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Jo Swinson, Director of Partners for a New Economy and former Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the UK, joins Alberto Lidji to discuss transforming traditional economics to tackle the SDGs Partners for a New Economy is a donor collaborative founded by the Oak, MAVA, Marisla and KR foundations, and today also includes the Ford Foundation and Laudes Foundation.

This conversation is for anyone who believes existing economic systems need to be improved if society is to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Jo Swinson is the former leader of the Liberal Democrats in the United Kingdom. From 2012-2015, she served as Business Minister in the UK, and in 2009, she co-founded a cross-party group of MPs to work collaboratively on new economic thinking and well-being economics.

In this fascinating conversation, Jo sheds light on her current work, political experience and her personal narrative. 

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*Jo Swinson Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems* Pretty obvious really it's the one and only Jo Swinson MP, deputy leader of the Lib Dems. A really frank and easy going conversation this week, one I think you hard-core listeners will really enjoy. Please don't forget to add your 5 star rating on iTunes and visit our website! Thanks!
Jo Swinson MP explains why government is naming 37 National Minimum Wage offenders Jo Swinson MP explains why a further 37 employers who failed to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage have been named today (15 January 2015)
OTF071 - Jo Swinson, Trump Nuking Hurricanes, Record Fracking Tremors Jo Swinson previously ruled out co-operating with Jeremy Corbyn in order to stop a no-deal Brexit. She's now demanding that Corbyn step aside for another figure to become prime minister following a successful no-confidence vote in confidence in Boris Johnson's government.

Hosted by James Fox w/ Alex Maskill
139. Equal Power: Interview with Jo Swinson MP In this special episode, released on the eve of International Women's Day, Emma interviews Jo Swinson MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, about her new book Equal Power: and how you can make it happen. 

They discuss All Women Shortlists, the Lord Rennard affair, body image and other key suggestions for improving gender equality.
SHOW 112 - Jo Swinson (LIVE) Jo Swinson is the Leader of the Liberal Democrats and is hoping to become the UK's next Prime Minister. She talks to Matt at the start of the 2019 General Election campaign and explains why the Lib Dems policy of revoking Article 50, why the party wouldn't enter into a coalition with Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson and gives the inside story on how she was almost a lad's mag pin-up.

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Wee Ginger Dugcast: The Wings Party and Jo Swinson's demands Columnist Paul Kavanagh (aka the Wee Ginger Dug) and National editor Callum Baird look ahead to the big independence march in Aberdeen. As well as that, they give their take on plans for a Wings Over Scotland party to stand in the list vote at the 2021 Holyrood election. Plus, what has Jo Swinson, the most recent "saviour of the Union", been up to?
Wee Ginger Dugcast: Ruth Davidson, Dallas, and Jo Swinson's accent National editor Callum Baird and columnist Paul Kavanagh (aka Wee Ginger Dug) sit down for another Dugcast. As Jackson Carlaw shows the true colour of his party, we look bad at the most recent season of the Scottish Tories, inspired by Dallas. Also up for discussion is the massive independence march in Edinburgh tomorrow and Joanna Cherry's new court case against the PM. Plus, is criticism of Jo Swinson's accent valid?
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