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I'm Always Right Sports Podcast
Listen to the some of the biggest name in sports from across the country talking about all the biggest stories from around all the major sports leagues such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB! Here from such names as Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Rob Mendyka, Pat McAfee, the stars of Busted Open Radio and more! Continue Reading >> Listen to the some of the biggest name in sports from across the country talking about all the biggest stories from around all the major sports leagues such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB! Here from such names as Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Rob Mendyka, Pat McAfee, the stars of Busted Open Radio and more! << Show Less
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PMS 2.0 590 - CHAMPIONSHIP OVERREACTION MONDAY, Ian Rapoport, Darius Butler, Peter Schrager, & AJ Hawk On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys chat about this weekend's insane Conference Championship games with Joe Burrow and the Bengals continuing their improbable run to the Super Bowl after their upset over the Chiefs in Kansas City, and Matthew Stafford finally getting over the hump and getting the Rams to the Super Bowl in LA, as well as what it means for the Chiefs as the Bengals defense stifled Patrick Mahomes in the second half after their offense looked unstoppable in the 1st half, what's next for Jimmy G and the 49ers, and more. Joining the program to chat about the story that Tom Brady is retiring and how that process works, what he's hearing about coach openings in the NFL and who we can expect to see get hired next, what he's heard about Aaron Rodgers' meetings in Green Bay, and more (29:32-51:52). Next, Darius Butler joins the progrum to overreact to everything that happened in the games this weekend, why he thinks the Bengals are so tough, the Rams potentially giving them problems in two weeks, and more (1:19:54-1:36:42). Lastly, co-host of Good Morning Football, NFL Insider for FOX, Peter Schrager joins the show to chat about if he's had any conversations with Sean McVay, what he see's for Sean McVay moving forward, if Jimmy G has thrown his last pass as a 49ers QB, what he's hearing about the different coaching vacancies in the NFL, and who he thinks is going to win the Super Bowl (1:37:52-1:58:08). Make sure you subscribe to and listen every day on Mad Dog Radio, Sirius XM Channel 82. We appreciate you all for listening, come and laugh with us, cheers.
I'm Always Right Ep. 167 Ep. 167 of the I'm Always Right Sports Podcast! On this weeks show, we preview Super Bowl 56 and predict the winner, we also talk the Senior Bowl and some common mock draft scenarios for the Lions, and we check in on both the Red Wings and Pistons as they enter the back halves of their respective seasons!
210. Colin's AFC/NFC Champ. Reaction and RGIII on Mahomes Meltdown, Burrow Rise, Jimmy G's Fail, Stafford/OBJ Impact Colin reacts to Patrick Mahomes' meltdown in the Chiefs loss to Joe Burrow and the Bengals (3:00), and then the Rams win over the 49ers, what it says about Matthew Stafford and Odell Beckham Jr., and why it spells the end of Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco (8:00). Then former NFL QB and ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III joins Colin to discuss Sean McVay's impact with the Rams (15:00), if the 49ers should move off of Jimmy G (24:00), what went wrong with Mahomes (28:00), why Joe Burrow's youth is actually an advantage (30:00), what they expect from the Bengals-Rams Super Bowl (34:00), and how Aaron Rodgers is turning into Brett Favre (36:00), and what he saw from Matt LaFleur when he worked with him in Washington (41:00).Make sure to Subscribe and follow Colin and The Volume on Twitter for the latest content and updates and check out FanDuel for the best wagering and daily fantasy action! Learn more about your ad-choices at
John Cena, Georgia’s National Title, Coach Firings & Bring Your Lunch Pail W/ Jersey Jerry Calling all the dawgs. The Georgia Bulldogs win the National title and we recap Monday’s incredible game. Coach Firings in the NFL plus we taped this before Joe Judge was fired and say dumb things about how smart it would be to keep him around(00:01:57-00:33:37). Hot Seat/Cool Throne(00:33:37-00:51:14). John Cena joins the show to talk about his new show Peacemaker, big cat’s belly button, acting, wrestling, and the recent loss of his close friend(00:51:14-01:24:54). We finish the show with Jersey Jerry and bring your lunch pail/guys on chicks(01:24:54-01:46:04).
