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#31 | Courage or Cringe (Feat. Jon Fortt) Special Guest: Jon Fortt, CNBC Anchor of Squawk Alley, former Fortune writer and Time editor and creator of The Black Experience in America. Courage or Cringe: Racial Migration, Elon Musk & Non Fungible Tokens, and Marvel announces its first gay Captain America. Is an intentional race-based migration to consolidate political power a novel socio-economic strategy, or a recipe for balkanization and discord? Do technology titans have an added layer of responsibility to wade into market and social conversations carefully, or is their disruptive spirit part of the DNA that makes them interesting? Should our animated heroes and heroines, especially ones that speak to kids, reflect the identity issues of our modern sensibilities, or should social and identity issues be left to others to communicate? Author Recommends Black Northerners Should Move Back to the South. Elon Musk turns down $1M offer for his NFT tweet. Gay Captain America to Debut in Upcoming Marvel Comics Series Learn more about Jon Fortt: Twitter: @jonfortt Support TDR:
Lessons from The World's Most Innovative People | Jon Fortt Jon Fortt is a host on CNBC&apos;s Tech Check, host of Fortt Knox, and creator of The Black Experience in America: The Course. In this episode, Jon tells the story of why he decided to create a course focused on race and the black experience in America, the top lessons he&apos;s learned from the most innovative leaders in the world, and Jon shares his advice to new salespeople. Enjoying At The Podium with Manuel Amezcua? It would mean a lot to our team if you&apos;d take a moment to leave a review for the show.00:00 Introducing Jon Fortt1:14 FireFrost the made-up superhero3:07 How Jon became the media mogul we know5:16 The value of artistic creation and expression6:35 There&apos;s a college in Greencastle, IN? Go Tigers. 8:55 Part of change is learning about other people11:40 &quot;I thought I knew how to write, but I didn&apos;t.&quot;14:59 &quot;the talk&quot; becomes &quot;the course&quot;20:06 The black experience in America: how did we get here? 27:15 &quot;I was getting dumber.&quot; Founding Fortt Knox33:00 Pitching &apos;On the Other Hand&apos; to CNBC35:16 A new segment coming soon?36:43 Lifechanging advice from Q-Tip 40:17 The best innovators don&apos;t work for the carrot 44:16 Are live events the future?45:55 Jon&apos;s advice to new salespeople49:46 How to make the world a better place52:03 What&apos;s next for Jon Fortt?
CNBC’s Jon Fortt on GameStop, Robinhood, and wallstreetbets CNBC anchor Jon Fortt unpacks how the GameStop stock story was covered by the media and if technology has the ability to democratize the markets through apps like Robinhood. Fortt also discusses his course ‘The Black Experience in America,’ which looks at race in the US want to know what you think of the podcast! Please take our audience survey at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
032: Build a New Business Mindset with Jon Fortt CNBC Isn’t it about time we had a corporate mindset shift? Because come on! There's more to work than giving the company your heart and soul. Jon Fortt, co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk Alley,” joins Laurie to talk about what's going right, what went wrong, and what's broken in the world of work. They talk about the reshaping of the traditional corporate mindset, #MeToo, wages, and the future of work. Jon Fortt is the host at Fortt Knox, a podcast dedicated to interviewing the highest achievers in the business, entertainment, philanthropy, and sports industries. His show gives us a sneak peek into these industry giants' lives and businesses while tackling the most interesting business and economic issues. How can we emulate the best leaders in the industry? Jon shares his take on how today's leaders are rethinking and reshaping the traditional corporate mindset. He shares how two outstanding leaders are breaking the mold of tradition with their business approach: Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, and Stitch Fix CEO, Katrina Lake. The #MeToo movement and stagnant wages are big issues in the global community. Jon shares his thoughts on corporate culture and respect. He also talks about why leaders should have plans to address and mitigate these issues. The tribe seems split when it comes to the flat wages issue. When labor demand is high but the employment rate is low, wages are at an all-time high. Although some companies are working to amend this for their employees' benefit, others see it as more of an expense. Jon believes it shouldn’t be about hard data. Things like empathy and creativity are deeply important in any industry or organization.   Laurie and Jon talk about the future of work and what he thinks about the next 10-20 years. People are worried that robots will be taking their jobs, but Jon believes that isn’t true. Instead, he believes there’s plenty of space for people because businesses need employees who are able to think about how their job impacts their role, the CEO, and the business. The DIY HR Handbook Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on Laurie’s no-holds-barred, honest DIY HR Handbook for employees and pros alike? Download it for free! Jon Fortt LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Productivity @Work Fortt Knox Squawk Alley Fortt Knox: Satya Nadella Interview Fortt Knox: Katrina Lake Interview Annette Fortt
060: Jon Fortt on CNBC, Empathy, and Building Bridges as a Generation On this episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion Porter is joined by Jon Fortt, who is the co-anchor of Squawk Alley on CNBC, and the host of the Fort Knoxx podcast. And they discuss not only Jon's professional journey as a business journalist and anchor, but also his thoughts on the current COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact on people of all ages. Adrion and Jon also spend time unpacking how Gen Xers are uniquely positioned to be very effective and powerful leaders that can build bridges across all generations - especially during challenging times such as these. Jon Fortt is co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” (M-F, 11AM-12PM ET) broadcast live from the New York Stock Exchange. Previously, he was an on-air editor based at CNBC’s global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Fortt joined CNBC as technology correspondent in July 2010, working from CNBC’s Silicon Valley bureau where he covered the companies, start-ups and trends that are driving innovation in the industry. He also contributes to He came to CNBC from Fortune magazine, where as a senior writer he covered both large technology companies— such as Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft—and trends, including cloud computing and the smartphone revolution. Before joining Fortune in 2007, Fortt was a senior editor at Business 2.0magazine where he produced the “What Works” section. From 1999 to 2006, Fortt wrote and edited at the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley’s hometown newspaper. There he contributed to several efforts that won awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. As a personal technology writer, his coverage duties included Apple, Palm and Adobe. He also served in roles outside the business department, covering education, editing local news and developing technology strategy. As the newspaper’s senior Web editor, he helped develop a blog and podcast network, managed the creation of multimedia projects and served on the board of the Associated Press Managing Editors. Fortt graduated from DePauw University as a Media Fellow, with a B.A. in English. (Above Jon Fortt bio courtesy of Resources mentioned in this episode: Squawk Alley on CNBC Jon Fortt on LinkedIn Jon Fortt on Twitter Fort Knoxx Podcast Jon’s Recent Interview with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella Jon's Personal Theme Songs “Power Trip”, by Lecrae “Duck Down!” by The Roots “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco Thank you for listening!