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Buddycast with Kevin Fagan On this episode of Buddycast, we chat with our new buddy Kevin Fagan cartoonist and creator of the hilarious strip Drabble. Hear all about his work and more all right here on Buddycast! #gobesomeonesbuddy


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Kevin Fagan on the heart behind The Doodler podcast | Total SF Total SF co-host Peter Hartlaub talks with Kevin Fagan about The Doodler, a new documentary podcast from Ugly Duckling films, featuring an unsolved case about a serial murderer in San Francisco. The second half of the episode features an introduction to the podcast.Produced by Peter Hartlaub. Cable car bell-ringing by eight-time champion Byron Cobb Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
S4E00: (Special) Kevin Fagan Talks "The Doodler" Welcome to the soft launch of Storied: San Francisco, Season 4! We love catching up with friends and past guests of the show. For Kevin Fagan (S1E13), we were kinda blown away by what he's been up to, though we probably shouldn't be surprised. In San Francisco in 1974 and '75, there was a serial killer on the loose. His MO was to sketch or doodle his victims in public—in cafes, bars, and the like. The drawings then served as an "in" with his targets. Police believe he killed at least five men in the spree, with the potential for more. Kevin shares with us how he came to the story of the Doodler, set to debut as an eight-part serial podcast hosted by Kevin today (Parts 1 and 2 should be available wherever you get your podcasts). Check back here Thursday for an excerpt from "The Doodler" podcast. We recorded this special podcast on Zoom in March 2021. Photography by Michelle Kilfeather
Kevin Fagan on Hunting The Doodler He's covered the Zodiac, the Unabomber and others. Now, Kevin Fagan turns his attention to a forgotten serial killer who preyed on San Francisco's gay community in the '70s for The Chronicle's new true-crime miniseries, The Doodler. He talks to Demian Bulwa about the investigation and plays an excerpt from Episode 1. | Unlimited Chronicle access: Follow The Doodler: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ep. 13, Part 3: Kevin Fagan's Song for Jill May It's fair to say that homelessness is Kevin Fagan's favorite beat. The veteran SF Chronicle reporter was the only beat reporter in the U.S. covering homelessness full-time from 2003 to 2006. It was during that time that he met Jill May. Episode 13, Part 3 is all about Jill. Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather
Ep. 13, Part 1: Kevin Fagan's Coverage of the 2017 Wine Country Wild Fires In October 2017, a series of wild fires swept through parts of Napa, Sonoma, Solano, and Mendocino counties, claiming the lives of many residents, leveling houses and business structures, displacing families, and killing livestock and other animals. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Kevin Fagan, who had already covered many disasters in addition to writing prize-winning stories about the homeless population in the city, was sent to cover the conflagration up north. In this episode of Storied: San Francisco, Kevin will describe what it was like to be on the front lines of that disaster. He will talk about being there to get a story, and how the same was true for a murder scene he once visited in the city. Check back next week for parts 2 and 3 of Kevin's podcast, when he will talk about covering homeless people in the city. Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather
Ep. 13, Part 2: Kevin Fagan's Story About a San Francisco Homeless Veteran In 2003, San Francisco Chronicle editors put Kevin Fagan and a photographer on the streets, literally, to live among the homeless population in order to really capture what that life was like. In this episode, Part 2 of a three-part podcast, Kevin will talk about life on the streets of San Francisco, specifically right around the time of Super Bowl 50, in early 2016. Around 350 homeless people moved from the foot of Market Street, where a makeshift party area was constructed for the football game, to the area under the 101 onramp, on Division Street. It was there that he and a photographer, Lea Suzuki, met Kathy Gray, a transgender Army veteran. Today's episode is all about Kathy's journey. Here is Kevin and Lea's latest story about Kathy (and other homeless people from Division Street): No easy path to ending tent cities Check back Thursday for Part 3 of Kevin's podcast. Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather
Zooming In, Zooming Out: Interview with Kevin Fagan (San Francisco Chronicle) & Tim Miller (Political Strategist, Author) In the top half of the show, Larry speaks with Kevin Fagan, a veteran San Francisco Chronicle reporter, about California’s homeless population and how cities are caring for a vulnerable population during the COVID-19 pandemic.In the second half, Larry chats with Tim Miller, a political strategist and author, about his recent article in The Bulwark “The Ten Weeks That Lost the War: A Timeline of How Trump Lied, Bungled and Screwed America in the COVID-19 Crisis”.Episode first aired on May 21, 2020 on KVON 1440AM in Napa, California.
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