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WCA #047 with John Vanderslice Working Class Audio Session #047 with John Vanderslice!!! John Vanderslice (born in Gainesville, Florida) is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, and recording engineer. He is the owner and founder of Tiny Telephone, and Tiny Telephone Oakland, Bay Area analog recording studios. In 10 full-length albums, and 5 remix records and EPs, Vanderslice’s songwriting is characterized by deeply personal and political lyrics […]The post WCA #047 with John Vanderslice appeared first on Working Class Audio.
John Vanderslice John Vanderslice is one of the most talented and prolific songwriters of his generation, now based in the Los Angeles area with over 20 years of recorded history behind him and the founder of Tiny Telephone recording studios based in the Bay area. John visits Free Association to talk about his new EP, a new compilation of rarities from Tiny Telephone, his move to L.A., the music business, live shows, touring, and the songwriting process.
Ep20 : Albums of One : John Vanderslice, featuring The Magik Magik Orchestra - White Wilderness On this episode, Jake discusses John Vanderslice's 2011 album "White Wilderness", which is his entry for the "Albums Of One" theme.  Chaz listens to it as well at the gentle behest of Jake, and wants to discuss it as well, but is so busy ravaging the indie legend John Vanderslice with John Mayer and Jack Johnson comparisons that he disappears up his own butt in a spectacular display of poor referentialism.  

But at least he likes the album alot, on this episode of Louder Than Sound.
John Vanderslice (Recording Artist and Producer at Tiny Telephone Recording) Welcome to Roadcase, a podcast exploring the live music experience!!   John Vanderslice is an amazing solo artist with a plethora of varied albums and recorded material and is also owner of Tiny Telephone Recording Studio where he has worked with tons of artists including Death Cab for Cutie, Spoon, The Mountain Goats, Sleater-Kinney and Okervill River.  He has a unique perspective on the music industry and his points of view are as varied and diverse as the broad creative ground he covers in his solo career.  I loved talking with John and this interview is a fresh insight into the world of this brilliant and innovative artist.  Come along and enjoy the ride!! For more information: or support Roadcase on Patreon, please visit: info@roadcasepod.comTheme music: &quot;Eugene&quot; (Instrumental) by WaltzerRoadcase is produced by Josh Rosenberg and Soothsayer MediaContact:
Singer-Songwriter John Vanderslice Episode 25 of the HELL FUCKIN' YEAH! Podcast with Mike Gruttola. Interview with the prolific Indie Singer-Songwriter John Vanderslice. We discuss his career, personal life, drug use and Whole Foods.
musician john vanderslice – #268 JOHN VANDERSLICE calls in from l.a.. topics: lots of music & drug talk defending florida l.a. is the best kinda mess hot tub time machine should be declared a masterpiece struggle is good advice from a guy who buys drugs on the dark web moving can be a rebirth recording is a hopeful habit the […]
Stereo Embers The Podcast: John Vanderslice “I Am A Complicated And Potentially Agonizingly Frustrating Person"

John Vanderslice may describe himself that way, but as far as interviewees go, Vanderslice is the least difficult guy around. Genial, open, and forthcoming, Vanderslice will chat about anything. In this conversation, the Florida-born singer/songwriter talks to Alex about politics, taking drugs, his rejection of conventional life and why he had to leave San Francisco. They also talk about his newfound love of Los Angeles, owning up to his mistakes and doing an interview with Alex in 1993. Vanderslice is one of the most inventive, innovative and fascinating musicians around and his new EP EEEEP! is a textured song cycle that’s rich with synth loops, acoustic guitars and subtle, but catchy choruses.
Media Roots Radio - Conversation with Songwriter and Musician John Vanderslice Media Roots sat down with musician and songwriter John Vanderslice for an in depth conversation about the struggles of independent musicians, the US political system and foreign policy, and for some interpretive insights on his music.

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John Vanderslice: Emerald City Emerald City is the sixth studio album from John Vanderslice.We love it.
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