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196: Josh Volk on Compact Farms 196: Josh Volk on Compact Farms. Making the most from small farms for the best viability.  Josh is the author of Compact Farms by Storey Press in February 2017. He is the proprietor of Slow Hand Farm in Portland, Oregon, and has been working on and managing small farms around the country for the last 20 years, studying the systems that make them efficient. He travels in the United States and abroad, consulting with farmers and researchers, teaching farm apprentices and new farmers, presenting workshops at agricultural conferences, and writing articles for publications, including Growing for Market magazine.  Josh didn’t come from a farming background. He grew up on the edges of cities and his parents had vegetable gardens that he mostly ignored. When he went away to college and started cooking for himself, he became more interested in where his food came from and how to grow it. That interest grew, inspired by books on small-scale food production. There weren’t many writers on that topic then, and it wasn’t so long ago. In this podcast: Josh talks with Greg to explain his concept of making small farms the most productive and his background really helps give him an edge for understanding and explaining this to our listeners.   Go to for more information, photos and links on this podcast and to our other great guests.
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44. Josh Volk on Small-Scale Farm Profitability In this episode, I talk to Josh Volk who's been involved in farming and urban agriculture for over 20 years. He's a former mechanical engineer turned farmer and is the author of several farming books. We talk about a range of subjects including what makes small scale farming work, ergonomics, tools, labor, CSA, and urban agriculture. You'll also hear: >> Josh's journey from mechanical engineering to farming >> A discussion of farm finances and why Josh uses dollars per labor hour as a benchmark >> How different farming systems can work in various climates, geographies, markets, etc. >> How ergonomics is about people's health wellbeing and how fast they can do a task >> Wash/pack efficiencies including proper lighting >> A discussion about urban agriculture and small scale tools About the Guest: Josh Volk is an urban farmer and the author of the book, “Compact Farms: 15 Proven Plans for Market Farms on 5 Acres or Less”. He has applied his background in mechanical engineering and interest in community food security to his own farming systems and has worked with farms around the country and abroad to help improve their sustainability and viability through ecological and equitable practices, sharing information he’s gleaned over more than two decades in the field. For the past 12 years, he has intentionally been farming part-time and spending the balance of his time to help other farmers.
Episode 181: Josh Volk Josh Volk been farming in the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and California for the past 15 years since branching out from his start in mechanical engineering and home gardening. He has been a regular contributor to Growing For Market, writing about farm tools, and also works to develop tools for small farms through his Farm Hand Carts project. Currently he is managing vegetable production at Our Table, a startup farm cooperative outside of Portland, OR. He also teaches workshops on vegetable production and consults around the US and in Canada under his old farm name, Slow Hand Farm. In his spare time maintains the informational website and is an active participant in several NW farmer networks. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

“The creative part [of Farm Hand Carts] is really interesting and really exciting to me.” [24:10]
–Josh Volk on Greenhorns Radio
106: Josh Volk of Slow Hand Farm on Compact Farms and Part-Time Farming Josh Volk is, most recently, the author of Compact Farms, a new, illustrated guide for anyone dreaming of starting, expanding, or perfecting a profitable farm enterprise on five acres or less. Compact Farms includes in-depth interviews with fifteen small farms about the systems and tools that make them tick. With over twenty years of experience working on and managing small farms around the country, Josh currently works part time at Cully Neighborhood Farm in Portland, Oregon, as well as providing consulting to farmers, presenting workshops at agricultural conferences, and writing. In this episode, Josh provides insights into what makes a small farm work. We discuss the importance of automation and good systems, and good systems to manage the automation. Josh also shares his perspective on how limiting hours and scale helps to increase focus and productivity, as well as avoiding burnout. We also discuss Josh’s experiences as a part-time farmer, his own Slow Hand Farm, where he farmed without any fossil-fueled equipment, and his comprehensive planning and record-keeping system. Perennial support for the Farmer to Farmer Podcast is generously provided by Vermont Compost Company and BCS America. Pictures, show links, and more at
396. Diversity is your Insurance Policy | Build Your Own Farm Tools Author | Josh Volk | Portland Oregon Josh's websiteSlow Hand FarmDewit Tools Swans Neck Hoe’s take a minute to thank our sponsors and affiliate linksWanna donate to the show! You can "buy me a cup of coffee" where your donation goes directly to support the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast to help pay for things like hosting the mp3 files or maintaining the website.[gallery ids="137595,137597,137596" type="rectangular"]Growers & CoAsk Your questions here Good Seed CompanyNow Let’s Get to the Root of Things! We’d love if you’d join Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook Community!Get Your Copy of the The Organic Oasis Guidebook!Twelve Lessons designed to help you create an earth friendly landscape, some deep garden beds full of nutrient rich healthy food or perhaps even develop a natural market farm.Get a copy on today printed in the USA from AmazonThe Organic Gardener Podcast is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.comIf you like what you heard on the Organic Gardener Podcast we’d love it if you’d give us review and hopefully a 5 star rating on iTunes so other gardeners can find us and listen to. Just click on the link here.and don’t forget if you need help getting started check out our new Free Garden Free Organic Garden Course <img alt="Organic Gardening Podcast Group" src="https://mikesgreengard