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293: Jim Crowell CEO Of Opex - The Business Of Individual Programming Jim Crowell is the CEO of OPEX (founded by James Fitzgerald). This show is one of our all time favourites as we dive deep into the history of CrossFit competition and the business which has grown from it. Jim gives us an honest prediction of where he feels the sport will go next.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Culture that is Unshakeable with Jim Crowell, Former CEO of OPEX On this episode of the gymOS Podcast, we have Jim Crowell! Jim is the former CEO of OPEX and current business consultant and strategist in the fitness industry. His work ethic, experience and vision allow him to help fitness businesses in multiple verticals grow and protect their businesses at scale.This conversation dives deep into culture, defining it, building it, and getting buy in from your employees and clients. Jim's episode is a perfect follow up to last week's episode with Josh Price, so if you haven't checked that one out, give it a listen. Enjoy!***If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a short review on Apple Podcasts/Itunes. It takes less than 60 seconds, and it helps get our message out to those who need it. We appreciate it!For links, show notes, and transcripts of episodes, click HERE.Follow PushPress:Twitter:;Instagram: the show (
EP52. Jim Crowell on the Business of Coaching Jim Crowell loves doing two things over all else….Building businesses and mentoring coaches and business owners to enjoy inspiring, fulfilling, and successful careers.This podcast served as an eye opener for myself in regards to the coaching profession, how to truly add value to other people's lives rather than just teaching them the biomechanics and exercise side of things. This was truly one of those conversations that I believe I truly needed to have.Jim Crowell works as the CEO of OPEX following from his successful background in the Finance industry.You can learn more about Jim Crowell
Episode #4: From Hedge Funds to CEO of OPEX Fitness with Jim Crowell On this episode of FitBiz Talk we talk to the CEO of OPEX Fitness, Jim Crowell.&nbsp; Jim graduated from Penn State University with a double major in Finance and Economics.&nbsp; He went on to work for a Hedge Fund for a number of years while starting his fitness journey in Crossfit.&nbsp; Jim eventually got together with a partner and opened a couple of Crossfit gyms in the Pittsburgh area. Jim eventually sold those businesses to his partner and linked up with James Fitzgerald of OPT which has gone on to become OPEX Fitness. Jim started as a coach under James but immediately began tinkering with the business side of OPEX. One thing has led to another and Jim in now the CEO of the company.&nbsp;&nbsp;For those of you that don’t know about OPEX, they have focused on a niche known as personalized fitness.&nbsp; It is obvious that the market is favoring a more personalized approach. Coaching under or opening an OPEX location is not an easy task.&nbsp; There is a very robust coaching program that you must go through in order to be able to practice under the OPEX name.&nbsp; It doesn’t stop there though.&nbsp; There is also a very intense program that focuses on the business side for every individual.&nbsp; OPEX will provide these individuals with all the knowledge and tools necessary to create a sustainable and profitable business.&nbsp; That still doesn’t mean it’s easy because you have to put it all in practice from a coaching and business standpoint. &nbsp;&nbsp;If there is one thing that is obvious, it’s that when you come out of the training as a coach and a businessperson, you will have everything you will possibly need to succeed.&nbsp; OPEX has been structured to create an environment that will allow coaches to thrive. &nbsp;&nbsp;I hope you enjoyed the show.&nbsp; If you did, please leave us a review and subscribe to the show. On next week’s show, we will be speaking with Danny Lehr of Caffeine and Kilos to talk about the apparel and consumables side of the fitness industry&nbsp;
096 | Jim Crowell - How Fitness is Evolving and How to Grow Your Business This show focuses on the way forward for the fitness industry and my guest, Jim Crowell, the former CEO of OPEX Fitness turned independent adviser and business strategist, explains what coaches and gym owners need to do to survive and thrive in the current climate. Prior to his career in the fitness sector, Jim worked as a commodities trader for an energy hedge fund and his business acumen (along with his coaching credentials and experience of running his own gyms) makes him uniquely placed to provide some timely and much-needed advice about adapting and growing your fitness business in these changing times.&nbsp;As you’ll hear, Jim favors a proactive and pragmatic approach. He points out that sitting on your hands and just hoping that things will get back to normal isn’t an option. As an eternal optimist, he reminds fitness professionals that there are still opportunities to be had in the fitness industry if they are willing to make the necessary changes. We talk about creating successful strategies to scale both online and bricks and mortar businesses and we explore some of the metrics you’ll need to keep a close eye on to make sure your business is growing each month. Jim also shares details of some of the digital fitness companies he’s currently working with and explains how technology can be used to scale your business and make online coaching easier.Support the show ( )
Building a Scalable Coaching Business with Jim Crowell of OPEX Fitness Jim Crowell loves doing two things over all else…. Building businesses and mentoring coaches and business owners to enjoy inspiring, fulfilling, and successful careers. This is precisely what we delve into during today's discussion.  Without clarity and direction in your business, how can you determine whether or not your strategy is effective? Prioritize your vision and set your course!Get your 6 figure coaching foundation. Scroll down and click “Get Free Access” On social media we share how to grow your coaching business. Follow us: Facebook - Instagram - Instagram - Twitter - Show sponsors - BioOptimizers - Most coaches grind for years and then feel burnt out. We have a course made specifically to help coaches create a business that will get them paid like they should be. Head to our site and click “Become a Strong Coach” for a free call that will answer your questions.
