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Vurbl People Audio Intro Listen to this compilation of insightful interviews, quotes, commentary, news, and more surrounding some of the most well-known public figures. You can also use Vurbl's snippet tool to clip and share your favorite moments with friends, family, and audio creators.
STAY OFF THE WEED(Ft. Matt,Raymond,Eric,Matt,Dre) NFL: Rams vs Chiefs predictions, MVP talk, Whats the next team to take Le'Veon, & Much More
NBA: Jimmy Butler trade and its impact, Dallas destroying Utah, and More.
MLB: Recap of World Series, what should the dodgers do? Where do these big named FA land? And much More
Live Leadership Lessons from The FRONT with guest Matt Raymond This week my guest is the amazing and ever humble, Matt Raymond! Matt is a boots-on-the-ground leader working within the Auto Industry as the BDC Director of the Team Auto Group. Matt was many years in law enforcement which gave him a multitude of skills in working with the public. After law enforcement, he has 10 years in the auto industry and has become a well-respected member of the automotive community, an amazing leader, and industry expert in many areas within the dealership. Make sure and check out this great addition to the “Live Leadership Lesson Series” --- Matt is truly one of the most genuine and real leaders you will ever meet! He embodies the attitude of servitude and really wants his people to succeed. He even made the comment that he would love to see them go on to a level of success so that they could be in his position! When I asked him about his favorite three characteristics of a good leader, he had a simple and to the point response. First, Matt said, "Let me tell you more than a good leader, this is what GREAT leaders possess: They must have a servant's heart. Do the things that they expect of others. Lead by example. Operate with integrity. This was overall a really great interview! We even talked about unicorns... and the unicorn perspective on leadership... seriously! One of my favorite quotes that Matt shared is this: "You can delegate responsibility, you can't delegate accountability." ~Matt Raymond We talked about so many other great aspects of leadership. Being a coach, a mentor, a leader and SO many more! Tune in and check it out! --- The best way is to connect with Matt is through Facebook. He did say that they are getting ready to open a third store... but if you message him, he'd love to hear from you and help you grow! Thanks for watching and listening to the show! Download This Episode Now! --- “Live Leadership Lessons from The FRONT” are live interviews with people that are known for their performance, work ethic, character, integrity, business skill sets, and of course their leadership skills. These are the experts to tune in and learn from! We hope you’ve enjoyed the show! Each podcast is a 15-30 minute live interview. Thanks for listening!
Mike Trout: Worst Angel of All Time? Ft. DeTrinidad, Matt, Raymond, VT Zay and Bryan are joined on the panel by @DeTrinidadJames, @matty_gee8, @_RaymondFranko, and @victortelles_ to discuss MLB top 100 list. 
WE give our full review and insight on the MLB TOP 100 list and what we feel of their rankings. 


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Gina Vensel & Matt Raymond of Sensi Mag PGH - Start The Beat #267 Gina Vensel & Matt Raymond are the awesome people who have recently brought Sensi Mag to Pittsburgh and we had an insightful conversation about the magazine and the evolution of pro-cannabis lifestyles into the mainstream. Sit back, relax and let's Start The Beat! ALSO AVAILABLE ON:Spotify · Apple · Google · Stitcher · YouTube · Instagram · Facebook
Matt Raymond Freelance sports illustrator and designer Matt Raymond joins me on this episode to discuss his involvement in football. We also particularly talk about Women's Football and about Matt's love for Hibernian FC. 

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Episode 42: Comedian Matt Raymond Sacramento comedian, Matt Raymond, stops by the studio to talk to Junior and Leo about his new show happening at the Sacramento Comedy Spot December through February, as well as being a young stand-up, and how he got his start.
Episode 118: Comedian Matt Raymond Matt Raymond returns! When we last had Matt on, he hadn't even been doing stand-up for an entire year yet, but had just won a competition that granted him the opportunity to book at least three shows at the Sacramento Comedy Spot (the site of the competition). Roughly ten months later, he's produced five shows under the Comics With Attitude (CWA) name, and has even started promoting that show at a second venue as well! We talk to Matt about what it's been like becoming a show promoter, and how that's changed his comedy habits. We also delve into the reasoning behind Matt's recent disappearing act from the scene earlier this year. It's a harrowing tale about running from the law, being mentored by a fellow named Cheddar, and befriending a large white man with bad breath named Dragline! Give a listen, and then hit up a CWA show near you!For more on Matt Raymond, check out his Facebook page here.
PMB234: And So To Sleep (Jeff Bridges, Pye Corner Audio, David McCallum, Raymond Scott, Matt Berry, Peter Herbolzheimer, Lullatone, Henry Mancini) It&#8217;s time to pop the jim jams on, dear listener, for a thoroughly deserved lie-down after last week&#8217;s frenetic show. Yes, it&#8217;s all about snoozing this week &#8211; but please do try to stay awake until the end of the &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
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