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John Frusciante's Rant On the U.S Soccer Federation On this weeks epiosde John Frusciante discusses the news that the Cosmos have been invitied to particapte in the 2018 U.S Open Cup and have to play, a play in match against Brooklyn Italins of the NPSL. Lastly John rants about the U.S Soccer Federation and the United 2026 Bid.

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Deep Dive - John Frusciante - Elliot Marshall - Radio One 91FM Deep Dive - John Frusciante by Elliot Marshall on Radio One 91fm Dunedin
EP 336: "I Felt Depressed & Down About the Whole Situation" | FTP Host John Frusciante Shares How He Has Felt Since Cosmos Officially Announced Their Hiatus First Team Podcast Host, John Frusciante shares how he has been feeling as of late since the New York Cosmos hiatus announcement.
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THE LEGACY OF QUEENS EPISODE 19: JOHN FRUSCIANTE(musician) ON THIS EDITION IT'S A LOOK AT THE LEGACY OF JOHN FRUSCIANTE: &nbsp;John Anthony Frusciante (/fruːˈʃɑːnteɪ/ (listen); born March 5, 1970) is an American musician best known as the guitarist of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has also released 12 solo albums and seven EPs.
Frusciante joined the Chili Peppers at age 18 after the death of guitarist Hillel Slovak, and first appeared on the band's album Mother's Milk (1989). His second album with the band, Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991), became their breakthrough hit; overwhelmed by the newfound popularity, Frusciante quit in 1992. He became a recluse and fell into drug addiction. In 1998, he completed drug rehabilitation and rejoined the band. Their next album, Californication (1999), sold 15.4 million copies.[1] It was followed by By the Way (2002) and Stadium Arcadium (2006). Frusciante left again in 2009 to focus on his solo work, and rejoined in 2019.
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Episode 17 - Sampling & 'The Amen Break', John Frusciante, Yeah Yeah Yeahs In this episode, I try to get my head around sampling and copyright law with regard to music, and end up learning about one of the most sampled recordings of all time, 'The Amen Break', which for years has been uncredited by producers from hip hop to drum 'n bass. We are also gifted with new releases from wily guitar wizard John Frusciante - all for free, and far-removed from his work with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lastly, we remember the watershed moment in art-punk trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs career, where silky synth anthems began to assert their dominance on 2009's 'It's Blitz!'.

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Episode 17 Segment Times:
Sampling & 'The Amen Break' - 00:42 to 09:16
John Frusciante - 09:17 to 15:05
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 15:06 to 20:42

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Episode 23 - John Frusciante Interview 2 Poo Da Goo The boys are back with another stupid episode of Turd Immunity! In this ep Lane gets his dick stuck in the toilet again. They also play a new game called Who Gives a Fuck. Which is very fun, and you can play at home. They also get sadly deep about Lane's dreams, and he shows Vincent and Anthony his butthole + he breakdances. Check it out! Oh yeah, a can man update!
Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante's Return In the first ever episode of The New Wave, we cover popular alt-rock group, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the return of guitarist John Frusciante. Hosted by Michael Cardenas with this weeks guests, Nico Barajas and Andrew Vasquez.&nbsp;
EX.526 John Frusciante - 2020.09.24 How the Red Hot Chili Peppers' guitarist learned to think like an electronic musician.
Brewers should pick a lane, John Frusciante and Ebo Grant explains the Brewers need to deliberate, talks anytime drinks and Stadium Arcadium with Ebo #SportsANDStuff and laughs at Brett Favre.&nbsp;See for privacy information.
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