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Nick Charles: The Mayor of Trouble Town Nick Charles in the middle of trouble in the backfield once again.
Trash Arts Take: Interview with filmmaker Nick Charles Trash Arts take is our own views and opinions on anything film related. From mainstream films to indies.
This week we interview Nick Charles director of B Documentary. Plus Sam,Jack and Ryan discuss film remakes.
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UK Radio Host Nick Charles, Trans Advocate Teddy Cook, Performer Bradley Storer Nick Charles, Teddy Cook & Bradley Storer chat with James. UK radio host and podcaster Nick Charles talks about radio, lockdown, body image and being a role model. NICK CHARLES (@itsnickcharles) • Instagram photos and videos Teddy Cook discusses One Nation's Education [Parental Rights] Bill in NSW and his experience speaking at the bill's recent parliamentary inquiry. TransHub Bradley Storer discusses his career as an actor and cabaret performer, including new works. Bradley Storer | Facebook 3CR broadcasts from the stolen lands of the Kulin Nation. Sovereignty was never ceded. Please support 3CR's June Radiothon and help keep community broadcasting thriving. GiveNow - In Ya Face, 3CR Update: after our broadcast on Friday, Gorgeous FM announced that Nick Charles will be broadcasting weekdays from 1 pm, UK time, starting June 14. Congratulations Nick.
Spotlight on Nick Charles and Bladder Cancer The Cancer Support Community is honored to dedicate this episode to the powerful and inspiring story of Nick Charles, CNN’s first sportscaster and legendary boxing commentator.
Nick Charles (He/Him), Gaydio Presenter Born and raised on the island of Trinidad and Tobago and state school-educated, Charles, 32, moved to London over 10 years ago fleeing persecution of sexuality. &nbsp;&nbsp;
In the last 5 years, Nick has been working in media, film and broadcasting; holding positions at Gay Times magazine, Celeb Mix and This Radio before recently landing his dream job as a presenter on Manchester’s famous Gaydio. Nick is currently studying Media &amp; Communication with film &amp; Visual Culture at Liverpool Hope University to further his career in the Media Industry. &nbsp;
Nick has a passion for equality after his start in life, and so decided to use his platform to highlight issues within the BAME and LGBTQ+ community. This came to fruition in the form of an up and coming podcast, called “The 802”, with one his closest friends Dan. “The 802” touches on the common issues of equality, race and acceptance with an ecstatic and positive spin and features quests from all over the world and various walks of life.
Airey Bros. Radio / Episode 103 / Charles Nick Charles Nick of Third Wave Water joins us for episode 103 of ARB. What happens when NASA meets coffee you get Third Wave Water. While trying to perfect the perfect cup of coffee at home Charles discovered that there really was something to having the right water profile and the wheels were set in motion to create the perfect dehydrated water.

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B-Movie Interview: Nick Charles Paul and Corey interview the director of "B-Documentary" Nick Charles about himself and his film.
#125 Infertility Series: Nick Charles on Controversies Podcast Award Nominations begin July 1st, 2020! Please help DNA Today receive a fourth nomination (and hopefully a win this year!) by visiting and selecting “DNA Today” in the Science and Medicine category. We can only receive a nomination if YOU nominate the show!This episode concludes DNA Today’s 7 part infertility series. The first episode kicked off with Lauren Isley who shared about fertility genetic counseling. The next two episodes featured a couple who went through reciprocal IVF to have their daughters (part 1 and 2). Filmmakers of fertility movie ANYA joined the show next. Dr. Kara Goldman followed discussing diagnostic fertility testing. Last episode, Genetic Counselor Jennifer Eccles explained the science behind PGT for polygenic conditions.This seventh and final infertility installment explores controversies surrounding fertility with genetic counselor and genetics podcast host, Nick Charles. He is the lead laboratory and quality control counselor at CooperSurgical, a preimplantation genetic testing lab. Prior to working in a laboratory position, he was a prenatal and reproductive genetic counselor at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, counseling patients with high-risk pregnancies and/or fertility issues in the Maternal Fetal Medicine practice. He earned his bachelor’s degree in pre-med biology from the University of Scranton and his master’s in human genetics and genetic counseling from Sarah Lawrence College.This episode is also one of our crossovers with another genetics podcast. So be sure to hear the other half of our conversation on Nick’s show, Gene Therapy Podcast. Roles are flipped on his show where Nick interviews Kira about how to utilize social media to learn about genetic counseling, and to network and build a career.Sponsoring this episode is Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling (AT-GC) which provides virtual appointments to meet with a certified genetic counselor. These one-on-one conversations can help you understand how your own genetics may play a role in your health including fertility. Access to healthcare should not be dependent on where you live, which is why ATGC was founded! You can schedule your telehealth appointment directly on their website.On This Episode We Discuss:Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)Appropriate situations and where the line begins to blurMedical guidelines and recommendationsMosaic Embryos:Potential health concernsRegulations around implantationSituations to select and implantSuccess rate of pregnanciesCurrent and future researchDon’t forget to hear the other half of our conversation on Nick’s show, Gene Therapy Podcast. Just search Gene Therapy podcast in our podcast player or listen on his website. Keep up with the show by following on Twitter and Instagram.Stay tuned for the next new episode of DNA Today. New episodes are released on the first and third Friday of the month (with some bonus episodes thrown in there like this one)! In the meantime, you can listen to 125 episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or streaming on the website.See what else we are up to on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and <a href="
Nick Charles - Salty Interview (Oct 2012) Visit:
After countless tours of Oz, the USA and beyond, Nick Charles is the pre eminent troubadour for blues, folk and everything that looks like it's a guitar! Nick talks about his methods, influences and of course his fine interpretations. Features great cuts from recent albums. Recorded at Port Fairy Folk Fest 2012. (Released 08 Oct 12)
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