#131 Jim Crowell For this weeks Strength Chat, I had the pleasure of speaking with the former CEO of OPEX who has mentored coaches and gym owners to develop successful careers and businesses, Jim Crowell. This was a first for a Strength Chat episode as Jim and I covered some topics that haven’t been covered on the podcast before, but which I feel are very important for the development of coaches. In this episode we chatted about where coaches can sometimes go wrong when it comes to the business side of coaching, as well as some best practises and tips to help improve a coach’s business.
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Jim Crowell (OPEX) Jim Crowell is the CEO of OPEX. I first met Jim back in the OPT days at one the CCP certifications in Scottsdale - and now he’s friggin' running the place. We talk about how to think about competition in the fitness industry (you’re not just competing with other gyms offering similar services…), how to find the balance between creating systems and structure while still allowing for the creativity and craftsmanship of the coaching profession, and how to leverage tribalism in your target audience to create a marketing message that actually resonates. Check out more from Jim here: Instagram: @crowelljim//@opexfitness Website: LinkedIn: @jim-crowell If you're enjoying the show, the best way to support it is by sharing with your friends. If you don't have any friends, why not a leave a review? It makes a difference in terms of other people finding the show.You can also subscribe to receive my e-mail newsletter at Most of my writing never makes it to the blog, so get on that list. Show Notes [3:21] How Jim's background as an MBA hedge fund guy with degrees in finance and economics set him up for entry into the CrossFit market as a true capitalist. “I need to build this thing because somebody else is going to build it if I don't.”[11:18] The winner-take-all dynamics of local fitness businesses - and why you must be the leader in your subcategory[20:48] How OPEX is seeking to create the "personalized fitness" category in the market - and how they are looking to position themselves compared to personal training or group training[26:38] The necessity of targeting a specific audience to reap the benefits of tribalism – versus risking speaking to no one at all. “You don't create your brand; the market tells you what your brand is…You can just try to influence what that market reaction is.” [32:53] The growing pains of restructuring and the importance of not confusing and alienating your target audience - and how OPEX decided to split out the remote coaching business of Big Dawgs from the work of certifications and licensing.[40:40] Tribalism and the desire “to be a part of something…[and feel] a deeper meaning behind why they're doing what they're doing" - and how this relates to marketing and retention in facilities[56:06] Allowing for creativity in coaching while still providing standardization and consistency in processes.[01:04:34] How the start-up cost and business structure of opening a CrossFit gym has changed since 2005 to now. [01:10:25] Differences in managing a gym with 150 members versus a gym with more than that, and attempting to get in front of problems before they happen. Links and Resources MentionedBox Tour: Integrated Fitness from the CrossFit JournalOPEX OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) CrossFit Games Penn State University of North Carolina Orange Theory Peloton YouTube CrossFit Central (TX) OPEC F45 Fit Body Boot Camp CrossFit Apple Samsung Huawei Facebook MySpace Ben Thompson's “Stratechery” Amazon LinkedIn Instagram South Loo
137: “If we do our jobs as coaches, we should help you want to live a more inspired life.” - My interview with the CEO of OPEX Fitness, Jim Crowell In the 137th episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview CEO of OPEX Fitness, Jim Crowell.
“If we do our jobs as coaches, we should help you want to live a more inspired life.” As both a coach and an athlete, Jim Crowell imbues within all those he encounters to live a more inspired life, and to simply want better for themselves. Continuously growing through the ranks in every organization he has ever been a part of, Jim’s story is proof that if you follow the process, if you work hard enough, and if your will is strong enough, you will undoubtedly succeed. I could have spoken to Jim for three more hours, and it still would not have been enough to capture everything he has done. But I am so grateful for the time I did have to speak with him. I hope you all enjoy my interview with Jim Crowell.
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