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Josh Fraser's Sporting Life Sam Edmund chats with the number 1 pick from 1999 National Draft, former Collingwood and Gold Coast ruckman Josh Fraser
NFT Chat with Origin CEO, Josh Fraser NFT Chat with Origin CEO, Josh Fraser
It&rsquo;s impossible to talk about blockchain these days without discussing NFTs. While we do another podcast specializing in the space called The Nifty Show, from time to time we like to make sure we do the NFT space justice and bring you a quality interview to Bad Crypto.
In episode 535, we are pleased to welcome Josh Fraser from Origin Protocol to the show to discuss 3lau, Charlie Bit Me, and more from the rapidly-growing NFT world. Let&rsquo;s demystify digital collectibles and decentralized marketplaces, and listen to some of your voicemails on this corny episode #535 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.
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#31 Josh Fraser: Insights from the former No.1 draft pick to coaching in the AFL Josh Fraser was the number 1 draft pick in the 1999 draft where we played over 200 games for the Collingwood Football Club and the Gold Coast Suns. Since 2014 he has been a coach in the AFL with the Gold Coast Suns and moved to the Carlton Football Club in 2016 to be a development coach and is the current coach of the Northern Bullants Fc. This episode we cover a lot of ground including his junior footy and how that set him up to be the #1 Pick. His coaching principals for better and more consistant performance, myths and mistakes in training, who he sees as a successful coach, a player that exceeded expectations and how they did it, favourite books and doco's and plenty more! Enjoy
ep 26 spray the field baby with josh fraser A catch up session. We spray the field. Tell stories and catch up. Get it


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EP 129. JOSH FRASER CJ chats with 1999 Number 1 Draft Pick for Collingwood Magpies, and former Gold Coast Suns RuckmanJOSH FRASER
Josh Fraser; Coach of Northern Bullants - VFL Football Returns Josh Fraser has stuck strong with the Northern Bullants after COVID-19 threatened to end the clubs 139 year existence. Staying on as head coach and garnering enough support means the club has survived and will play this weekend in the VFL when it resumes against Williamstown at Preston City Oval.
Conversations with Josh Fraser (Origin Protocol) What's going on everyone,


This is a very special episode! So much so that I waited up until 3AM just to begin recording it and have been patiently waiting to release it ever since!

Josh Fraser is the Co-Founder of Origin Protocol. A company created to enable decentralized commerce and finance and which uses the innovation of the Blockchain and Ethereum to do so. Whether it be through their products such as Dshop which is a decentralized and open source e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create an online store easily, to their stable coin Origin Dollar which is the first of it's kind to earn a yield while still in your wallet, they are pioneers in the Digital Art Renaissance.

For those unfamiliar with their work they are best known for being leaders in the NFT space from partnered releases with 3lau to Lupe Fiasco to Jake Paul to Ryan Tedder!

A fun side note is they also have the Origin Token (OGN) which is an incentivize token that "ensures the health and growth of the network" and at the time of our recording was not yet listed on Coinbase. That has since changed and it marks the first time occurrence on Living with Will that we have ever manifested a coin listing. 


I'm incredibly proud of the work they are doing and to be able to introduce you all to Josh and his company is an honor and a pleasure and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do!

You can learn more about Josh's work with Origin Protocol at


Welcome back to another week of Living with Will!
Northern Bullants coach Josh Fraser (14.4.21) On rebuilding the club, returning to the Bullants name, the former AFL players on the list, interstate travel for reserve sides and more.
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