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QFP 011: Flow on Processing Growth by publishing XYZ, a podcast with Jasmine Svare Flowing conversation on going through the inner process of taking that leap putting your work out there. In this case, we talk about publishing a podcast with Jasmine Svare
Jasmine Svare is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach and host of the “Live your Life Podcast”. Jasmine specializes in helping her clients unpack their subconscious programming to create their best and most successful lives. Many people exist in old patterning that keeps them on autopilot, so her work is an invitation to be conscious, awake, and empowered.&nbsp;
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010 How to Shift your Mood - Jasmine Svare It can be so simple to shift your experience of this life, but it is not always easy. In this episode, I discuss how our life experience can be transformed if we are conscious of what we are believing. I had a moment yesterday where I found myself very upset and that was the experience that I walked through the world with for a few hours. I took some time and dove into the beliefs that were playing out, I allowed myself to see what was happening and that is what allowed me to access what I really want - which is the truth, peace, love, empowerment. So many of us don't realize that we live our lives operating from old places and drastically impact our mood, without realizing that we can quickly shift. I am talking about high level emotional awareness, patterns, recurring experiences. I want to acknowledge that there is a lot happening in the world that creates more than just a "bad mood", I want to be clear that I am not minimizing anyones difficulty in life. What I know to be true is that there is an opportunity for a shift that many of us miss in our daily lives. I desire a life of peace and empowerment, and it's often more accessible than I remember, my hope is to always be reminded to come back to the truth.
009 My Meditation Practice - Jasmine Svare Welcome to my first short, solo episode. Today I share what I am doing today, during quarantine, as my meditation practice. I have been practicing meditation for years and I love it. I have tried many different types, but I love Vipassana. Meditation is a powerful invitation to ourselves - to become more aware of and connected to ourselves. There are many tools for meditation. This episode is meant to inspire you to begin a meditation practice, if you desire to. I am not a perfect meditating expert, but I do have a meditation practice that has been consistent for years. I invite you to start a practice, and connect more deeply with the most important person in your life - you.
001 Introduction to Jasmine Svare and the Live your Life Podcast. Welcome to the Live your Life Podcast episode 1, introduction to Jasmine Svare and how this podcast came to be.   We can be breathing, but we are not always living. What does it look like to become conscious and have the ability to choose how to move forward in this life? In this episode, Jasmine will tell parts of her journey to consciousness and what it has meant for her to fully live her best life, and she will invite you to do the same for yourself.
#51: Create your reality and master your life with Jasmine Svare Jasmine Svare is Warrior Leader. She works with men and women who want relief from the battle of their emotional pain and harmful coping behaviors. She helps them achieve victory over the limiting beliefs and patterns that have held them back personally and professionally so that they create a fulfilling life of purpose and meaning through new levels of self-awareness, truth, and personal empowerment.   Jasmine is a Life Mastery Coach. Jasmine has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has a track record of doing the hard work to find freedom from the false beliefs that once ruled and directed her own life.   Social Media: Website:   My email: Follow me on insta→ @coachsarahcook Join the Facebook community here