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MEDITATION IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK by Jon Kabat-Zinn, read by Jon Kabat-Zinn Discover an enlightening explanation of what meditation is—and what it is not. Author and narrator Jon Kabat-Zinn uses quiet encouragement to reveal that mediation is simpler and more fluid that many expect, and therefore less intimidating. He tells listeners that meditation is about awareness of mind and emotions, but not the content of those thoughts and emotions. Kabat-Zinn has written and narrated audiobooks about mindful eating, mindfulness at work, and mindfulness for beginners. Listen and be inspired to find peace and awareness this weekend.For more free audiobook recommendations, sign up for AudioFile Magazine’s newsletter on our website.On today’s episode are Jo Reed and AudioFile Magazine reviewer Jonathan Smith Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Befriending Your Mind, Befriending Your Life | Jon Kabat Zinn Befriending Your Mind, Befriending Your Life: Mindfulness and the Endless Adventure of Growing into Yourself, Jon Kabat-Zinn

This excerpt comes from Jon Kabat-Zinn's keynote presentation at the 2013 Bridging Hearts and Minds of Youth conference.
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"Mindfulness Ιn Everyday Life" Jon Kabat Zinn with Oprah Winfrey With the demands of modern times, it can be difficult to live a life that feels truly balanced. Scientist and author Jon Kabat-Zinn says mindfulness can be a vital tool in cutting through the noise of daily life. "What mindfulness is saying is [that you should] find your own way. Listen to your own heart," he says. "Listen to your own yearning. Because what we're really trying to do is live our life as if it really mattered."
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"Listening Is An Act of Love" with Jon Kabat Zinn Mindfull compassionate listening can be a tremendous gift to the person who is talking, and to ourselves. It helps us stay grounded in the present moment, and more fully receive the gift of another person sharing his or her experience with us.

Bestselling author and researcher Jon Kabat-Zinn explores how mindfulness-based stress reduction can help you to go beyond the self, to identify and alleviate suffering in others.
"Mindfulness as a Love Affair with Life" An Interview with Jon Kabat Zinn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) founder Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about what mindfulness is, what it isn't, and how we can use mindful techniques to improve our health and wellbeing.
"How the Brain Creates the Narratives of Your Life" ~ Jon Kabat Zinn Your brain creates all the narratives in your life, from fear to loneliness to anxiety, etc. But it's possible to train your brain through mindfulness to transcend its innate urge to storify everything.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, a respected medical researcher and professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, explains what years and years of study have taught us about the taming of the brain.
"What Meditation Really Is" Jon Kabat Zinn Jon Kabat-Zinn, a pioneer of scientific research on meditation, defines meditation as "living life as if it really mattered".
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