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15. The Magic of Beginning Something New with Jason Wange We cover:* What can happen when you bridge the gap* Why right now is the perfect time to begin something new* How a career transition may lead to a much bigger reward.And much more...Jason's a husband and father of 2 young kiddos just outside of Denver, CO. He was a teach for the firs 8 years of his career and has since been a partner in a company selling restaurant equipment for the last 12 years. Just last Friday was his last day with that company (which was planned for months) so he could step away from ownership to have more energy at home and has plans to work for a new company mid-April. During this unique stay-cation, he's offering positivity tips for peers in his industry as well as virtual lunches to connect with others around the country. On a personal note, Jason spent much of his 20's working through significant anxiety and depression and attributes much of the turnaround in his life to Canfield's Success Principles and the community that has been built out of that."I like people and want them to learn all the skills available to feel empowered and joyful in their life. I can sell a glass or items needed for a breakfast buffet like no other!"Stay connected with Jason:Facebook: www.k12powerplant.comCatch up on interviews you have missed as well as see the entire lineup of experts at the "A Handful of Hope" website:
BEST OF #thePOZcast E41: Jason Wang- Helping Ex Cons Earn A Second Chance Please check out a past favorite of mine from 2019, with Jason Wang. I met Jason via Defy Ventures, an in-prison entrepreneurship program that I support. They help current and formerly incarcerated men and women earn a second chance. Jason is incredible and I am confident that you will love his story- check it out ! Thanks

Super pumped to introduce my guest today Jason Wang. I first met Jason about a year ago through my work with Defy Ventures. And for those who do not know, Defy is an in-prison program where incarcerated men and women take part in a University-accredited program on well-being, entrepreneurship training, personal development, mentoring, business incubation, financing opportunities, and network development. We will get more to that story in a bit. Jason is a born entrepreneur. At the age of 8, he would buy a box of 300 fortune cookies from his dad’s restaurant for $7 and sell them at school for .25 cents each. He quickly became the “Fortune Cookie King” to his fellow classmates. At the age of 13, he started another business that generated over $100k in revenue with 95% profit margins. Unfortunately, this business was illegal. Oh, and his teammates were his fellow gang members. Jason was finally caught at the age of 15 for a first degree felony and was sent to prison on a 12 year sentence. Since his release, he has earned a double masters (MBA, MS International Business), worked as a management

consultant, and started several other ventures. Today, Jason is the Founder and CEO of FreeWorld. And he is here today to share his incredible story of perseverance and personal growth.

