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Michael Zuber Owns Hundreds of Rentals in California, One Rental At A Time ft. Michael Zuber Have you ever thought about real estate investing as a path to financial freedom? Have you kicked around the idea but felt you were too busy with work and family responsibilities? If so, One Rental at a Time will transform your life, just as it has transformed Mike's life and the lives of thousands of others. This book reveals how buying and holding rental properties will create a second income that can, in time, allow you to quit your day job. It worked for Mike and it can work for you too.
Financial Freedom One Rental at a Time, with Michael Zuber The path to financial freedom through real estate may not be a get-rich-quick path, but it is indeed a dependable and clear one that doesn’t have to be complicated. In this episode, Jeff interviews Michael Zuber, author of the popular real estate investing book, “One Rental at a Time.” Michael’s book has helped thousands of real estate investors to see a path to financial freedom through real estate, while holding down jobs and family responsibilities. In this conversation, Jeff and Michael discuss the concept of a “buy box” to focus your property search efforts, daily disciplines every real estate investor should follow, and so much more.
Michael Zuber's Advice for New Investors In Today's Market In this short episode, Michael Zuber shares his advice for new investors in todays changing market.  --- Transcript Emil:Hey everyone welcome back for another weekend wisdom episode of The Remote Real Estate Investor. My name is Emil Shour. And in today's weekend wisdom, we're talking with Michael Zuber again, who if you guys have been listening to the show for a while, you're probably familiar with him. But if not, he is the author of a book called One Rental At A Time. He also has a YouTube channel by the same name, putting out daily videos. It's one of my favorite books, one of my favorite YouTube channels, highly recommend both of them for both new inexperienced investors. So if you guys enjoy this one.  And so for this episode, we asked Michael, given the current market and economic environment, what are some tips he has for new investors? So let's hear Michael's answer to that question here. Michael:So when I would tell a new investor in today's market, you have to be very careful. What I would tell folks today is you need to really understand where your market is going not where it's at. So this is what I mean by that. So is your market going to grow or shrink in the next 12 to 24 months? I think without question, there are some markets San Francisco being the most obvious is going to shrink. New York City going to shrink any market that is very vertical and has very shoe box and is freaking unaffordable, is going to lose add on top of that high taxes like New York and California recipe for disaster. That said, there are some markets that are the complete opposite, they are going to win, they are going to attract people. And once you get to do in this market, when you really understand that is you can invest ahead of that. Now most people when I say this, they think Texas, I would tell you Texas has already had the time in the sun, I think somewhere else, right? There were so many other markets that are going to get net population growth. And here's the wrinkle and why I don't think Texas is great. I just think it's already been chosen. What you need to find is a market that wasn't ready, what market didn't have new development, what market are all these people moving into, and there hasn't been a new housing construction of size for a decade. That is when existing home sales explode higher. That is when rent explodes higher. That's how we can have a national appreciation of 15%. That was reported in September, I have never seen national appreciation of 15% in a month, there are just some markets that weren't ready for the flood of people from high tax areas like California in New York. And if you can invest in one of those markets, man, you are going to have a good couple of years run. But if you're in a hot market that's going to lose people, man, there are people in San Francisco that are just flat out going to lose their properties. And they're going to start with apartments, right rents in San Francisco are down 30% already, if you bought an apartment in San Francisco in the last two years, you are done. You're giving that back to the bank, just how cap rates and groceries, just how it all works. Your equity is gone. You're underwater that you're technically in default. So there are cities that are going to lose. So if you're investing in one of the ones that's going to be net migration out, might want to sell certainly don't want to buy. But I would tell folks there are going to be they're going to be generational wealth created in the next couple of years. If you can invest in front of the cycle of population growth that's coming. It's going to be massive in my opinion. Emil:All right, thanks again to Michael Zuber for hopping on the weekend wisdom to share a little nugget there. And as always, we'll catch you on the next one. Happy investing
One Rental at a Time with Michael Zuber | 606 Our guest is someone who had a decent life working in Silicon Valley only to realize that a path to financial freedom was buying and holding properties. Meet Michale Zuber, the author of the book, One Rental at a Time, and learn what strategies he uses to choose the right market, how he finds seller financing deals, and how to get in touch with him. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Financially Free From Real Estate Investing with Michael Zuber Michael Zuber spent 15 years on the road to financial independence, stopped working 9-5, and now helps others start their real estate investing journey. FREE DOWNLOAD - The Top 7 Key Market Drivers for Real Estate: Connect with Michael Zuber: Connect with Seth Ferguson:
Building Your Portfolio One Rental At A Time with Michael Zuber Cory and Ryan are now using RentRedi to help them manage their investment properties. RentRedi assists with client communication, rent collection, maintenance, and more. Visit the link below to learn more about RentRedi, and be sure to use promo code JUICEPOD to get 50% off.
