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The News According to Me! EP102 Biden getting the Nuke codes taken away. Johnson and Johnson Vaccine. Janet Yellen is yellen. Tiger Woods crash! The price of bitcoin, gold, silver and sugar. All on today’s show! Text the show! The News ... According to me!
Biden&rsquo;s handlers are concerned about his nuclear code authority. Johnson and Johnson have come up with a one time shot for the Rona. Tiger woods has a bad crash. My opions on his recovery. I talk about bitcoin and all I know about it. Which is not much. And Cuomo &hellip; oh my.

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The real reason Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen is shrinking the balance sheet! Yellen’s hidden agenda that no one is talking about! The Federal Reserve has finally done what many have thought wouldn’t happen…The Fed will begin shrinking its bloated, $4.5 Trillion balance sheet in October. This is the right thing to do but the question is can our economy handle it?  No, our economy is addicted to this funny money so this move by the Federal Reserve is the pin inching closer and closer to the balloon. This tightening by the FED will lead to the exposure of this fake recovery. All of the malinvestment that has taken place in our economy for years now will be shown for what it is…unsustainable! The question is…why is Janet Yellen really doing this? Why does she seem so bold and fearless now? Let me connect a few dots for you and I believe I have the answer to this odd scenario we find ourselves in today.
Janet Yellen issues another warning to Congress about the debt ceiling In a Wall Street Journal op-ed over the weekend, the U.S. Treasury Secretary said a national debt default would permanently weaken the U.S. and make consumer borrowing more expensive. We explain how this warning might be different than others. Michael Hewson joins us for a chat about the economy. Also, vinyl record sales have been enjoying quite the climb up the sales charts.
Sell-Off Sparked By Evergrande // Lessons in Risk Management // Janet Yellen's Op-Ed - 9/20 (Hour 1) (1:23) - Markets are selling off in a big way today, with Chinese real-estate company Evergrande accelerating the dip due to the company's stock plummeting. This is causing the Chinese real estate market as a whole to fall with it, and in turn the ripple effects are reaching European and U.S. stocks.(13:11) - The guys discuss how the Evergrande situation relates to a prior Asian financial crisis in the late 90's, and how both scenarios are examples of what happens when there's little to no risk management.(28:35) - Pfizer has announced that it's COVID-19 vaccine saw a strong response in children ages 5-11 when administered in a smaller doses. Pfizer is seeking FDA approval for the vaccine to be used on children.(35:29) - Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal in an attempt to get congress to raise the debt ceiling yet again, which has already been raised nearly 100 times in the last 60 years.
Archaic Mindset of Janet Yellen Yellen Extricating Central Bank Policy from Accommodation of Political Class.
Who is Janet Yellen: Fed. Reserve A brief look at Dr. Janet Yellen, an unreconstructed Keynesian, and soon to be Federal Reserve Chairman.
Janet Yellen Is Back To Make More History - 11/24/2020 On today's show, we discuss the three states that have certified their election results since yesterday: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. This finally forced GSA Admin Emily Murphy to do what she should have done 2 weeks ago, but I digress.We also talk about GM helping California go green, Janet Yellen's impending nomination to be Biden's Treasury Secretary, and the announcement of the first interim Jeopardy host.----more----Listen to Quick News on your favorite podcast app:
Hubbard: Janet Yellen not really telling us what they're doing Columbia Business School's Glenn Hubbard reacts to Janet Yellen's speech at the Economic Club of New York on Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene and Barry Ritholtz. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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