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#2.5 Mia Schachter on Sharing the Load In this week’s episode, Laurel Atwell interviewed me!Please consider becoming a member to keep this show going on Patreon. The Share the Load Patreon is now a place for DIY, self-paced learning about consent and boundaries and starts at $5 a month. Other ways to support the show are to write a review on whatever platform you listen on, share on social media, and share directly with friends.Produced and edited by Stella Hartmann. Logo by Candice Ploy Goodman. Beginning and ending music by me, and mid-episode music by Tyler Fjeld.Unedited video version with subtitles on YouTube.Follow the podcast on IG and Twitter @sharetheloadpod, and me on IG and Twitter @consentwizard.
Getting Intimate w/ Mia Schachter: Sex, Consent, & Nudity On Set In this episode, Risa and Steve talk with Mia Schachter- one of Hollywood’s top intimacy coordinators- about their role in the Industry + how actors can advocate for themselves in any situation with regards to intimacy, sex, nudity, and consent of all kinds. Whether choreographing sex scenes, negotiating nudity riders, or simply having the backs of actors on set, Mia discusses what they actually do (and you’ll find this as fascinating and necessary as we did), along with their background, the challenges around creating safe sets, what they do to help actors feel safe and empowered, and how they see the future of film and television- and acting- in regards to intimacy, boundaries, and facilitating the kind of freedom necessary for artists to dive into creating their deepest, most vulnerable work. This is a vital conversation for all actors and Industry professionals, and we want to hear from you on what speaks to you from this discussion! Explore these related BGB resources and take your craft and career to the next level!FREE PDF: 5 Self-Care Practices That Lead to Career SuccessThe Acting Podcast Ep 9: An Actor’s Consent: Navigating Vulnerable SpacesCHECK OUT our Audition, Scene-Study, and Creator Classes! Currently on Zoom.JOIN US for The BGB Actors Summit: A FREE virtual workshop with Risa & Steve.MIA SCHACHTER:Broadway World: Mia Schachter Keeping It Safe at THE WILD PARTYMia: IMDb + IG + WebsiteMia Schachter was born and raised in Los Angeles and returned in 2018 after working in theater in New York City for nearly ten years. Their background in theater, dance, casting, gender studies, and neuroscience informs their work. Their educational background includes a BA in Philosophy from Columbia with an emphasis on ethics and identity. Working for networks like HBO, Netflix, and Freeform, Mia’s job is to attune to the needs of actors and directors with scenes that include simulated sex, nudity, and sexual content, in order to make sure that everyone is emotionally and mentally safe on set, while helping showrunners and directors achieve their creative vision. They work with actors, directors, writers, producers, legal teams at studios and networks, costume and make up designers, and production crews, negotiating everything from sex simulation choreography to nudity riders, to providing emotional support to actors in intimate situations. Just like a stunt coordinator, they help make scenes look real and stay safe.
Mia Schachter Coordinates Sex Scenes for Film and TV On this episode I speak with intimacy coordinator and fellow podcast creator Mia Schachter about creating intimacy and consent for film and television in the #MeToo era.

Mia has been navigating sex positivity through art, performance, philosophy, and most recently in coordinating consensual boundaries around intimacy for film and television. She also offers classes online to help people understand and communicate their own boundaries. We discuss her work and its relevance in the #MeToo era to understand the emergency and necessity for intimacy coordination in media. We also discuss Mia’s podcast, Share the Load, which focuses on the invisible forms of labour diving in relationships.

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Is Our Love Consensual? (with Intimacy Coordinator Mia Schachter) By now we all know what consent means…..or do we? How much do you really know and what can an intimacy coordinator teach you about your current understanding? Alot, it turns out. If you thought consent = permission, this week is for you. Intimacy coordinator Mia Schachter (@miaschachter) graces our presence to boost our understanding of consent and what most people get wrong within their understanding. We can all use a better understanding of consent and how boundaries relate to it both sexually and non-sexually. Mia lets us in on the burgeoning Intimacy Coordinator role, how she came about it, and why she is surprisingly not always well received. Plus we learn what the fuck prosody is, what we can learn from it and why we should all be critical consumers. You can find more information on Mia's work, upcoming workshops, and her podcast at If you're in need of sex, love or relationship advice Email us at ------~ Follow us on social media ~------- The show: @isourlove_____ Lola Jean: @lolajeandotcom Classes & Instruction: Stephen Penta: @thereluctantsexpert The end of episode song this week is Rival Schools "Hooligans For Life" Our official theme songs were lovingly composed & recorded by our good friends at
Episode 052 - Sex - Mia Schachter This week Audrey Moore talks with Intimacy Coordinator Mia Schachter about all things related to sex in your career. They discuss how to handle intimate scenes from rehearsal to set. How to talk to your spouse or partner about intimate scenes you'll be doing on set. How to find your own boundaries, and how to make sure they are respected. How to have a conversation with your agent about what you are or are not comfortable with. It's an EXPLICIT episode, but an important one!   SPONSORS: - 25% OFF PROMO CODE: AUDREY25  Greg Safel - Voice Lessons and Singing Lessons -   Links: Straw Poll for where you'd like the Audrey Helps Actors community Cuddle Sanctuary The Body Keeps the Score The Wheel of Consent Unwanted Arousal TED Talk Queer Sex Ed Podcast   Credits: Host: Audrey Moore Produced by Jesse Lumen Edited by Patricia Cuffie-Jones and Jesse Lumen Mixed by Thomas Snodgrass This episode's show music by Ari de Niro Special thanks to Thomas Snodgrass for assistance with microphones, Aalok Mehta and 108 Hill for help with the theme song. Other music and sound fx provided by Audio 4 Video, AR Sound, Sound Effects Public Domain, Ross Bugden and SFX and GFX.