Is It Time To Sell Real Estate? Boom or Bust with Michael Zuber After dozens of real estate crash and real estate doom and gloom video put out by clickbait &quot;gurus&quot; such as Reventure Consulting, Meet Kevin and many others, my good friend and actual real estate guru Michael Zuber set the facts straight in this 30 minute interview. We discuss whether or not we believe a housing crash is imminent and what it would take for a crash to happen. We talk about where we think real estate prices are likely to go and why. ✅ Land Deals? Yes, while this is a complicated style of real estate, it is offering some of the best returns in the market for investors right now, typically 25%+ annually. While these are complex, it comes down to having the right team. Interested in learning more? Speak with the team now:💲 Interested in building passive income? In 2020, my clients and I did 81 hard money deals and had an average return of 17%! Our deals are on the smaller side ranging from $50K to $120K. If you have $50K or more sitting in the bank, consider investing it with one of our hard money deals and earn passive income! Find the deals here:🏘 🏚 Interested in turnkey rental properties? Check out our most up to date inventory here: TOM for questions: Tom@betterturnkey.comWant to increase your financial returns by lowering your property management costs for real estate? Hemlane is a must for savvy investors. A flat fee per property of $35 per month! Check it out here: out our Master Class:🎤Podcast on Spotify:🎤Podcast on Apple:
One Rental At A Time: From Single House To Financial Freedom With Michael Zuber Many of us get into real estate investing, thinking of it as a path to financial freedom. However, for those of us who are still working from nine to five, it can be quite difficult to embark on this path fully. How, then, can we grow our investing business and finally leave our full-time jobs? For Michael Zuber, the answer is through rental properties. In this episode, Chris Seveney invites him to share how he has grown his business, as written in his book, One Rental at a Time. Michael is the CEO and Chief Helper of ORaaT (One Rental at a Time) LLC, a company focused on helping busy professionals get started on the right foot via the Creation of Pride of Ownership Rentals. Here, Michael takes us into his journey, which started as being a full-time employee at 30 years old, growing from a single house to currently about 175 doors. He then shares some of the hurdles many investors who work full-time encounter and the ways they can avoid them. Furthermore, Michael gives great insights and advice on setting up a management company, finding good tenants, being consistent, and more. There is no such thing as an overnight success. If you are not there yet, then take courage in the fact that you’re simply on your way, one rental at a time.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Good Deeds Note Investing movement today:GoodDeedsNoteInvesting.comChris Seveney FacebookChris Seveney TwitterChris Seveney Instagram7EInvestments.com7E Investments Facebook7E Investments YouTubeLabrador LendingJamie Bateman LinkedInLabrador Lending LinkedInLabrador Lending YouTubeNotes and Bolts Facebook Group
Episode 13: Michael Zuber Our host @fuquanbilal sits down with Michael Zuber, the author of the book “One Rental At A Time”, as he shares his 15 year journey in real estate, the reason why he started his youtube/podcast series, and how you can be financially free by 30 if you start at 18. The post Episode 13: Michael Zuber appeared first on PFREI.
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