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US Soccer and USASA - John Motta shares with Inside Soccer John Motta joins Bill Peterson to share his incredible soccer journey and the upcoming priorities of US Soccer and US Adult Soccer Association. Great insight into organizations most don't understand and what it takes to be successful. A great servant of the game. Join John and the Insiders.
EXPERIENCE #107 - Andrew Reynolds, Manramp & Fancy Lad, John Motta We discuss Andrew Reynolds officially on Vans, Manramp "Fancy Lad" Episode 3, John Motta "A Happy Medium 5”, Lotties x Vans' "On God" Video, 2dudes1game is back, input (a film by jacob palumbo), Eldy’s Pick Of The Week, Kelly saw a Roge lookalike out in the wild and has a video to prove it, The great Varial debate continues and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for the COMUNITYmade Traction LE Golf Sneaker designed by Justin Eldridge and two pairs of Nine Club x Stance socks. This weeks raffle is an éS prize package that includes 2 pairs of the “Podium Pack” shoes and a Skater XL game for PS4 or Xbox consoles!
John Motta round 2 This week we had John Motta on for the second time! This episode was a heavy one. We got to talk with him about his recent home remodel project, Rawr Life super foods, the benefits of krill oil and their other products, battling depression and manic episodes, float tank experience, and much more! John is a rad dude and it was great getting the chance to catch back up with him.

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The 3four3 Podcast Goes Inside the U.S. Soccer Boardroom with John Motta. In a sea full of monsters, sometimes it&#8217;s hard to find the good guys.
But I was pleasantly surprised as I was sitting front row in a Brooklyn courtroom when it became public knowledge that John Motta was the only U.S. Soccer board member to vote in favor of allowing NASL to keep it&#8217;s division two status for 2018.
I was surprised again when Mr. Motta sent me a text message saying that he was on his way to Kezar Pub in San Francisco. He wanted to meet up with me and some Cosmos and Deltas fans as we pre-gamed with pitchers of beer before the 2017 NASL final. Just a wild guess, but I feel like most U.S.S.F. board members would do something like that.

John Motta seems to be a genuine soccer guy. Someone who has done it all. And his stories about American soccer are incredible.
You&#8217;re going to hear him say that U.S. Soccer doesn&#8217;t seem to have the family vibe that it once did. His stories about the U.S. Women&#8217;s National Team when they were on top of the world in the late 90&#8217;s seem to be much different than the stories we&#8217;re used to hearing about the program now. And I got the feeling that it upsets him quite a bit.
You&#8217;re going to hear him tell the story about when he narrowly beat Sunil Gulati in the race for U.S Soccer Vice President. And you&#8217;ll also hear him tell the story of when he lost to Sunil just two years later.
John Motta has a long history in American soccer that been fueled by the Portuguese blood that runs through his veins. He&#8217;s a former MLS referee, former team owner, and former state association president. These days, he is the President of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).
In short, he&#8217;s one of just a few voices that represent lower division soccer in a boardroom that is dominated by people with interest in our closed first division.
I don&#8217;t want to spoil all of the stories here in the write-up. So, it&#8217;s probably better that you press play and listen to John tell the stories himself. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, it would be great if you subscribed to the show and dropped us a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. Thank you for listening!

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#007 John Motta / Nanami Ozone Live Set
EP 258: Thanksgiving Special - U.S Soccer Board Member John Paul Motta On The Current State Of U.S Soccer U.S Soccer board member and President of the United States Adult Amateur Soccer Association, John Paul Motta has put his hat in the race for USSF VP. John Paul Motta joins the show, to discuss his policies for U.S Soccer if elected, and he shares his thoughts on the current state of the beautiful game.

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"KILLER CLOWN" JOHN WAYNE GACY - Attorney Bob Motta In this episode, I collaborate with Defense Attorney/Podcaster Bob Motta. Bob&apos;s father was  convicted killer of at least 33 young men, John Wayne Gacy&apos;s, attorney. Listen to hear never before heard details, including the planting of evidence to ensure that Gacy was convicted.
BONUS: Behind the John Wayne Gacy Bombshell with Defense Diaries' Bob Motta "It would have been a nightmare. One of the most prolific serial killers in American history would have f*%$ing walked."When Bob Motta Jr. turned 21, his father gave him a gift. It wasn't his first (legal) drink, or the car that Bob wanted. It was something much more unique: 15 hours of never before heard tapes containing pre-trial conversations between John Wayne Gacy and one of his defense attorneys: Bob Motta Sr.For 30 years - even after becoming a defense attorney himself - Bob sat on the gift. A few years ago, however, he decided that they were something that needed to be shared with the world. When he dug into producing a podcast about the tapes and about a new look at the Gacy case, he never expected he would uncover bombshell revelations that could have completely changed the course of history. Listen to this special Love Murder x Defense Diaries bonus crossover event now!
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