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020: A Deep Dive into Organizational Psychology with Dr. Jeremy Lurey Organizational psychology studies an organization’s structure and the ways in which the people within it interact to seek efficiencies. While the pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses, it has also created an opportunity to stop and consider what is and isn’t working. Dr. Jeremy Lurey has made it his life’s work to help businesses optimize their practices by performing similar assessments. Today, Dr. Lurey joins the podcast for a deep dive into the applications of organizational psychology. How can business owners incorporate some of these practices to optimize their practices? FULL SHOW NOTES CONNECT WITH US Twitter LinkedIn
Jeremy Lurey - Developing Your Next Generation Leaders (F2117) There are many changes happening today that will effect the future of your business. One of the biggest changes is how the future leaders of your company view their own lives and futures. Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC, discusses strategies to implement to develop a leadership culture and strategy for your future leaders.
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Jeremy Lurey - Developing Your Next Generation Leaders (L1317) There are big differences between the thought processes of generations today and they require substantial thought to developing leadership strategies. Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC addresses the issues and solutions. Listen to his full interview tomorrow morning!
Bill: What are some of the upcoming challenges in leadership training? Here's Jeremy Lurey. 
Jeremy: The unique challenge in our multi-generational environment is that many of the next-gen leaders, whether their generation X or even gen-Y/Millennials that are coming up, while they're eagerly waiting those chances, they don't currently have the fundamental leadership skills they need to succeed at that higher level. And while this may seem like a foreign concept for a lot of baby boomers, who had a different lifestyle, different life path in their professional careers, many of those next-gen leaders have very different life goals and ambitions. And so, they might not even accept that presumed promotion, depending on what strings are attached to it, or under what conditions it's being offered. So leadership development, and especially succession planning, is a whole new ballgame in this multi-generational work environment. - Great Advice from Great Advisors! Listen to Daily interviews and tell your Business Owner friends!
Jeremy Lurey - Strategies for Building Your High Performing Virtual Team Back with us again is Jeremy Lurey of Chief Exec Coach and Family Legacy First. He aims to increase job satisfaction and personal fulfillment in companies, and make a difference in businesses that make a difference. He got a jump start on building successful virtual teams after an earthquake in 1994 rendered many employees’ commutes impossible. Jeremy has found that ultimately, our virtual teams are still just teams, but they require more structured processes and increased dependence on technology. 
During this time of reinvention, Jeremy’s knowledge is invaluable for those trying to navigate the virtual environment. He shares ideas on inspiring productivity and high performance from afar. Jeremy also expresses the importance of flexibility and understanding during this time where everyone is adapting to drastic change. As virtual workplaces quickly become the norm, it is essential to adapt, don’t miss out on Jeremy’s methods for doing so with success.
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"Adaptive Leadership" with Dr. Jeremy Lurey (Chicago, USA). "Make sure you engage any resisters in your change process as if they're there to help...but they just don't know how yet" A speaker at AICPA & CIMA's forthcoming "CFO 2019" Conference in Chicago, Dr. Jeremy Lurey is an internationally-respected organisational consultant who has worked at both PWC and Andersen Consulting. Now President & CEO of Los Angeles-based Plus Delta Consulting and Practice Lead for SingerLewak’s People & Change Management Advisory Services, he tells Kyle Hannan (AICPA & CIMA, London) how he partners with clients to improve performance and drive adoption of change.    TALKING POINTS: The crucial elements of transformation. Change-management. The importance of communications. Delivering successful transformation across the organisation, and that includes the C-Suite. Supporting people to adopt change. Working with those that resist it. Getting projects back on track.   OUR GUEST: Before establishing Plus Delta and joining SingerLewak, Dr. Lurey has worked with CBS, Disney, Global Cold Chain Alliance, Health Net, Hulu, Marriott, Midwest Refrigerated, Minnesota Freezer, Mozilla, MTC Logistics, Nestlé, Novartis, Pioneer, Raytheon, Red Bull, Ritz-Carlton, Southern California Edison & St. Joseph Health System. Dr. Lurey has particular expertise in change-management, talent management, technology adoption, process improvement, strategic planning, and leadership and team development. In addition to his work as a consultant, he regularly presents at professional conferences and seminars. He has also authored several publications on change management, organisation-development, succession-planning, leadership excellence, and family business.    RESOURCES AND LINKS: The AICPA & CIMA "CFO 2019" Conference books on change management & resistance to change include William Bridges on Managing Transitions. Connect with Dr. Lurey on LinkedIn. Blog posts and videos at   MORE ABOUT OUR PODCAST  DON'T MISS OUT. Get our shows every week, automatically and free. Share them easily with colleagues and friends by using the icons on your app or media player.  GLOBAL VOICES. Interviews with our international experts are recorded by different members of the AICPA & CIMA team from our offices around the world. While the sound quality may vary, the insights will always be consistently useful. TAKE IT FURTHER. Find related CPD/CPE resources at the AICPA Store and the CGMA Store. STAY CONNECTED. Follow #GoBeyondDisruption, @AICPANews and @CIMA_News on social. PERMISSIONS ©2018 Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA & CIMA). All rights reserve
004 - Making Remote Work WORK Thanks to COVID-19 - Dr. Jeremy Lurey Small business is hard enough. This new pandemic makes it even harder. Jeremy Lurey of CHIEFEXECcoach Zooms in for an impromptu episode to advise on how to work remotely and some easy tips to optimize the experience.
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