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Jim Page - amazing voice, tunes and lyrics that are both emotional and though provoking - Jim's touring Ireland right now! After our extended holidays, Born Optimistic podcast is back with season three. What an artist we have to restart with. Beautiful words, music and melodies flow so naturally from Jim Page that being in the same room as him is a rare treat. He's from Seattle but has been visiting Ireland for a while. He's on an extensive tour of Ireland right so check out his live dates at and get to one of his shows.
CM Radio - Feb. 17, 2016 - Steven Page, Jim Bryson & More Steven Page joins us to talk about his upcoming solo release, Heal Thyself Pt. 1: Instinct - a cathartic return to music for the well-known artist. The album was co-produced by Page himself along with Craig Northey, whose band The Odds performs on most of the tracks. We also speak with Jim Bryson, whose new album Somewhere We Will Find Our Place drops on Feb. 19th. The album features collaborations with Charles Spearin of Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think, and Jim tells us how it differs from his last offering, 2010's The Falcon Lake Incident.
Jim Page: CEO West Alabama Chamber of Commerce On this episode of Rise and Roar we talk with Jim Page about the importance networking groups like the Chamber of Commerce can play during difficult times. Jim has spent his career as a spokesman for the Chamber on all public policy issues, economic development projects and strategic community initiatives. During the interview I got a chance to talk with Jim about the mindset of small business owners as they face Covid-19 and his personal leadership strategy as he supports over 1,300 members in this difficult time.
The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama 2021 ACCE COY Finalist with Jim Page Jim Page represents The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama as a 2021 ACCE Chamber of the Year Finalist. Full show notes are at: Please support this podcast by supporting our sponsors. Holman Brother Memberships Sales Solutions App My Community Community Matters, Inc. Swypit
TradFest Temple Bar Unlocked Episode 10 with Jim Page Kieran Hanrahan talks to the legendary singer songwriter Jim Page about his music career and using music as a political and social expression on this week’s TradFest Unlocked Podcast. A truly fascinating episode, tune in.
Ep148: “I Was Fired For Requesting a Single Mental Health Day” | with Jim Page When editor Jim Page recently tweeted about getting fired for requesting a single mental health day, it caught a lot of people's attention. Depression, long work hours, and burnout are all too common in the entertainment industry. The gig economy and being a freelancer instills fear and insecurity in creative professionals leaving us feeling undervalued and pressured to outperform and outlast. Thread. Please RT. I'm scared to say this publically, but I feel I need to. Recently I was fired from a show on a major TV channel because I needed a day off for mental health reasons. I made the mistake of being honest, instead of pretending to have a physical sickness. — Jimstagram (@iamjimpage) March 17, 2021 My own experience with burnout is what led me to start the Optimizer coaching & mentorship program so I could start to teach people to take positive steps towards healthier lifestyles and improved working conditions. After seeing Jim's tweet, I knew I had to have him on the show to talk about this important topic. Jim Page has been editing for 15 years in the UK cutting features, shorts, documentaries, and many other types of media. His work includes the feature "The Pugilist" which was nominated for the Michael Powell Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival, while short film "No More Wings" won best film at Tribeca, and "Hair Cut" was long listed for a BAFTA. Like many creatives, Jim is passionate about his work and takes pride in what he does. But the burden of the "The Passion Tax" often becomes too much to bear without sacrificing physical and mental well-being. Jim and I discuss ways in which creatives can take action on their own behalf and embrace the power of saying no. If you have ever felt like the long hours aren't worth the toll on your happiness and health, then this episode will inspire you to take control of your career and bring your life back into balance, not to mention helping you learn how to set boundaries or yourself, even if those boundaries might cost you a gig. Want to Hear More Episodes Like This One? » Click here to subscribe and never miss another episode Here's What You'll Learn: Why Jim calls himself an Award Losing Editor The Twitter post that went viral and got my attention. Jim's history of mental health problems since he was 14 years old. The division between above the line and below the line workers makes change for mental health issues impossible. Jim’s struggle with depression and how he got started in editing. The fear that comes from being a freelancer knowing you can easily be replaced. How to take responsibility of your own mental health. What happened when Jim learned to say no to jobs he didn’t feel passionate about. KEY TAKEAWAY: There’s no shame in saying no to a paycheck job but saying yes out of fear often leads to burnout and unhappiness. The lifestyle changes that Jim has made to improve his mental health. Ways that you can set yourself up for success in your career while balancing your mental health and lifestyle. How to clearly communicate your needs to potential employers so that expectations are set properly from the beginning. What's next for Jim. Useful Resources Mentioned: Jim's Twitter Post About Getting Fired I Was Tired of Putting My Kids to Bed via FaceTime Every Night. Here’s What I Did About It. Ep141: Michelle Tesoro (ACE) On Playing Chess With Your Career (Instead of Checkers) - pt1 Ep142: Michelle Tesoro (ACE) On Playing Chess With Your Health & Well-Being (Pt2) Jim's Facebook Page <a h
How to Create Content for Product Pages @ Jim and Ann Show Read the article and watch the video:

If you are into ecommerce, your site product page is the most important page: It's what leads to the actual sale. But it's also the hardest to optimize, because if you have hundreds of products, creating good interesting content for each page becomes an issue.

This episode with CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas Jim Boykin and Brand and Community Manager Ann Smarty gives you some advice on how to create content for your product page, how to smartly use user-generated content for that or what to do if you cannot create enough great content to satisfy your needs.
The Moisture Festival Podcast – Jim Page In this episode we welcome Seattle folk legend Jim Page to the Moisture Festival Podcast studio. Here, we talk about Jim’s lobbying efforts to legalize busking in Seattle, as well as his adventure organizing the first Busker Fest at Pike Place Market. Jim also brings his guitar and plays us a few songs.  

A great interview with one of the most influential Seattle musicians of our time.
Shooting the shit With Ultra Athlete Jim page. On this episode of the podcast, Ger chats with Ultra endurance athlete Jim Page. Jim is an organising crew member for DecaUK and also takes part in similar events. Ger and Jim talk about how Jim got involved in triathlon, the step up to the Ultra distances and how going plant based helped him complete a continuous Deca Ironman consisting of a 38k pool swim, a 1800k bike ride and a 420k run, all while raiseing funds for charities close to his heart.;_nc_oc=AQmOg66zE6YmodXlh90PsSuaYjSVC62w_MmWCH4lZ8kZ4YSgJbuUGN2Gj5jyJRKKBqvGBg7CGVzpE4h6tw5T0yAc&amp;_nc_ht=scontent-dub4-1.xx&amp;oh=30a497b859832a0c6a7d9652e948fab9&amp;oe=5E26E165
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