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Classic Replay: The historical Jesus – Philip Pullman, Anthony McRoy and Martin Saunders In prominent atheist author Philip Pullman’s ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’, he re-imagines the story of Jesus as the story of two twins - one called Jesus, the other Christ. It is the twin Christ who writes the history of Jesus, turning him into the God-man of the Gospels.

Philip Pullman joins Justin Brierley to discuss whether we should believe the biblical stories of Jesus as historical fact or whether myth and invention are inevitable in the 2,000 year old Gospel accounts.

Christian journalist Martin Saunders engages Pullman on his view of the Church and his scepticism of the miraculous, while Bible Scholar Anthony McRoy challenges Pullman's view that the Gospels are the product of the mythologising and interpretation of its historical core. He particularly takes issue with Pullman's recasting of the resurrection as a fabricated trick to create the foundation of the future church.

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Matt speaks to Martin Saunders, Director of Property Point Martin Saunders has been running his business Property Point for five years. In that time, he's worked on about 20 different projects in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
10: Martin Saunders: Youth Ministry is for Life! Our special guest today is on the cutting edge of youth ministry in the UK.

His career started as a budding journalist, destined for a life in mainstream media, however things took a dramatic turn after a significant encounter with Jesus.

In this interview Martin Saunders, reaffirms his public commitment to remain in youth ministry until he is forced out kicking and screaming.

An awesome interview with a man who has not only written books on youth ministry but also is the CEO of one of the largest christian youth organisations in the UK. Martin really has his finger on the pulse of youth ministry. With no punches pulled, this is one not to be missed.
133: Review DuBois-Joyce, Tyson-Jones Jr. event, Jacobs-Rosado, Preview Spence-Garcia, BJ Saunders-Martin Murray This week the team review Joe Joyce's win over Daniel DuBois; the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. event; Danny Jacobs' split win over Gabe Rosado; a preview of Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia on FOX PPV; and much more. Follow the show on social (@TheLastRound12) and listen on podcast platforms:Podcast Platforms:
Masculinity, millennials and materialism (aka the return of Martin Saunders) Long-time listeners of the Premier Christianity podcast will no doubt have fond memories of our former cultural commentator and all-round funny guy Martin Saunders. Well, he’s back this week with a brand new book The Man You’re Made To Be (SPCK). In this episode, Martin talks to Sam Hailes about banter, Twitter, mental health, Jesus, (not) watching women’s football and the Swedish method of Bible reading.
Fight Knights: UFC Fighters Ben Saunders, Tony Martin On this edition of “Fight Knights” Anthony Walker and Jules Cowen returned to the Sherdog Radio Network for the first time in 2017. On this episode Walker and Cowen chat with UFC fighters Ben Saunders and Tony Martin ahead of their bouts later this month. They also share their thoughts on UFC 207 and what might be next for former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey following her loss to Amanda Nunes last Friday.
EP 20: Billy is back (Billy Joe Saunders vs Martin Murray) The notable fights of Billy Joe and Martin Murray. Can Martin Murray really pull this off?
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