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Episode 92: Profitable Content Empire By Michael Cheney ***$230 Coupon*** (Live Coaching March 9th) By Michael Cheney ***$230 Coupon*** (Live Coaching March 9th) Profitable Content Empire -

Discover the Secrets to Getting Your Own Profitable Content Empire
Here’s What You’re Going to Discover…
Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Website (Even If You’re Just Starting Out)
Top Secret Tools the Pros Use to Get More Traffic (Many of them Totally Free)
Closely-Guarded SEO Secrets that Produce the Perfect Top-Ranking Pages
How to Become The King of Content Using the Same Stealth Methods I Use To Crank Out Thousand of Words in Minutes
Plus – you’re also going to discover;

Pro Tips for Publishing Your Posts (Which Make Google Love You)
Insider Traffic Tips to Ramping Up Visitors Fast (Without Spending a Dime)
The Best Way to Find Killer Keywords (and It’s NOT What You Think)
The Perfect Website Set Up to Dominate in the Search Engines
And lots, lots more besides…

Profitable Content Empire -
Michael Cheney Offers His 7-Figure Franchise For Free An un-welcomed visitor (a Brit living in Scotland) Avid cyclist Started as an SEO consultant in 2000 Learned a lot about marketing and began packaging digital products to stop traveling and training and selling in person Teaching is one thing but if you can do it for people it's more effective His path evolved and slowly developed into what it has become He pays 100% commission to his affiliates They split the high-ticket sales 50-50 It's a business in a box Has a $20k coaching program for 90 days All of his traffic comes through paid traffic and affiliate partners Easier to control Not liable to becoming a victim overnight to search engine changes Look at what people want in the market Forums Pain Facebook rants Look at the top sellers on platforms like JV Zoo All time Last 30 days Listen to your gut, which comes after time and experience Create your avalanche offer via trial and error You can overdo it Make the add-ons complimentary to your main product Move past your scarcity mindset Help your affiliates be rich and happy Give them a healthy chunk of your offerings This creates a huge buzz in the market This helps you build your list as well He has 8 front end products with small upsells with three larger upsells $2,000 $5,000 $20,000 But you can start small Emails optins 3x per day for two months with offers Learned from Ben Settle People love hearing from him They are stories People ask to get his emails It's like a soap opera He doesn't give anything away for free He stopped doing videos and articles The value is in the pitch Sales is not a bad thing Eight different 7-day email series for the eight different offers Sells his promos as swipe files to other marketers Support this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
026 Michael Cheney: Affiliate Marketing Success For Newbies Have you heard about making money with affiliate marketing but you aren't even sure where to start learning about what works and what not?
Wondering how come some of the people in the affiliate marketing industry make loads and loads of money while you failed so far?
Looking for straight answers about becoming an affiliate after all you've got so far were riddles?
Give yourself a round of applause, because you just reached one of the gates into the world of affiliate marketing and the knowledge we gathered for you can only be described as massive. Michael Cheney, the affiliate marketing leaderboard king, sat down with me to discuss how to start out as an affiliate marketer the right way, select your niche, find the best products, and get record conversions.
Episode 106: Colossal Commissions Bootcamp LIVE From Michael Cheney – Will Make You $1000 Or its Free! Colossal Commissions Bootcamp -

Colossal Commissions Bootcamp – Live Commissions Training with Michael Cheney

This NEW 1-Day Live Bootcamp Will Make You $1000 (or it’s Free)…”

Get Access to This LIVE Commissions Bootcamp on Thursday 29th April for Free and Only Pay Afterwards If You Are Totally Blown Away…

From Michael Cheney:

On Thursday 29th April you are invited to join me on the “Collect Colossal Commission” Live Online Bootcamp to discover how to quickly and easily pull in thousands of dollars in easy commissions, ever if you’re just starting out.

You’ll discover how to make commissions quickly and easily, from scratch.

I’ve made millions of dollars in commissions and in this intensive 1-day Bootcamp you’ll be getting my insider secrets on what works, and what doesn’t.

This is a LIVE online event but don’t worry if you can’t attend live;

Everything is recorded for you – you can attend for free and you only get billed AFTER the event.

Colossal Commissions Bootcamp -
WTF Is Happening With Coronavirus Lockdown? with Michael Cheney Michael Cheney of joins us on episode 153 of Scottish Liberty Podcast to break down the truth and fiction of the covid-19 and the lockdown. Brought to you by Antony Sammeroff and Tom Laird.

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Make A Fortune Online! with Michael Cheney What does it take to make a living online?

Michael Cheney joins Antony Sammeroff on Episode 80 of the Be Yoruself and Love It! Podcast.
Episode 65: Copy Paste Commissions Review, Bonus From Omar And Melinda Martin (And Michael Cheney) Copy Paste Commissions -

Copy and Paste the $4,770,167.62* Commission-Creating Strategy of Two Affiliate Millionaires

We realized most affiliates are struggling to make good commissions.

We’ve been topping Leaderboards for years so thought it was about time to teach our best strategies.

The added bonus for us being these Copy Paste Commissions customers then become powerful affiliates for your promotions and our promotions.

So we got together and shared our best commission-creating strategies with one another in a closed doors recording. This forms the basis of the frontend product and your list is going to love it.

You are going to make a lot of money with this and have a lot of happy customers thanking you for sending them to Copy Paste Commissions.

We strongly believe this is the best affiliate training on the market and it’s a real steal.

Copy Paste Commissions -
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