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011 - Retirement Savings 101 ft. John McCann If you&apos;re just getting started saving for retirement, the variety of plans available and the advice you receive might be confusing. So today I&apos;m bringing in retirement plan expert John McCann to help you understand how to navigate the waters. I talk to John about the different types of retirement plans available, the pros and cons of each type, and his thoughts on retirement saving strategies.Connect with John on LinkedInPractical Personal Finance on YouTube
John McCann: Embrace The Journey Fashion, Faith and Focus


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TravCast - John McCann TravCast is the Writer's Podcast from the Traverse, Scotland’s New Writing Theatre. Associate Director, Emma Callander, interviews well known playwrights and theatremakers whose work features in the year round programme at the Traverse.
In this episode, Emma Speaks to John McCann.

John's play Spoiling is part of the Traverse Festival 2014 programme. John is originally from County Armagh in Northern Ireland. He now lives in Scotland where his short play This Long Time was given a staged reading at the Traverse Theatre as part of Ten and where another play, The Next Of It, was read as part of Stellar Quines' Rehearsal Room 16. He was one of four emerging writers selected to participate in the Playwrights' Studio Scotland mentoring programme during 2009-2010. His latest play, The Cleanroom, was recently staged by Tinderbox Theatre Company in Belfast as part of the acclaimed True North ensemble project.

Original music by James Iremonger
Produced and engineered by Cian O Siochain
John McCann: Embrace The Journey Fashion, Faith and Focus


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Mic Check with Stylist B. S2E9 - John McCann (Interview) Host Stylist B. sits down with Preacher, Speaker and CEO John McCann to talk Entrepreneurship, Working with the Saints, and his call to be a Saint on this episode of Mic Check with Stylist B. Season 2.
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CITN 9 - A Tale of Two Penises - Agent Penis, John McCann - Rape & Kidnapping, And A Teeny Weenie NJ Man In Our 9th Minisode, we will be discussing John McCann over brutal rape and kidnapping, NJ man's teeny weeny leading to murder, and PSST! Is Agent Penis around?
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Crime in the News &nbsp;&nbsp;
Joseph McCann refuses to appear in court to face 12 charges including kidnap and rape
Idiots of the Week&nbsp;
Woman tried to trespass on CIA grounds while asking to speak to 'Agent Penis',


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0027 John & Kate McCann (3x Award-Winning Vintner & 3x Award-Winning Educator) Episode 27 of "The Innkeeper's Guestbook". In this episode, Freddie welcomes a couple of WINNERS and returning guests to the Inn—John & Kate McCann. John (TW: @nbvineyard) opens the episode detailing his journey from aerospace engineering to wine-making and the trials and tribulations that come with “award-winning vineyard” territory (#BestVermontWine). Kate (TW: @kmccannu32) then follows up sharing her experiences on Capitol Hill thus far as an awardee of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educators Fellowship 2018-19 (#STEM). The year prior (2017), she was also Vermont State Teacher of the (#Winning ;-). Lastly, of course, we close the episode with their answers to the world-famous “7 Questions”.

The Internets:

Recorded at Union Inn in the heart of Washington, DC, "The Innkeeper's Guestbook" is a podcast hosted by world-famous conversationalist and host-extraordinaire "Innkeeper Freddie". Join him as he interviews the myriad of guests who stay at his home/Inn--a Top 10 listing in Washington, DC per

Union Inn -
"1890s Rowhouse" -
"Cozy Pied-à-Terre" -
73a- Animanicast #73a: An Interverview with Animaniacs Writer John P. McCann Each and every week, your hosts revisit an episode of the series in the order in which they first premiered. They discuss their favorite jokes, gags, and discuss all the cultural references they can find! In this special episode, Joey, Nathan and Kelly welcome John P. McCann to discuss what it was like writing for Animaniacs and other shows like Freakazoid. You'll also find out what John's been up to since then. An Interview/Discussion with John P. McCann Working on Animaniacs John shares how he first got involved with Animaniacs after first writing an episode for Tiny Toon Adventures. He talks about some of his favorite episodes, characters, and what it was like working with Steven Spielberg. John has some very interesting stories to tell about what it was like working on Animaniacs and why it was unlike any other writing experience.  Freakazoid Some time is spent talking with John about his experiences working on Freakazoid. John voiced Dexter Douglas' dad, Douglas Douglas, as well as the heroic and annoying Hero Boy! Thoughts on the Reboot John has not been asked to return to the new series. While he remains "cautiously optimistic," he talks about why he thinks the show won't be the same. One of the reasons is that the writing staff will be completely new and the other factor is that John believes that the studio won't invest as much money as they did in the past. While the new show may look and feel different he asserts that, "We'll always have Paris." Today John has recently written several e-books and has written a few episodes of cartoons here and there. John's latest book, They Took My Prostate, is about John's experience with prostate cancer. John talks about why he decided to write the book and talks about some of his other books as well. You can check out his work on Amazon HERE. You can also keep up with John by visiting his blog and following him on
Dagon and Jill, by John P. McCann In which our hero helps out the bright hope of America's future by introducing them to new beliefs, different than their own.
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