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Vurbl People Audio Intro Listen to this compilation of insightful interviews, quotes, commentary, news, and more surrounding some of the most well-known public figures. You can also use Vurbl's snippet tool to clip and share your favorite moments with friends, family, and audio creators.
Keeping Virginia Wild and Green: An interview with Katie Keller of Wild Virginia In this episode we interview Katie Keller, one of the many behind Wild Virginia. Find out how her love for the outdoors has taken her from the Potomac River, to the Appalachian Mountains. Now as part of Wild Virginia's publicity team she's helping protect Virginia's natural beauty and the wildlife that inhabits it. If you've ever wondered what it takes to truly protect the world we live in, this one's for you! Tweet us and let us know what you think of this episode! @illuminecollect
Getting spiritual with Katie Wilde Talking to the real witch of Wakefield about all things witchy, spiritual and enegry based hope you enjoy.
Katie Wilde on supporting your team's mental health In Episode 9 of Lead Time Chats, Jean Hsu, VP of Engineering at Range, chats with Katie Wilde, VP of Engineering at Buffer and co-author of "The Holloway Guide to Remote Work," about supporting your team's mental health — and your own — in what feels like this final pandemic stretch.Jean and Katie discuss: The difficulty of sitting with a sense of hope, and how this last stretch can actually seem more intolerable than the last year in a pandemicDebugging when you’re feeling out of whack at work with the BICEPS frameworkZoom fatigue and why Kate suggests you might consider lying down on a couch for your next 1:1!Work-appropriate ways to start conversations about mental health, including stoplight (red/yellow/green) check-insHow managers can ensure they have emotional support through external or internal peer or professional support.Unconventional ways to find social connection in a pandemic — i.e. internet friends!
4 Steps to Remote Success: Hiring, Decision Making, Collaborating and Managing with Katie Wilde, VP of Engineering at Buffer In episode 38, Katie Wilde tells us what hiring and onboarding look like for an all-remote team.
Katie Wilde is the Vice President of Engineering at Buffer.
As an Engineering Leader, Katie is guided by two missions: crafting productive teams and delivering a world-class software product.
In today’s episode, we talk to Katie about her early days at Buffer and her experience working in a holacracy environment (a system where there are no assigned roles).
We also explore the concepts of defined management and deliberate feedback – and the impact both things can have on our teams. Lastly, we talk about what hiring and onboarding look like in a remote company and the unique approach that Buffer takes with potential candidates!
Tune in to hear all about GUEST’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
Episode 7 - Craving It All by Kati Wilde Welcome to Read Smut, the podcast that reads and reviews Romance and Erotica. We’re your hosts, Faith, Katie, and Meg. We are joined by our illustrious sound engineer and editor, Kelsey.
In this episode, we discuss peaches, breastfeeding, and sleeping on the floor. Also, we are terribly sorry, Rufus Wainwright.


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#3 A wild Katie appears! First appearance of our friend Katie. We discuss Dragon Ball Z, Star Trek and have a long rant on cheese.
Episode 5 "A Wild Katie Appears" The Garage Gang inducts our newest member, Katie from the Podcast. We talk about The Cramps. We deep dive Behind The Mask, The Stuff and Street Trash.
65: Grow Wild with Katy Bowman Today I’m here with Katy Bowman talking about the role of movement in growing wild. Katy is a biomechanist, author, speaker, and a leader in the movement movement. We go over stacking needs, culture, clothing, cooking, the home environment, learning, activities, and alloparents. Get the full show notes at
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