Full Show (Georgia wins the CFP National Championship, MVP: Rodgers vs. Brady, Brian Flores fired, Lakers) Listen & subscribe to more FOX Sports podcasts: Georgia wins the CFP National Championship21:44 Dak Prescott38:44 MVP debate: Brady vs. Rodgers57:02 Brian Flores fired1:08:00 Antonio Brown1:19:33 Baker Mayfield1:32:04 Bryce Young1:40:01 Russell Westbrook trade interest1:49:23 Chauncey Billups on Kyrie Irving1:53:54 Grizzlies/Warriors Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Greatest Almost-Tie, Comeback Niners, Choking Colts, Sloppy Pats, and Round 1 Lines With Cousin Sal The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Raiders’ overtime win vs. the Chargers, the 49ers’ comeback win over the Rams, the Jaguars’ upset win over the Colts, and more (1:59). Then, to close the regular season they ask “Is this it?” for Russell Wilson in Seattle, Carson Wentz as a starting QB, Trevor Lawrence bust-talk, and more (41:29), before guessing the lines for Round 1 of the NFL playoffs (1:02:00). They close the show with Parent Corner (1:22:35).Host: Bill SimmonsGuest: Cousin SalProducer: Kyle Crichton Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Episode 304: Hulk Hogan 87-90 Megasode On this episode of Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, Bruce shares his stories and experiences with the immortal Hulk Hogan. From the height of Hulkamania to everything in-between Bruce and Conrad cover it all in this over six hour long MEGASODE.NHTSA - It can happen easily. A few drinks become a few too many. It’s time to go and you think of calling for a ride home. Nahh, what’s the worst that can happen? You get pulled over? Youlose your license? You total your car? You kill someone? Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.GEICO - Do you own or rent your home? Sure you do! And it’s hard work. But you know what’s easy? Bundling with GEICO. Go to, get a quote, and see how much YOU could save. It’s GEICO-easy! CREDIT KARMA - Whether you’re refinancing credit card debt or paying for an upcoming expense, Credit Karma uses your credit data to show you fresh personal loan offers that are personalized to you. Ready to apply? Head to Credit to see personalized offers with your Approval Odds right now.LEGACY - If you've experienced a loss of motivation, energy or sex drive, or if you're noticing that you're a little softer around the middle than you used to be, it could be that your testosterone levels have dropped. Don't settle for average, man up at and use code WRESTLE for an additional 10% off your entire order. DOOR DASH - For a limited time, our listeners can get 25% off and zero delivery fees on their first order of $15 or more, when you download the DoorDash app and enter code WRESTLE.BLUECHEW - Bluechew gives you confidence in bed every time. Visit and get your first order free when use promo code WRESTLE. Just pay $5 shipping!STANCE - Stance believes that the perfect fit matters more than fitting in. That those who feel good, do good. Go see for yourself. Register for an account at and get 15% off your first purchase. Use promo code WRESTLE at checkout to apply. Enjoy the color and comfort of a life less ordinary… with Stance.ERIC AND JEFF LIVE - For the first time ever, WWE Hall of Famers Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett will do a podcast SUPER SHOW together on stage to bring you stories they can't share on the podcast! Hear the stories they can't tell on the air and better yet - ASK THEM ANYTHING YOU WANT! Is Jeff starting a promotion? What does Eric REALLY think of AEW? Is Jeff even on speaking terms with Dixie? Buckle up, this is going to be fun!VIP Guests will get early access to claim the best seats in the house, a special piece of swag you can't buy anywhere else, pictures with both guys, an autographed 8x10, plus both guys will sign any item of your choosing! The VIP Meet and Greet starts at 2:00 PM and will finish before the main show begins at 3:00 PM.* DOORS FOR VIP OPEN AT 2:00 PM* DOORS FOR GA OPEN at 2:45 PM* SHOWTIME is 3:00PM - 5:00PMConcessions, including alcohol, will be available.The Royal Rumble event starts at 6:30 PM (per Ticketmaster) and is just 2.4 miles away from the historic South Broadway Athletic Club in St. Louis! So attendees will have 90 minutes to travel just 2.4 miles before the pre-show starts. TIX AVAILABLE NOW AT www.JeffAndEricLive.comIf you have credit card debt or in a 30 year loan? Well, can help you get out of that pinch and save money at the same time! Head over to for a quick quote. Bruce joins Conrad's four other host at, the largest collection of wrestling legends on one channel.If you want to promote your business on Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard it's easy! Fill out a quick form telling us about your business and what you'd like to do over at