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Episode 30 - Mike Bledsoe (@mike_bledsoe), the Strong Coach on Listening to Your Body Hey Fit Travel Tribe!We're back with another interview, and another guest with a wealth of knowledge in health and wellness. Mike (@thestrongcoach) was one of the pioneers of the CrossFit community, and helped expose the benefits of CrossFit by training clients at his gym and also through Barbell Shrugged, a medium he co-founded with a group of fitness friends.He's since moved on to a more colorful variety of wellness, as he shares in this episode. One thing we appreciate about Mike is his ability to share things in very simple (sometimes surprising) ways, that leaves no confusion about what he's referring to.Please enjoy the heck out of this episode during your next drive, next visit to the gym, or next bit of downtime. We sure did!Adventure On,M&MLinks discussed in show:Gymnastic BodiesPaleo FXSupport the show (
EP 46 - Mike Bledsoe: Looking Into Life with Mike If you’re successful and smart about it, questioning what you do all the time can ensure whatever you’re doing is really working for you at whatever stage of life you’re at.Living life as a “perpetual student” has given Mike Bledsoe that very unique perspective of the world and the courage to move into new ventures very seamlessly and successfully.Why did Mike move from the world of weightlifting and CrossFit to the internal — coaching coaches and cognitive fitness? Hear his answer in this transformative Living 4D episode.Learn more about Mike’s work at The Strong Coach and The Bledsoe Show podcast. Follow him on social media via @mike_bledsoe and @thestrongcoach on Instagram, @bledsopia on Facebook and michaelbledsoe on Twitter.Show NotesMike reviews his life path. (3:13)Paul’s definition of the soul. (12:56)Experiencing in a head-on car collision may be a safer way to find your own path than taking a full hit of DMT. (18:48)Mike’s first embarrassing experiences with meditation at age 15 led him to train for the U.S. Navy Seals and failing. (27:39)The origins of the Barbell Shrugged podcast. (36:06)Mike steps away from Barbell Shrugged and physical fitness and working on cognitive fitness. (42:42)The inherent meaning of mindset: Set it and forget it. (45:06)Mike’s biohacking experience with testosterone replacement treatments and thyroid meds for 9 months after his body shut down. (52:18)The life-changing revelations Mike discovered at a workshop. (57:04)How do you “block” God? (1:10:18)Born out of fear, suppression creates so much emotional damage and separation. (1:15:50)“Children become the scapegoats for the anger parents can't express to their bosses.” (1:30:49)Could “destruction” be useful at a personal level? (1:36:25)The challenge of finding balance in your life. (1:53:45)In our modern culture, service and sacrifice have become misconstrued as the same things. (1:57:01)Understand our ability to create meaning in the world where none existed before. (2:07:01)Using creativity to add life and love to the world. (2:10:00)Mike’s work with Mark England on Enlifted. (2:21:41)ResourcesThe work of yoga expert Jill MillerThe work of Maxwell MaltzThe Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Dr. Bessel van der KolkThe work of Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson
Mike Bledsoe | Why He Left the Strength Biz for the MIND Biz Mike Bledsoe walked away from the success he earned in the fitness industry as part of Barbell Shrugged to look inward. He is now focused on how mindset influences your performance. By looking at language and how you view your own story, new revelations in your mental and emotional patterning can be revealed. What causes deep underlying pain in your body? It may actually be attributed to unresolved trauma from your past. In this interview, we discuss the benefits of breathing and the importance of being able to be patient and wait to achieve what you are aiming for. LESSONS Start with language You can’t unknow Injuries may originate from an emotional trauma Fight, flight or freeze Focus on your breathing Deal with your past Trust the process You need space to be creative and change Learn to be patient and wait Impact with effective action Understand your story and identity BREATH Look at your story LINKS Mike Bledsoe on Instagram This episode was brought to you by TrueForm Runner. Visit www.TRUEFORMRUNNER.COM/SPARTAN and use the code SPARTAN10 to save 10% The Spartan World Media Fest was made possible by ATP Science TIME STAMPS 0:00 Dr. Johnny & Joe De Sena introduce the guy who inspired our podcast 2:00 TRUEFORMRUNNER.COM/SPARTAN intro 2:30 Interview begins with Sefra and Mike 3:10 Mindset training in regards to language, emotional and spiritual development 4:10 Choosing your own path and overcoming setbacks through a lot of work 5:45 How previous life experiences influence your health and embodied pain 7:30 Injuries and how they relate to emotional trauma 8:30 Fight, Flight or Freeze 9:30 The key is in breathing 10:30 Are we avoiding feelings? 