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#136: Lost And Found Along The Way; "JunkYard-Dog-Like-Kindness" (Episode #5) W Deacon Willie #136 : Lost And Found Along The Way; &quot;JunkYard-Dog-Like-Kindness&quot; (Episode #5) W Deacon Willie&quot;Camino pilgrims spend 30 plus days walking. It&apos;s exhausting and not without ache and pain. In spite of the suffering, there are those who exhibit outrageous kindness. Such acts inspire our pilgrimage to grow more kind with others. Maybe inspire us to fight for kindness like a Junkyard dog.&quot;--Deacon WillieDeacon Willies Website and Book Order: &quot;Lost and Found Along the Way&quot;Don&apos;t forget to sign up for our Newsletter!!  JPll Renewal Center email listPlease consider being a Sponsor of the show! Email me with questions!Pray the Rosary Every Day! See Podcast #&apos;s 118, 119, 120, and 121... Praying the Rosary together! Children and FamiliesContact Jack: BWYR Podcast is a production of the John Paul ll Renewal Center or email him at info@jp2renew.orgSupport the show (
Getting through creative blocks: Vision, deadlines, limitations, junkyard dogs and more! James and Harry sit down to discuss overcoming their current struggles with creative blocks finishing their current album, and come up with some gems/strategies for all you creatives out there!
Listen for:
- How James writes songs
- How Harry creates drum parts, videos and artwork
- Vision - or make it up as you go?
- Advice on how to set deadlines and limitations to jumpstart your creativity
- Other random tangents!
Some real gems in there today!
Jerome "Junkyard Dog" Williams On His Time With The Raptors, BIG3 & More Jerome "Junkyard Dog" Williams joins this week's show as we talk about life getting back to normal (0:00), his experience playing against Michael Jordan (1:41), the story of him being traded to Toronto (4:21), his career and favourite moments in Toronto (8:22), where his nickname originated from (12:30), the NBA's return/the Raptors (18:05), his time with the BIG3 (21:57) and what he's up to nowadays (24:12). We then end with some fun rapid fire questions (28:10).


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EBD165 Life Lessons From A Junkyard Dog Sometimes we just get so caught up in the drama, urgencies, to-do lists, and life’s responsibilities that we forget what’s truly important. We can even get lost in an idea of how our dogs are supposed to be. We fixate on how they’re meant to look and behave without even realizing that it’s all down to choice. In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy takes you through a simple way to change your perspective on life in general, but more specifically, with your relationship with your dog. Kathy shares some stories from members of the Brilliant Partners Academy on how they learned to “join up” with their dogs rather than try to control them. In this episode: Why you need to “join up” with your dog rather than control them How to stay focused on “the main thing” Why connection with your dog is so important Read the blog post on this topic. Quotes: “When we're available for connection, magical stuff happens.” “Rather than try to convince our dogs or campaign for our dog's attention, how about sometimes we just join up with our dogs?” Want More of Kathy? Brilliant Partners Academy Dancing Hearts Dog Academy Website Facebook Community To read the blog post on this topic and to explore other episodes, click here.
Junkyard Dog The guys get together and discuss JYD.&nbsp;


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Now Entering the Rumble #6: Akeem, Junkyard Dog, Ax & Smash Aaron & JT are Now Entering the Rumble... and so are you!

In this episode, the boys break down every Royal Rumble match appearance by Akeem, Junkyard Dog, Ax & Smash. They discuss how they are presented, how effective they were in each outing, any connective throughlines in how they work each match and much more. They also rank each outing on their all time performance list.

Buckle up and join us for the ride... because it's time to rumble!
Junkyard Dogs (Cast Iron Theatre Podcast; Episode 56) We chat to Laura Chatburn of Junkyard Dogs about running a theatre, café and event space, Brighton Fringe 2019 and making the dream of having your own venue a reality.

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Listener discretion advised – MAY CONTAIN SWEARING!


6th March - Not Just The Companion:

23rd March - One Woman Alien – Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne:

30th March - Dead Cat Bounce – Printers Playhouse, Eastbourne:

Cast Iron Theatre:
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First Black Champ - The Oral History Of The Junkyard Dog w/ Jonathan Hood WE GOT MASKS, HOE!!! But more importantly than that we have one of the greatest oral history episodes to date! Our very special guest, Jonathan Hood makes an appearance this episode and we talk about the life, time and impact of The Junkyard Dog! Prepare to be educated on one of our unquestionable black G.O.A.T's in the world of professional wrestling on this week's #FBCPod! #TeamFBC

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