense perseverance she embodies as a Black woman succeeding in the arts industry.
Janet Wilson: Media shake-up Janet Wilson talks to Jack Tame about the amalgamation between TV3 and MediaWorks.
Episode 201: Inspired Learning Coaching - Janet Curcio Wilson | NH Business Show Today on the NH Business Show we speak with Janet Curcio Wilson, owner of Inspired Learning Coaching about her transitioning from teaching to an industry where she can help people with learning difficulties develop better skills for dealing with their stresses.

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Lockdown Toronto Ep.06 - Janet Joy Wilson - Build 100KM of New Bike Lanes in Toronto Should we immediately build 100KM of cycling infrastructure in Toronto?
Janet Joy Wilson and her group organized over 50 groups and organizations to petition the city of Toronto to build 100KM of new cycling infrastructure in the City. Many Cities are rethinking the urban landscape and her group asked the City to take the opportunity and build alternative transportation corridors on our roads to allow cycling and other "last mile" vehicles. That could help establish a safer, healthier alternative to our traditional public transit network in this time of social distancing.&nbsp;
We discuss what that is about and what it could look like for Toronto.&nbsp;
You can sign the petition here:
You can reach Janet Joy Wilson here:
You can read the letter the coalition penned here:
Launched in April 2020, Lockdown Toronto is a new vodcast/podcast series hosted by Robert Andreacchi that focuses on the experience of living under lock down in Toronto. Lockdown Toronto will feature various guests from the medical, political, cultural, and business community, and everyone in-between.&nbsp;
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3 - 24 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Deniese Wilson (Assurance of Salvation) Embattled Christian baker Jack Phillips goes on trial over a "transgender cake," while Canadian pastor James Coates is finally released from prison after standing for religious freedom. So why are Woke evangelical leaders still majoring in bashing conservative Christians? We'll talk about it. Plus: Will Jesus Christ tell you to depart from Him, because He never knew you? Author Denise Wilson discusses: "Seven Words you Never Want to Hear: How to Be Sure You Won't." That's on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.
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