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The Tarnished Dream: Jason Wang Olin alumnus Jason Wang, BSBA ’09, owns a popular chain of restaurants in New York City, Xi’an Famous Foods. In the summer of 2020, one of his employees was punched in the face while she headed home on the subway, cutting her lip and bloodying her nose. Later, another was punched in the face on the way to work in the morning. The assailant had followed him off the train, looking for an opportunity.Those are the attacks he knows about. And they’re among the nearly 6,600 incidents of anti-Asian abuse and violence recorded by the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center from March 19, 2020, to March 31, 2021. These abuses came in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, evidence of scapegoating against a population.Wang resisted speaking out. “I kept quiet about it. I ruled against that and didn't want to traumatize employees.” But at some point, he couldn’t continue to keep quiet. In late February 2021, he appeared in a full-page, illustrated spread in the Sunday New York Times.As he said, “even though we are not a social enterprise, more business people are taking a stand these days for the good, and it's something that is a bit contrary to traditional beliefs that business is business.”What are the issues business leaders must confront when they decide to take a stand—or not? What’s the upside? The downside? What does the scholarship and the research say about brands taking a public stand?OTHER RELATED LINKSThe company Jesse Wolfersberger cofounded, VrityShalom Schwartz and the theory of basic human valuesStop AAPI Hate resource pageStuart Bunderson/Jesse Wolfersberger research summaryThe New York Times spread that inspired today’s episodeCREDITSThis podcast is a production of Washington University in St. Louis’s Olin Business School. Contributors include:Katie Wools, Cathy Myrick and Judy Milanovits, creative assistanceJill Young Miller, fact checking and creative assistanceHayden Molinarolo, original music, sound design and editingNate Sprehe, creative direction, production and editingAngie Winschel, production assistance and project managementLexie O'Brien and Erik Buschardt, website supportMark P. Taylor, strategic supportPaula Crews, creative vision and strategic supportSpecial thanks to Ray Irving and his team at WashU Olin’s Center for Digital Education, including our audio engineer, Austin Alred.
Ep.15 Jason Wang, Incoming Student at McMaster School of Medicine Western University Medical Sciences student Jason Wang shares his journey towards medical school, covering topics of finding holistic balance, entrepreneurial values, and happiness in your undergrad. This is episode 15 in the Twenty:21 series where we feature stories in a year of resilience and recovery.
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A Legitimate Second Chance w/ Jason Wang (FreeWorld) Jason Wang (Founder &amp; CEO of FreeWorld) and I discuss his journey from leaving prison to founding a bootcamp unlike any other. Free World is an online school that trains individuals who have served time to land stable, well-paying jobs within the trucking industry. Learn more about FreeWorld and what we're building at Virtually.
98: Defying the Odds — Jason Wang's Pivot from Prison to Helping Others Transform Their Hustle Jason Wang knows a thing or two about being an underdog. Growing up as an only child of two immigrant parents living through poverty and abuse, he knows all too well the challenges of overcoming obstacles to transform generational legacies of poverty, crime, and violence. I had the great pleasure of meeting him earlier this year at a mentoring night for Defy Ventures, an organization that teaches entrepreneurship to men and women with criminal histories to help "transform their hustle." (Find a volunteer opportunity near you here!) Jason's radiance, joy and contagious positive energy blew me away. And then I heard his powerful comeback story and knew I had to share it with all of you. But first, a little context about what brought me to that mentoring night . . . In the years since Pivot launched, I have developed a strong desire to work with those who aren’t fortunate enough to pivot by choice, or who are perhaps embarking upon one of the greatest pivot opportunities of their lives: rebuilding after poverty, homelessness, and prison. Earlier this year, I blazed through Defy founder Catherine Hoke’s book, A Second Chance, with an urgency that I couldn’t explain. Simultaneously, I read books on addiction, ADD, and the mind-body stress-disease connection by Dr. Gabor Mate. Next I sought out further reading on our incredibly broken criminal justice system, and read dozens of stories of people who had been wronged or disadvantaged because of their race and economic circumstances in runaway bestsellers like Just Mercy, The Other Wes Moore, The New Jim Crow, and Hillbilly Elegy. I read about Father Gregory Boyle’s inspiring work to employ and empower former gang members in downtown Los Angeles in Tattoos on the Heart and Barking to the Choir. Many, if not all, of the people described within the pages experienced unthinkable trauma as children. Drugs and criminal activity were not the problem, they were their attempted solution to the pain of disconnection. Their stories made me cry, and cracked my heart open in a thousand new places. Stories of intense physical, mental, and emotional abuse. One parent’s form of childcare for her son? Putting him in the dryer until she was ready to let him out again. Another’s involved asking her six-year-old to “just kill [himself] already,” for being such a burden, before dropping him off at an orphanage saying she had no clue whose child this was. Or like Jason whose father tried to kill him three times before he was ten years old. As the authors above illuminate, many of these people never had a true first chance at life, let alone a second. Father Boyle describes as “a compassion that stands in awe at what the poor have to carry rather than in judgment at how they carry it.” It is with this reverence for the resilience of these incredible souls that I bring you Jason's story, and hopefully many more like it moving forward.  Check out full show notes from this episode with links to resources mentioned at Enjoying the show? Make my week by donating just $1 and episode at
G2K Podcast - 0001 - Jason Wang - Musician/Artist First official G2K PodcastLike - Share - Comment - SubscribeGuest - Jason Wang aka OSA ( Wang is an up and coming musician who also has a background in art expressing his creativity in various mediums.Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Spotify - G2KPodcast Itunes - G2KPodcast Thanks for watching Thanks for Subscribing
Finding Your True Calling - w/ Jason Wang BomBom not only sounds cute, but it also stands for Bones Offal Meat - Asia’s largest company that provides scientifically balanced fresh diet for your canine and feline pet. At its helm sits Jason Wang, the founder, also more fondly known as the Dogfather amongst the furry friends that he and his team care for. An accomplished founder and CEO in the finance world prior, he also has decades of research experience in agricultural and livestock farming, as well as companion animal nutrition. Jason is definitely a capable individual by most standards. But what I find myself most drawn to is his genuine love for animals and his relationship with Kyubi (his Shiba Inu) being the driving force behind his vision to leave a legacy for pets.
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Badass Asian Dudes Persevere With The Hacker Mindset (ft. Jason Wang From Caviar) Michael, Victor, Seibo, and Nick talk with Jason Wang, co-founder of Caviar, which was acquired by Square, co-franchisee owner of Halal Guys, and venture capital investor with a focus on technology and food. He's also a food and travel extraordinaire, having travelled non-stop for the past 4 years.In this episode, we talked about:Jason's entrepreneurial story started with ad clicks on anime websitesDealing with instability starting up CaviarDealing with discomfort of having friends drop out of stable careers to start a businessHow Jason and his founders adopted the mentality, "If you never quit, you never fail."How it's important to have other people to support you through hard timesConnect with Jason: with us:Join the other 1000+ Badass Asian Dudes on Facebook and register for one of our Saturday Social Hours: on the waitlist for the Emotion Dojo for Asian Men, a brotherhood of fulfilled Asian males working on their emotional intelligence:
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