11:45 TRUEFORMRUNNER.COM/SPARTAN break 13:05 The interview continues with emotional work 14:05 Living your on auto-pilot and not dealing with your past 15:25 Working on patience and having trust 16:45 Learning to wait 19:30 What is effective action? 21:10 Understand language, story and identity 22:40 Breathing & looking at your story 24:24 Joe De Sena & Dr. Johnny discuss Mike’s interview 32:30 TRUEFORMRUNNER.COM/SPARTAN close SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts: YouTube: Google Play: FOLLOW SPARTAN UP: Spartan Up on Instagram Spartan Up on Twitter CREDITS: Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Hosts: Joe De Sena, Dr. Johnny Waite & Sefra Alexandra Col. Nye is off on a bike expedition Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty © 2020 Spartan
How to expand your life using Ayahuasca with Mike Bledsoe Notes:- Quick fire round- How to change your identity from static to  fluid  - How to get distance from your ego so you can realise your potential- Deep dive into how you can use Ayahuasca (00:52 mins in)- The future of centralised authorityMike Bledsoe:- Wildman and wearer of few clothes- Founder of the incredibly popular Barbell Shrugged & The Bledsoe Show podcasts - CEO of The Strong Coach - Student and Coach of movement, behaviour, sexuality and alternative medicines Follow Mike: Insta @mike_bledsoe and @thestrongcoachWebsite: BiffInsta: @biffolyWebsite: Bash BoshPhrase1. Representing the sound or action of delivering a series of blows.2. Indicating something accomplished or completed simply.3. A simple and hard hitting podcast by Biff. Thanks for listening! The aim of this podcast is simple; it facilitates and archives the deep conversations i&apos;ve had with exceptional human beings. If you have a suggestion for a future guest, please send them my way. Love Biff.
Episode 62 - Guest Mike Bledsoe and Being Decent, Effects of Psychedelics This week, we have a very special guest with The Strong Coach, Mike Bledsoe. Coach Mark, Coach Tommy, and Coach Chad got to sit down with the man himself and discuss his background, being a decent human being, how he got to be where he is today, and a deep dive into the world of psychedelics. This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss. Enjoy!


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Self Deceit, Language Upgrades, and Self Reliance with Mike Bledsoe Mike Bledsoe is the founder of The Strong Coach and the former Shrugged Collective. In today’s episode Mike talks about his Barbell Business falling apart and some of the valuable lessons he’s learned from the experience. We’ll also be getting into a concept known as language upgrade and how it's not just about what you say, but how you say it that really matters.   Resources from the show: Instagram Website
The Strong Coach With Mike Bledsoe The Strong CoachMike Bledsoe Mike Bledsoe is a leadership and performance coach who specializes in developing coaches to actualize their full potential. CEO of The Strong Coach, helping coaches build 6 & 7 figure coaching businesses.  Mike leaves nothing off the table when it comes to creating and attaining the vision for his clients & and himself. Pulling from an eclectic toolset he cultivates leaders through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices.Mike Bledsoe Online & SocialInstagram: @mike_bledsoeFacebook: @The-Strong-Coach-1836711473110013Twitter: @mike_bledsoeYouTube: the Web: Thestrongcoach.comOn the Web: Trainingcampforthesoul.comBuilding Men YouTubeBuilding Men FacebookBuilding Men InstagramBuilding Men WebsiteBuildingmencoach@gmail.comCheck out our sponsors Finish The Race – Home of the official Building Men gearParent Brew Coffee – use this link to get 15% off your purchaseType BUILDINGMEN at checkout for 15% off your purchase a free discovery call with Building Men
Traps & Treasures, The Podcast with No Name (Mike Bledsoe + Max Shank) Max Shank and Mike Bledsoe start a new experiment.
Episode 51: The Strong Coach (feat. Mike Bledsoe) Today&apos;s guest is a man who&apos;s reputation truly precedes him in the best of ways. He is an absolute force in the entrepreneurial world having truly revolutionized areas pertaining to fitness, podcasting & coaching to name but a few. He holds a bachelors of science from the University of Memphis, is a certified personal trainer, crossfit trainer & performance coach, is the CEO of The Shrugged Collective, the owner of The Bledsoe show & last but definitely not least is the owner & CEO of The Strong Coach, a company dedicated to guiding coaches to their greatness!This episode was produced by Shlomo Bowe at the Mass Music Radio Station in Quincy, Massachusetts.
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