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BMS 002 John Vallis (@johnkvallis) Interview John and I discuss the freedoms Bitcoin provides to its users, and how freedom and money effect so many things we see going on in the world today.


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KDC #71: John Vallis- Unleashing the Human Potential with Bitcoin John Vallis, Host of the Bitcoin Rapid Fire Podcast Show, joins me in this episode and shares his truly fascinating insights, knowledge, perspectives, and vision on Bitcoin and beyond:
-John´s journey into the rabbit hole of Bitcoin
-Keyvan´s dream about Bitcoin & psychedelics
-Absolute Scarcity of Bitcoin
-Critical & Mass-Adoption of Bitcoin
-Unleashing the Human Potential with Bitcoin
-Future of Human Civilization and Evolution on Bitcoin
I loved our talk!
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twitter: @johnkvallis
youtube: John Vallis

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Ep 45: Remnant Round 2. Francis Pouliot & John Vallis on The Wake Up Podcast The latest REMNANT podcast, with Francis Pouliot, John Vallis & myself; Svetski.
If you're familiar with any of our work, you know what you're getting yourself into.
If you're not, then prepare to get riled up. This is a straight talking, no bullshit, unforgiving discussion about reality, Bitcoin, the sludge, the present, the future and the hero's journey.
The original Remnant Pod is here:

In this episode, we cover:
- The conference and the need for somewhere to fit in
- Protecting The Remnant Bloodline
- Competitive Dictatorships
- A New Age of Empires & Kings
- How to hook up with Bitcoiners in the Diaspora,
- What it means to be a hero.
- Fake VS Real Hero's
- Rite of Passage (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover)
- Maturing earlier.
- Sexual Market Value
- Elon is a DUMB CUNT & money transmission licenses
- Modernity has made humans into pets in the pursuit of safety & comfort instead of freedom & growth.

Much more as usual.
This is one of those conversations that get's better as it goes.

Remember to follow John & his work:
@JohnKVallis on Twitter

And Francis:

And my work is now on:
@GhostOfSvetski on Twitter
Read_478 - Bullish on Bitcoiners [John Vallis] "After all, Bitcoin is just a tool, and it’s only revolutionary in so far as its unique attributes generate novel possibilities for action — that is to say, new behaviors." - John VallisBefore continuing our ride through The Bitcoin Times, we have a fantastic piece from John Vallis as part of the End of Year 2020 series with Bitcoin Magazine. One of numerous excellent articles looking back on 2020 and what it brought to Bitcoin, and what Bitcoin brought to it. John Vallis gives us a perspective of the change that Bitcoin instills, after all its just a tool, what really makes a difference, and where the change truly lies, is in us.Don't miss a wonderful piece on the human element of Bitcoin's societal revolution. Bullish on Bitcoiners: huge Thank You to the Bitcoin Audible Sponsors:Hexa Wallet - Mobile wallet, seedless, batching, custom fees, multiple accounts & more ( - Minimal, user friendly, secure, Swiss made, open source, hardware wallet ( - The first Free, no-fee exchange & Bitcoin banking services! ( Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Chat_39 - Bitcoin Renaissance - with Marty Bent, John Vallis, Alex Gladstein, Elizabeth Prefontaine, & Brady Swenson We had a fascinating panel discussion hosted by John Vallis with an amazing group at the Value of Bitcoin Conference. All about the Global Renaissance that Bitcoin could ignite. What incentives will most change our world, what is the future of debt in a sound money economy, what will governments look like, what happens when everyone's wealth exists everywhere at once and borders become meaningless? All this and more with Marty Bent, John Vallis, Alex Gladstein, Elizabeth Prefontaine, & Brady Swenson!Check out the other great talks fro the Value of Bitcoin conference. The team put on an incredible show and there is hours of exploring to do at: your future place in society with the easiest, lowest cost, automated Bitcoin Savings Plan at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
CryptoChat_022 - All Roads Lead to Bitcoin w/ John Vallis John Vallis from the Bitcoin Rapid Fire Podcast and I have a lengthy chat all about our roads to Bitcoin, and how it has changed our view of the world. Don't miss a really fun show and be sure to check out the Rapid Fire section available at the link below. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
John Vallis - Bitcoin WILL Change You! Learn how BITCOIN WILL CHANGE YOU and the world. John Vallis (Host of the Bitcoin Rapid Fire Podcast) and I discuss:- How bitcoin will change you- Impact on society- Seeking truth- Is BTC Toxicity good?- Dark side of bitcoin- Do we have free will?- Hope for the future- Current FUD- & more!John is a deep thinker and I really enjoyed his ability to discuss a wide range of topics around bitcoin in a simple and easy-to-understand way. John Vallis - Twitter: @JohnKVallis- Podcast: Porter - Twitter: @Dennis_Porter_- Substack: Website: Jacob Pope- Twitter: @Jpope06As a side note, this podcast is not financial advice. Any opinions expressed by the Host and the Guest are strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only and should be viewed as such.
John Vallis: Bullish on Bitcoiners In this deep & wide ranging conversation with John Vallis, the host of the Bitcoin Rapid Fire podcast we sit down to discuss the most important virtues in his life: truth, freedom, curiosity, possibility & how after an unforgettable year, he's most bullish on Bitcoiners. John Vallis is cool as fuck and this chat with him was such a blast.  Just fuck me already Bitcoin.
Building a New Future Against Legacy System | John Vallis There is a lot of things happening in the world, and it's easy to see this across the world. It's easy to get caught up watching the pain, and all the things that are happening today. However, there is a group of people who are not sitting by to watch our current leaders disrupt the world with tyranny. Instead, they're going on building a better future with outcomes that we want. And as I always say, "If you aren't happy with the future that the leaders are painting for you, then work toward building a future that you want."

Today, I've invited John Vallis onto the Podcast to speak on this matter. We're talking about the problems we're having today, what they're caused by, and what history show us about it — and more importantly, what is being done to fix this problem, and what you could do to be apart of the solution today.

So tune in!
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