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Global Awakening- w/ Revivalist Michelle Morrison 3/22/21 Listen on


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#70 - From optometric technician to full-time inventor - Michelle Morrison Alan interviews Michelle Morrison. Michelle had invention ideas, even as a child. As an adult, she helped her brother with his improved guitar pick invention, called Pro-Pic. When her brother passed away from cancer, Michelle continued his legacy by marketing the Pro-Pic invention. Today, she also markets her own products as a full time inventor. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts so you won't miss a single episode. LinkedIn: Michelle Morrison
60. NATP National Conference : An Interview with Michelle Morrison by Tax Rep Network Joining Eric on this week’s podcast is the Director of Education and Credentialing for the National Association of Tax Professionals. During the program Eric and Michelle discuss the national conference, as well as the NATP move into IRS Representation, and what the NATP sees coming down the pike for tax professionals. And remember, if you are heading to the NATP conference come by and say hello to us at the Tax Rep Network exhibiting table!
Episode 111…Michelle Morrison and Glide Mats Glide Mats inventor, Michelle Morrison has a creative mind having grown up watching her family innovate. She has always placed value in providing benefit to others through problem-solving.

Michelle began her professional career working in sales and marketing for companies including Bloomingdales and Coca-Cola, but her heart was always in product development.

Michelle partnered with her brother to manufacturing and sell his Pro Pic guitar pick. She also licensed her Glide Mats to Cooks Innovations, ultimately selling them on QVC.

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Michelle Morrison Licenses Her Glide Mats

We interview Michelle Morrison on Episode 111 of the Invention Stories Podcast. The following are some of the questions we asked her:

3:10 What kind of kid were you?

3:35 What kind of artist are you?

4:22 Were both of your parents creative?

5:15 Did any of your relatives patent their ideas?

5:45 How did your sales and marketing career start?

6:15 What was your first idea that you tried to license?

8:00 Why was it important for you to manufacture the Pro Pic in the USA?

8:35 Where are the Pro Pics being sold?

9:20 Why did you decide to try to license the Glide Mats?

10:15 Have you tried to license the Pro Pic?

10:35 Did you read One Simple Idea by Stephen Key?

11:05 What did you decide to become an inventRight student?

12:00 What was the first idea you tried to license?

13:10 What was the most challenging part of working the inventRight system?

14:05 How many products have you licensed?

14:25 What are Glide Mats?

15:25 How many calls did you make?

16:05 How did you reach out to the companies

17:05 Who did you license your Glide Mats to?

17:55 How did QVC happen?

18:10 Why weren&#8217;t you on the show?

18:40 Where can we buy the Glide Mats?

19:30 What do you enjoy most about licensing?

21:05 What advice would you give a novice inventor?

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The Key To Licensing - Podcast 23 - Featuring inventRight Alumni Michelle Morrison The Key to Licensing - Hosted by Sylvia Pomazak. Featuring inventRight Alumni Michelle Morrison

Michelle Morrison “Do it for yourself”

While Michelle was working in the healthcare industry, she would always be coming up with ideas. “I’m a problem solver,” she explains. It’s a trait she inherited from her family.

However, she didn’t know what to do with her ideas for products. Her roadblock was getting a patent, which was expensive. She wondered if there was “a different way.” Reading the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss led her to inventRight cofounder Stephen Key. She began watching the inventRight TV videos on YouTube and finally read Stephen’s book “One Simple Idea.”

She began working on a guitar pick product with her brother at the time, but she knew that she always wanted to go the direction of licensing her own ideas. Sadly, her brother passed away from cancer. However, during that time, she gained a lot of experience in the music industry and discovered how open and receptive people were to helping her fulfill her mission.

After she launched the unique guitar picks, she decided to jump into the inventRight coaching program. She felt as though it was her “security blanket.”

“The process is simple but it is not easy. It’s overcoming the areas you have setbacks and limitations.” Working with a coach increased her confidence and success — a product she licensed is currently selling on Amazon and getting a lot of industry press!
Michelle Morrison - Supporting leaders through times of change In this episode of 'We are HR' (home edition) Anita Vaughan speaks to Michelle Morrison, a corporate organisational psychologist, to understand the best way to support leaders in leading through such uncertain times and significant change. They discuss building literacy around current events, understanding personal circumstances and psychological safety. It's about leading through life now as our personal and work lives become more integrated.
Which Former WWE Wrestlers Could Return Next Year? - Get The Table - John Morrison! Carlito? Michelle McCool? Edge? John Cena?! Adam and The Dadley Boyz discuss which Ruthless Aggression Era wrestlers could make a WWE comeback in 2020...John Morrison!Carlito?Michelle McCool?Edge?John Cena?!ENJOY!Follow us on Twitter:@AdamWilbourn@MichaelHamflett@MSidgwick@WhatCultureWWEFor more awesome content, check out: &#10;&nbsp;See for privacy and opt-out information.
Michelle Anderson-Morrison = HIV BEAUTY QUEEN RETURNS Michelle Anderson-Morrison, Ms. Plus America 2011, is first openly HIV positive woman to everrun for and win a national pageant title. Currently she resides in Dallas, Texas and is the CEO/Founder of Metamorphic Empowerment Center, a multifaceted prevention organization that empowers women to regain control of their lives through addressing issues that create vulnerabilities and risk for an HIV diagnosis. She is also a CAB member for The Well Project, Blogger for A Girl Like Me and Treasurer/Board Member for ADAP Advocacy Association, and anational ambassador for Greater Than AIDS Empowered Campaign. Michelle continues to use her story to eradicate stigma, shame and blame of those living and surviving with HIV.

Michelle was nominated by her peers to sit on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) in 2011. She was also bestowed the honor of receiving the Positive Leadership Award by The National Association of People with AIDS recognizing the use of her "Bully Pulpit" to raise awareness, and inducted into the SisterLove’s 2013 2020 Leading Women’s Society
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