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John Slater Slater Construction John Slater of Slater Construction in conversation with Amy K on
John Slater | the jedi path of movement and meditation I sit down with my friend and fellow athlete meditator john slater for a candid conversation about the parallel threads between movement and mindfulness.
Making your bed and other habit changes with John Slater John and I talk about Deep work, holding yourself accountable publicly, John's morning routine and why everyone should have one, and many other things that are sure to help you out.

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03/09/2021 The Bench with John and Lance: Jane Slater Interview NFL Network's Jane Slater joins John and Lance to discuss the Dak Prescott's new contract with the Cowboys.
John Hannam Meets Stephanie Slater (Archive) John has revisited his 2004 archive live
interview with STEPHANIE SLATER. It was an
amazing interview and she reveals the full
story of her kidnap and love for the Island.
Episode 929 - News & Notes w/Darryl Slater: Leon Washington Back, John McClain uStadium Audio & More Scott Mason talks with Jets beat reporter Darryl Slater for a look at the latest news and notes surrounding Gang Green!Darryl discusses the return of Leon Washington as Assistant Special Teams Coach, the passing of NFL legend Marty Schottenheimer, possible Sam Darnold trades, the latest ESPN NFL Mock Draft, and more......Plus, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joined our friends over at uStadium for a video chat and we have exclusive audio highlights for you with some fantastic tidbits of information on exactly what is happening at the moment in the Deshaun Watson saga!To advertise on Play Like A Jet, please visit or email Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Wire ep. #10 - John Moore is Kelly Slater's Creative Partner at Outerknown John Moore’s magic fits into a single sentence: Without John, the world’s most authentic surf brand wouldn’t exist today, and neither would the world’s least authentic surf brand. John went to Art School as a surfer from California in the 90’s. His intention was to study painting and printmaking. Designing clothing never crossed his mind. But John was so talented that Abercrombie and Fitch wanted him. He was recruited heavily. The pitches came and he ignored them. And then one day he allowed the opportunity take him and he proceeded to create the look and feel of Hollister Surf Co. It was years later in 2011 that he resurrected M. Nii. These are the initials of a 1940’s tailor from Waianae Hawaii who made the world’s first surf specific shorts for surfers. Think about that – a tiny tailor; M. Nii was the first mover in what has now become the defacto poolside fashion for kids in Montana and adults in France – board shorts. See, John’s craft is creating things out of thin air and also employing a keen eye for the interesting. His superpower is taking whatever crazy idea you have and actually creating the thing. Because of this, he’s uncommonly impactful in the act of designing board shorts and living spaces and human experiences. Visual landscapes even. He can discuss the jacket and the pants. And the way their fabric print compliment the skin tone of a model as she stands in front of a camera. And he’ll actually know what he is talking about. This is why surf brands like Quiksilver have consulted him for input and opinions on the design of swimwear and clothing and the creation of entire brands. It’s how he and Kelly Slater became friends and collaborators. Today, John is the Creative Director at Outerknown. The brand he and Kelly created to represent travel, sustainability, and style. And this episode will keep your ear close to the speaker for more than an hour. Because John’s story is an example of the incredible control someone can have over the way they live their life and the things they spend their time doing.
Ep. 086 - The Burden on Brands: Why We Turn To Brands In Times of Crisis | John Kyriakou and Jon Slater People look to brands when they feel like governments are failing, when they want something to change and when they need to believe that corporations with money are more than that. In this episode we’re joined by a formidable creative director duo in John Kyriakou and Jon Slater, aka The Jo(h)ns. In this, they reveal why now more than ever, brands have to reassure and support their customers, both in action and creative work. Expect to hear why all your audience data is now useless, what people will think of brands when this is all over and how brands can turn the tide on trust.
Cam Slater on Magic Talk with John Banks Cam Slater appeared on the Magic Talk Drive show with host John Banks
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