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A Certain Gospel, Part 2: Certain Gospel / Joel Martin The world is full of uncertainty...the suffering questioning God's goodness, the unnoticed questioning God's seeing of them, the doubting questioning God's existence altogether. The arrival of Jesus however brings the certainty of goodness, honor, and God's presence. Come and see and believe!
TBT S1 Ep 3: Joel Martin Throwback Thursday episode from Season 1, Episode 3 featuring Pastor Joel "Happy" Martin
Buying Power with Joel Martin This episode we talk with local lender, Joel Martin, about what we are seeing now and in the future. Thanks always to Andy Imhof, our amazing producer. Thank you to our loyal listeners! We love you!
Joel Martin from The Ugly Kings talks ‘Strange, Strange Times’ Melbourne's alternative rockers THE UGLY KINGS have recently released their incredible new album, Strange, Strange Times, via Napalm Records.THE UGLY KINGS may channel the flavor of groups like Queens Of The Stone Age or Danzig, but their distinctive, revitalizing infusion of dark energy is evident while preserving razor sharp, daringly introspective control with clever lyricism, addictive riffage, catchy melodies and a heavy power blues flavor. Strange, Strange Times continues to infuse their foreboding alt-rock with blackened blues and a gritty punk edge.The Everblack Podcast sat down with The Ugly Kings drummer Joel Martin to talk about their new album Strange, Strange Times and the relevance of the current world situation, signing to Napalm Records, the experience of having the video for Technodrone on Rage, their Killing Time at Cherry Bar live album, becoming a parent, how he keeps musical active during lockdown, their hopes to tour Europe and more!THE UGLY KINGS - ‘Strange, Strange Times’ is out now via Napalm Records.LP, CD and Digital formats available via Napalm Records, Band Exclusive ‘Mind Decay’ Marble Vinyl Edition is available direct from their Bandcamp***EVERBLACK PODCAST***SUBSCRIBE and STREAM HERE: Thanks to : Deathwish Hotrods & KustomsRW Promotion Blacklight AD Screenprinting Electric WitchEverblack intro theme by Jaymes Jackson
Portraits of Love, Part 2: Privileged Love / Joel Martin What does it look like to use our wealth, power, position, and privilege to extend the faithful love of God? Come learn from the great great great great grandfather of Jesus what true faithful love looks like when we have it all!
Dr. Joel Martin, President of Wagner College Jay talks with Dr. Joel Martin, President of Wagner College (NY), who discusses how his journey from scholar to scholar-administrator gave him the opportunity to have an expanded impact on his institution and in society. He also talks about the unique perspective that having a diverse institutional background can offer and the benefits of looking outside your sector for new ideas and influences.
Life Essentials, Part 8: Wisdom for Healthy Living / Joel Martin We are called to be living sacrifices, but we need to be alive to be such a sacrifice. Come explore why health is of some value and how our health is a tool that we can use to love God and love others.
Future Theater With Rick Lertzman, Joel Martin Tonight we’re going to have a fun panel discussion about Nancy Reagan and her interest in astrology, featuring an exclusive interview with Nancy Reagan and our friend Richard Lertzman. The paranormal has always been present in the White House. In addition, the wonderful Joel Martin joins us tonight to explain why.

Rick Lertzman

Rick Lertzman’s latest books are Dr. Feelgood (Skyhorse, 2013), the biography of Dr. Max Jacobson and his influence on President and Jackie Kennedy and Richard Nixon and the War on Drugs, and The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney (Gallery, 2014), both of which were cowritten with Bill Birnes.

He and Bill are currently developing a list of titles about classic television and film stars and how their careers have influenced our culture today. Among the first titles out are the Life and Times of Peter Falk and the story of Robert Cummings, one of the most popular movie stars of the 1930s and ’40s and how his addiction to methamphetamine destroyed his life.

Please enjoy our past visits with Rick: (11.6.10) ? (5.26.12) ? (11.17.12) ? (11.30.13) ? (1.26.15) ? (8.3.15)

Joel Martin

Joel is the national bestselling author of We Don’t Die, and coauthor with Bill Birnes of Haunting of the Presidents, and Haunting of America. Their forthcoming title is Edison’s Last Invention: The Spirit Phone, out later this year from Skyhorse. Joel is one of our country’s foremost experts on the paranormal and the influence of the paranormal on American history.

His story of Abraham Lincoln’s seances at the White House and how they helped shape both the Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton presidencies have become popular memes about our popular presidents. Ironically, Joel’s story of how former first lady and now Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton invoked the spirit of first lady Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most revealing aspects of her character.
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