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Megan Robinson and Ashly Kowalski, Yellow Rose Midwifery
Megan Robinson and Ashly Kowalski, Yellow Rose Midwifery
Megan Robinson, BSN, ADN, LVN, attended Angelina College and Stephen F. Austin State University where she obtained her nursing certificate and degrees (LVN &#8211; 2008, ADN &#8211; 2009, BSN &#8211; 2010). She fell in love with her college sweetheart and married him in 2011. They have five beautiful biracial babies. It was after having baby #3 at home with a midwife that she felt called to become a midwife herself! Her nursing background includes eight years in an acute care hospital setting, three years in the Med Surge/Telemetry/Pediatric Departments and five years in the NICU/Nursery. While in the NICU/Nursery, she attended hundreds of births where she helped transition the smallest 24-weekers to the largest full-term babies. She obtained her midwifery education through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and apprenticed with three amazing and super smart midwives. During her training, she attended many deliveries including VBACs and twins. She maintains certifications as a Certified Professional Midwife, Texas Licensed Midwife,  and Registered Nurse. She is also an active member of the Association of Texas Midwives as well as Greater Houston Midwives Alliance.
Ashly Kowalski, CPM, LM, is a mother of five, and having two VBAC births of her own, she has come to revere pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most beautiful things about humanity. As a recent Association of Texas Midwives program graduate and licensed midwife, and member of the Greater Houston Midwives Alliance, she feels privileged to help women and their partners make these experiences as positive and healthy as possible.
Yellow Rose is a midwifery group formed between herself and her partner, Megan Robinson, in a way that creates ultimate support for women and families across the Houston area.
Episode 13: Megan Robinson of Blossom Cleveland This week's guest is Megan Robinson of Blossom Cleveland. Blossom Cleveland is a flower bar and florist located in Lakewood and Shaker Heights.
Leadership Miniseries 3: Willful Defiance with Megan Robinson Welcome back to our Leadership Miniseries! In this third episode, Megan Robinson, National Director at Curriculum Associates, joins the podcast. She dives right into what willful defiance is and how certain groups of students are  disproportionally disciplined for this. Megan explains how some students of color have enjoyed remote learning more than learning in their school buildings, and how we set up classrooms where students want to come back to the school building. NPR&apos;s &quot;For Some Black Students, Remote Learning Has Offered A Chance To Thrive&quot; article:;s previous episodes: Chats:;s LinkedIn:
Episode 072 with Megan Robinson - Social Creatures Having An Internet Experience Megan Robinson is a Videographer, Photographer, Traveling Production Assistant, and Live-Event Aficionado. In this episode - we discuss health, working in live-event environments, the effects of social media on society and ourselves, maintaining sanity through diverse conversations, news media and corresponding divisiveness, cancel culture, learning to understand one another, the future of communication, refusing the conversations handed to us, the responsibility of societies to adequately make sense of current happenings and projected futures, how our views and desires are painted by technology, the intricate web of the internet and its effects on human beings, and much more. She's a wonderful friend and I enjoy her company and conversations greatly.
15. Megan Robinson Megan Robinson (Global News) and Clay talk about stalking on social media (11:05), the story behind her first twitter handle (17:58), her trips to Newfoundland (21:20), living in a van (24:23) and embracing the #GrandmaLife (29:35). Megan shares her motto (38:58), how her grandmother watches her on mute (45:08) and leaves us with her own take of the Stringer sign-off (52:50).
Episode 14: Megan Robinson We're kicking off 2021 with Megan Robinson, yet another tremendously successful former HPU student and currently Senior Coordinator of Partnership Marketing at Major League Soccer. She's held a variety of positions in sports and offers great insight on how to make connections and remain laser-focused in an ever-changing industry.
020: Real Expert: Megan Robinson of One Hope Wines Hey planners! In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we wanted to shed some light on one of our favorite companies, One Hope Wines, a company that brings Napa Valley to your doorstep. I came across One Hope Wines when LVL was in its infant stages and I was so impressed not only with their commitment to high-quality wines but their commitment to the amazing causes they support. That’s why I had on Megan Robinson. In this episode, Megan shares how she got involved with the company and her experience of helping them get more involved in the wedding industry. You’ll hear how you can get involved with One Hope Wines and how they decide on the non-profit organizations they give back to.    What’s in this episode: Why Megan’s husband founded One Hope Wines How she got involved with the business  The transition of their company getting more involved in the wedding industry How they vet non-profit partners How couples can choose non-profits they want to give back to  What they do to constantly improve their client experience How planners can get involved and sell wines for a cause What’s happening right now for One Hope Wines Connect with Megan: Website | Instagram   Today’s sponsor for the Planner Life Podcast is Honeybook. Honeybook and LVL go way back, and that’s because we were one of their first beta users. Honeybook is an online business management tool that organizes client communication, bookings, contracts, invoices and so much more - all in one place. They’re offering listeners of the Planner Life Podcast 50% off your first year. That’s a savings of $200 when you visit Membership options are flexible and this promotion applies whether you pay monthly or annually so simplify your to-do list and stay in control with Honeybook.  Can’t wait to hear more? Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so you can be the first to know when we release a new episode! Get to know us even more by following along with us on Instagram @lindsaylongacre and @heatherhoesch. We’d love for you to visit us online on our
20 Race & Teacher Bias with Megan Robinson Danielle and Sari are joined by Megan Robinson, National Director at Curriculum Associates, for part II of her interview. Megan shares research related to race and teacher bias, and discipline. She digs in to many studies related to race, and how their outcomes can greatly effect the students in your classroom.&nbsp;Links:Preschool Study Overview: Study:;Doll Test: &amp; Discipline Study:,Racial%20disparities%20in%20school%20discipline%20are%20linked%20to%20the%20achievement,according%20to%20Stanford-led%20study&amp;text=Students%20of%20color%20are%20suspended,more%20poorly%20on%20standardized%20testsCulturally Sustaining Pedagogies:;Instagram:
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