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#42 - Michel Mulipola This episode we have a chat with Michel Mulipola, a Samoan brother from South Auckland, comic book/ pro artist for Headlocked Comic, Boom Studios and WWE. He recently drew the Marvel characters for their collection cards. Michel has also been a professional wrestler for IPW NZ for quite some time and and he is also an avid Tekken Player who placed top 12% in the world in 2018. We hope you enjoy this episode!



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Michel Mulipola - Professional wrestler and comic book artist Michel Mulipola is a Sāmoan comic book artist, professional wrestler and professional gamer born and raised in Māngere.&nbsp; He has illustrated work for WWE comics, Marvel trading cards and NZ School Journals.&nbsp;
His latest work is the first ever Sāmoan language comic, O Le Aiga Samoa, which is now available on his website - . &nbsp;To share with us his unique life story we have Zoom Michel Mulipola, talofa lava Michel and thank you for making time for us.See for privacy information.
ep.030 BLOODY SAMOAN: Michel Mulipola We are privileged on the 135 today to have Comic Book Artist, Professional Wrestler and Gamer Michel Mulipola come in and chat to us about his career and journey from drawing and reading comics at a young age to being short listed as a potential artist by DC Comics and scoring his own gig as artist for the graphic novel series Headlocked written by Michael Kingston.  We also hear about Michels pro wrestling exploits here in Aotearoa as co-director of Impact Pro Wrestling NZ....We had fun rapping with Michel, he is truely an inspiration!  Follow him on Instagram, Facebook  @bloodysamoanart and twitter @bloodysamoan


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The Provise Project #12 - Michel Mulipola a.k.a Bloody Samoan ArtNatural TalentComic booksImproving as an artistchallenge he has facedCommision Work and PricingBeing the MAN!Wrestling
Episode #37 Michel Mulipola He’s a comic book artist and a professional wrestler! Naturally. Michel Mulipola was quiet kid with a passion who grew up to become a professional who does what he loves. As well as wrestling and releasing his own comic book series, he’s currently working on the U.S comic book Headlocked: The Last Territory. We discuss comic books, wrestling, 13 Reasons Why, Comic-con, punching receipts, killing Superman and a lot more! He’s s a great guy and an inspiration!
Michel Mulipola – From Mangere to Comic-Con: Comic books, Wrestling and Thriving in Controlled Chaos “All the best stuff is just beyond your comfort zone. Understanding that allows you to go a little bit further, push yourself a little more.” — Michel Mulipola

Michel is a self taught Samoan comic book artist from Auckland, New Zealand.

In this episode, we highlight the amazing achievements of Michel's career so far but we go deeper into where Michel's strength comes from within and how it has powered him (like a Superhero) to follow his passions even if the path ahead is uncertain.

A few facts about Michel aka The 'Bloody Samoan':

👉🏼Professional Artist
👉🏼Professional Wrestler
👉🏼Professional Gamer




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