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#22 Fire in the Carolinas - Michael Thornton In this Podcast, Pastor Alan DiDio interviews Michael Thornton about revival history in the Carolinas, and Rekindling the fire doused by racial and denominational division.   Join us for revival in August for Saturate NC!    "Fire in the Carolinas":   * Give https://encountertoday.churchcenter.c... Revival starts here merch:    Get Pastor Alan's #1 Bestselling Book on Amazon! #ecc #larrytaunton #marxism #charlesspurgeon Click here to learn more about   Encounter Ministries:
Episode 22: Interview with Michael Thornton, CEO of Carbon Analytics Michael Thornton is an engineer with a background in sustainable infrastructure design. He is Chief Executive Officer of Carbon Analytics – a company that wants to make it easier for companies of all sizes to reap the rewards of managing their environmental impact. He is also involved with Odyssey Sensors, which is developing low-cost environmental technology aimed at bottom-of-the-pyramid producers in developing world agriculture and aquaculture markets, and Terra Recovery a startup working on developing a technology that identifies land-fills which can be economically mined for resources.Michael was a Skoll Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford where he recently graduatedIn this interview, Michael discusses:  
The competitive advantage social businesses have compared to traditional businesses
The value of doing an MBA for a social entrepreneur
Why companies offering environmental services also need to be able to improve their clients’ bottom line
How to raise money through grants and competitions
Ardent Run Club: Episode 25 - Michael Thornton - Up For Any Challenge On this episode, Tomi dives into Mik Thornton's fun stories of racing and training. Mik is coached by Alan Wears and runs for Jarrow and Hebburn &nbsp;in the North East of England.
Mik talks about his sporting history and what got him spcifically into running, how he's improved and how his passion has grown. He shares fun stories of racing, in house competitions with his teamate Darren and half marathon stories.
He's got goals to complete the World Marathon Majors and break 3 hours in the marathon, both of which he is training towards, ardently.
Mik offers some encouragement for us in 2021 and shares some wisdom that he's picked up over the last few years of running.
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We hope you learn something, we hope you get inspired and we hope you Find Your Fire.
Michael Thornton Michael Thornton, a veteran of the elite Navy Seals, was a part of a five member team sent overseas to gather intelligence on North Vietnamese troop movements. They were discovered by the enemy and soon engaged in a five and a half hour fire fight against a larger force in which Thornton saved his superior officer, who was seriously wounded. His heroism led to his being awarded the Medal of Honor.
Medal of Honor Recipients Thomas Norris and Michael Thornton Interview Thomas R. Norris was born in Jacksonville, Florida. His family moved to Wisconsin and later to the Washington, D.C. area, where Norris attended the University of Maryland, intent on pursuing a career in criminology with the FBI. Michael Edwin Thornton…
Lt. Michael Thornton and Lt. Tommy Norris: Portraits of Valor In 1972, a Navy Seal named Thomas Norris carried out one of the most dangerous and daring rescue missions of the war in Vietnam. Six months later, he would be rescued himself, in an equally dramatic manner, after being shot through the head.  His rescuer was fellow Seal, Michael Thornton, who had shrapnel wounds, but swam for three hours while carrying Norris, and a South Vietnamese commando.  Both Norris and Thornton would go on to receive the Medal of Honor.  They tell their remarkable war stories here - best friends, sitting side by side.
#260 Michael Thornton Episode 260 Michael Thornton is a First Class Father & Retired Navy SEAL Legend who was awarded the Medal Of Honor for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War. He was awarded the medal for saving the life of his senior officer, Lieutenant Thomas R. Norris, who also earned the Medal of Honor in an unrelated incident. Mike was also awarded the Silver Star, three Bronze Stars, The Purple Heart and many other awards and decorations. In this Episode, Mike shares his Fatherhood journey, he talks about being a father in the SEAL Teams, how his children responded to his book By Honor Bound, he talks about teaching kids responsibility, he discusses the new SEALs coming in today, he tells us about his foundation and future plans, he offers advice for new or about to be Dads and more!

By Honor Bound: Two Navy SEALs, The Medal Of Honor and a Story of Extraordinary Courage -

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The Diabetes Sports Project with IRONMAN Casey Boren / T1D Soccer Star Michael Thornton After years of rejecting his family's love of running, Casey Boren "got talked into" a mini-triathlon and found his passion. He trained for and successfully finished an IRONMAN triathlon at the age of 35 but was almost immediately after diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He talks to Stacey about learning to train with T1D and how he not only finished more IRONMAN races, but competed at the World Championship in Hawaii. Casey and other elite athletes with type 1 started the Diabetes Sports Project last year. It's a way to inspire and share stories in order to help others live active healthy lives with diabetes. You can vote for Casey this week in the Runner's World Cover Search contest. He is one of 100 semifinalists and needs your vote by 8/21/16. (Vote here) Stacey also talks to 16-year-old Canadian soccer phenom Michael Thornton. He and his family moved to Spain in 2013 to allow Michael to compete among the best in the world. He talks about learning the language and managing diabetes in a completely new environment. Diagnosed at age six, Michael and his family are back in Canada. Stacey caught up to him at this summer's Friends for Life conference in Florida.
Jude: Part 3 feat. Michael Thornton Part 3 of a series continuing the discussion on the book of Jude as we are instructed how God's people need to beware of way of Cain, Balaam and Korah.
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