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S628: What Every Exhausted Christian Leader Needs to Hear // Josh Patterson, The Village Church Has the last year and a half left you exhausted? Are you wondering if you have the energy necessary to lead your team or organization? Well today, listen in on my conversation with a highly respected leader about the importance of a deep, interior life and rich relationship that will enhance your spiritual leadership. The past year and a half has been a very difficult time for many leaders in ministry as well as in business.  We’ve seen that many leaders are just exhausted.  In fact, large numbers of leaders have retired years before they planned because they have run out of gas leading through the pandemic.    Is this how you feel?  Are you exhausted and running out of energy as you try to lead your teams and organization?    Today, we are going to explore this conversation with one of our good friends and a highly respected ministry leader.  I’m delighted to welcome in Josh Patterson, Lead Pastor of The Village Church in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Josh, it’s great to visit with you. Welcome to the Flourishing Culture Podcast.  Find full show notes here Share the love. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate it on Apple Podcasts and write a brief review.  By doing so, you will help spread our podcast to more listeners, and thereby help more Christian workplaces learn to build flourishing cultures. Follow our Host, Al Lopus, on Twitter Follow our Host, Al Lopus, on LinkedIn Email our host at
Josh Patterson In this episode of RunPod, Jenni is joined by relatively new runner and reality star, Josh Patterson.
JP is known well for his time in ‘Made in Chelsea’ but is gaining a new following of runners due to his might impressive recent challenges.
Although Josh only started running in the last 2 years, he’s already pushed himself to the absolute limit.
Not many of us would be able to run continuously for 24 hours but Josh can, and by the way he might well make you want to rise to the challenge too.
What’s most impressive about JP is that he’s new to running yet has already achieved more than most of us. In saying this, his reason to run is entirely inspiring and will inevitably motivate you to keep you going whilst out.
Enjoy. Happy running!
203 - Open and Relational Theology with Josh Patterson! Greetings, Congregation! Well, you asked for it, I deliver! After a great response from 2 episodes ago, the congregation wanted to hear more about this "open theology", I called Josh up and we dove head first into it! You'll have to listen to fully grasp it, and I'm still wrestling with it myself, but Josh lays out a pretty convincing and comprehensive view of what exactly Open and Relational Theology is.
Listen to Josh more on (Re)Thinking Faith podcast wherever you listen!
In the Trenches 42 - Shea Patterson, Josh Metellus, Butch Woolfolk With Spring Practice on the horizon, Jon welcomes Shea Patterson (19:15) and Josh Metellus (25:00) to the show. He also discusses Michigan's upcoming Pro Day, breaks down the importance of Spring Practice and catches up with former Wolverines great Butch Woolfolk.
Ep 53: 7 Life Lessons Learned From a Ironman Triathlons w/ Greg Patterson & Josh Greg is the CEO of The Advisory Group of San Francisco, an independent financial advisory firm that manages $1BN in assets and celebrates over 20 years of helping clientssecure financial independence. In his role as Senior Advisor, Greg works with leaders at “companies who care” to make financial wellness part of their culture, improve their bottom line and increase retirement readiness among employees. Greg is passionate about leading his team to deliver life-changing financial advice to the firm’s high-performing, high net worth clients so they can focus on what matters most and learn how to... Go the distanceGreg trained for and completed a full Ironman Triathlon, and then qualified for a spot in the Kona World Championships at age 50. Along the way, he learned many valuable lessons that apply not only to endurance sports but also to Wealth & Life strategy.  In this episode, he shares the 7 lessons learned from Ironman triathlons to make Wealth & Life success easier.Greg believes life is an endurance event, and that you have to “go long.” With the right clarity, plan and support impossible goals can be made possible. His family is his inspiration, and triathlons keep him moving!----Learn More about Greg and his mission!Resource page set up for Playing Injured listeners: with Greg on Linkedin and let him know the value you gained from the show! Support the show (,
201 - Drug Policy, Open Theology, and going from Pastor to Bartender with Josh Patterson! Greetings, Congregation! This episode was incredible to make, and I hope it brings you as much joy. Josh Patterson from the (Re)Thinking Faith podcast comes on the show again to talk about, well, just about everything! The boys discuss current drug laws and where the fall short, Jed gives some history with Nazis and Methamphetamine, then they dive into the real deep end- open theoly, leaving the church, being a former pastor, and experiencing God. It's quite a lot to take in. Find Josh's show wherever you listen to podcasts.
Josh Patterson on Dealing with Depression Josh Patterson is an entrepreneur, mental health advocate, fitness enthusiast, and father, and you might just know him from Made in Chelsea!Josh joins Anna to chat stigma around mental health and depression, how fitness has saved him, becoming a father and poo tales.Listen by clicking ‘Play’, subscribe on iTunes and please do rate and review to help spread the word. Look out for new episodes every Tuesday and Friday and keep the conversation going.@BreakingMadPod. ****BUY NOW 'Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider's Guide to Parenting Anxiety' Find Josh:Instagram: @joshuapatterson_jpTwitter: @josh__jp  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Fatherhood Field Notes EP154 w/ Josh Patterson: Showing up for your Family Josh Patterson is an intentional Husband, Father, and Business Owner.  He is a growth-minded human being on a journey to be the best version of himself as he loves and serves his family well.  He runs an incredible outdoor technical gear brand called Off the Grid.
143 - Theology Doesn't Suck! with Josh Patterson! Greetings, congregation! Jed's fighting a mean stomach bug this week..but fear not, life goes on. New friend of the Pod Josh Patterson has a show called 'theology doesn't suck' and after the interview, i'm inclined to agree with him! Jed gets a chance to ask all manner of questions, like why christianity? what about other religions? whats atonement theory? why did Jesus die? how do you experience God? and much, much more. It was a fantastic conversation, and i hope you enjoy!
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