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Matt Reagan, Emilio Acosta, and Silvia Charpentier, and Kambda Created an App for Aspiring Golfers Welcome to another episode of Action Ambition Podcast. Matt Reagan, Emilio Acosta, and Silvia Charpentier wanted to design the best way to introduce you to golfing through the Operation36 Golf Program. With over 500 Operation36 locations, 1500 highly-experienced golf coaches, and more than 60,000 satisfied and happy golfers who opted for the program, Operation36 establishes itself as the go-to program for any aspiring people who want to learn and enjoy the art of golfing. They started as a bootstrap company who never had funding. They met up with Kambda, an app developer, and through agile development, they scaled and quickly became sought-after. For our aspiring golfing people out there, don’t miss this exciting episode! You will love this!
Love of the Links Golf Radio, Season 3, Episode 6- "Player Development, Matt Reagan from Operation 36 Joins Us" Love of the Links Golf Radio, Season 3, Episode 6- "Player Development, Matt Reagan from Operation 36 Joins Us"
Episode 034: Matt Reagan – The Startup, Early Challenges, and Amazing Success of Operation 36 Matt Reagan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Operation 36 (T: @Op36golfacademy  IG: @operation_36  FB: @op36golf ) . I have the deepest respect for Matt and his business partner Ryan Dailey for taking their passion; coaching and turning it into a very successful business. They are helping introduce kids and beginners of all ages to the game, teach and allow them to develop into golfers and most importantly have fun in the process. To learn more about Operation 36 or to find a program near you, visit their website at
Growing Membership by Growing the Game- Matt Reagan, Operation 36- PCR 264 Matt Reagan of Operation 36 shares an innovative way to grow the game and in turn grow membership at your club.  In this episode we'll learn the differences in Traditional vs. Developmental Golf Programming and why traditional programs are not working to retain beginner golfers. You'll learn about Matt's goal to get 1,000,000 new golfers into the game and why Operation 36 can be the perfect bridge to get Top Golfers into your private club.  Learn more at: Subscribe to Gabe's channel, Let's Play Thru:
D•Conference 2016 | Matt Reagan Strategies for increasing your ministry effectiveness in growing mature believers.
EP 029: Creating Impact by Creating Golfers w/ Ryan Dailey & Matt Reagan, Operation 36 As PGA Professionals, we’re in the business of “Growing the Game”. It’s a phrase we hear ad nauseam in our business. Grow the game at our facilities, in our Sections, and in our communities. So in order to do our job of growing the game, we develop programs for our members and customers that consist of clinics, lesson packages, golf schools, junior programs, beginner programs, the list goes on and on. However, we rarely ask the critical question. In our efforts to “Grow the Game”, are we making a lasting impact on the game by actually creating golfers? What does it even mean to create a golfer? Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan have been asking this question, and they’ve come up with an answer. Who are Ryan and Matt? There aren’t many of you out there that don’t know, but just in case you’ve missed it, they’re two regular Golf Pros that are revolutionizing how we introduce new players to the game. Through the development and evolution of Operation 36, they’ve impacted thousands of golfers and helped Golf Professionals all over the world develop successful programs and businesses, all with an idea seemingly so simple you say “why didn’t I think of that?!”.Start from 25 yards and shoot 36 for nine holes and them move back to 50 yards. Rinse and repeat.But beyond creating a long term development model for junior golfers, they’ve set out on a mission to create one million new golfers by 2025. As audacious as that goal seems, they have a plan to reach it. And it begins with a question we should all be asking at our facilities…”How do I create a golfer?”When we ask that question first and then work backward from there, the way we structure and create our player development programs fall into place.If you’re in the planning stages for 2020, this is a fantastic conversation to help you get on the right track and truly make an impact on your facilities this year and beyond.
Reaganism is the Model for Trumpism – Matt Tyrnauer director of ‘The Reagans’ (pt1) The documentary series "The Reagans" shows that President Ronald Reagan's roots are corruption, racism, and corporatism. Trumpism is not an anomaly but walks in the footsteps of a right-wing construct aimed at achieving tax cuts for the rich and undoing the New Deal. Director Matt Tyrnauer joins with Paul Jay.
70 - Red Like Reagan (ft. Matt Christman) Matt Christman (@cushbomb) joins Charles and Dan to enjoy some politically charged country tunes delivered candidly from the back of a pickup truck.

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Reaganism: Biden Overreach? Matt Continetti Discussion (#74) The week features serial Reaganism guest Matt Continetti, a scholar of American conservativism at the American Enterprise Institute. Matt discusses what a "workers party" GOP might look like and President Biden's overreach in the first year of his administration.
Continetti's Writings:
Rep. Banks Memo:
Reaganland: America's Right Turn 1976-1980:
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