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203: Nick Cheadle Interview Sal, Adam & Justin interview fitness celebrity, WBFF pro and Optimum Nutrition Athlete, Nick Cheadle. Learn how Nick trains and why he is one of the few fitness professionals that Mind Pump can get behind. Please subscribe, rate and review this show! Learn more about Mind Pump at
Maximising Productivity, Habits & Lessons from Gym Ownership | Nick Cheadle - Orphic Education #40 Nick Cheadle is the co-owner of Paragon Strength &amp; Performance. We discuss what type of person should and shouldn't open a gym, most common business mistakes Nick warns against in opening and operating his gym, resources for young coaches to improve their coaching services, how to be more productive and making the most of your time by creating effective habits and systems.
Episode 39 - Nick Cheadle - Being Lean Is Not The Answer To A Good Life Topics:

-Why Nick got into fitness (why it changed his life)

-How he was able to move away from going to extremes to finding a more balanced approach to training and nutrition
 -Nick’s struggle with body dysmorphia and how he was able to get out of it
-Navigating your way out of inauthenticity on social media
 -Why he switched from bodybuilding to powerlifting

-How to build a successful gym

-The importance of building a sense of “family”

-What it means to pursue a #StrongerSelf


“I went through a really hard breakup and I didn’t like what was looking back at me in the mirror... I decided that if I was a little bit leaner and stronger... that maybe it would be easier to score with the ladies... so in all honesty this was how my fitness journey started”

“Over time, I learned how to change my fitness routine to make it something that was more sustainable... because when I started out I was going to the extremes and was very restrictive and I didn’t need to be... I just didn’t know how not to be”

“I knew that I enjoyed training... but I knew that deep down what I was doing was not sustainable... so it fueled this desire to learn more and more... and the more knowledgeable I became... it pushed me into finding a way that I could do this for a longer period of time... and yes there was a lot of trial and error”

“Being lean is just not the answer to life... and for so long I thought it was... there was so much struggle that came with this one”

“Fitness has though, without a doubt, completely changed my life for the better.”

You can follow him:


His new gym -> @paragon.sp


Join the Movement.

And Together We Can Pursue Our #StrongerSelf


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EP 4- How Nick Cheadle Grew His Following To Over 1 Million & Built A Thriving Coaching Business In this episode I interviewed Nick Cheadle, Nick is a fitness influencer who has built a large following of over 1 million combined on both facebook and instagram.

In this episode we talk about his social media growth, tricks he uses for content and his products that he offers to his following.

I think anyone looking to grow there social media and build a business from it you should check out this podcast.

If you want to learn more about Nick you can visit his website below:
Episode 1- Flexbile dieting with Nick Cheadle Episode 1- Flexbile dieting with Nick Cheadle by Gravfitt
The Fitness And Lifestyle Podcast | Ep.56 Spokesmodel Nick Cheadle On today's episode online coach and personal trainer Nick Cheadle joins the show. What we discuss: -The sppokesmodel search 2017 -Flexible Dieting -Eating out guilt free -D.U.P (Daily Undulating Periodization) -What's in store for Nick's future Nicks Social Media Links Instagram: @nickcheadlefitness Facebook/Youtube: Nick Cheadle Fitness Email: Article on D.U.P. - If you found this episode helpful or simply enjoyed it, I'd love for you to share it with your friends on social media! Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast to keep up with future episodes, give a 5 star rating and please leave a review. Check out my blog at Instagram/Twitter: @djkfitness YouTube/Facebook:Danny Kennedy Fitness Snapchat: dkennedynine Join my closed Facebook group 'Danny Kennedy Fitness' for tips on fat loss, muscle growth, athletic development, nutrition, motivation, group discussions and more. EVERYDAY ALPHA TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM
Nick Cheadle | Power-Building, Training Deloads, Eating For Performance over Body Composition, Training Splits + More On today's show I'm joined by Nick Cheadle.Some of the things we discuss:-Training splits-Lifting for hypertrophy compared to strength/power-The importance of nutrition as a powerlifter depending on whether you're cutting weight or not-Training deloads (when and how to implement them)-Accessory movements that will help you build your compound lifts+ more@nickcheadlefitnesswww.nickcheadlefitness.comwww.myphysique.ioFree Macro/Calorie calculator: my free email newsletter here: I WANT TO JOINJoin my Flexible Dieting Coaching Group: along with me exact workouts every day: you enjoyed this episode I'd love for you to leave a review, give the podcast a 5 star rating and subscribe for more.www.dannykennedyfitness.comInstagram: @djkfitnessYoutube: Danny Kennedy FitnessFacebook: Danny Kennedy Fitness
Meet the Team: Nick Cheadle, Language Lover and World Traveler In our final installment of our Meet the Team episodes, meet Nick Cheadle, Spanish teacher and intrepid traveler. Nick joined Hawken this fall and serves as a key member of the design team for the Mastery School of Hawken. Hear about his background and his vision for how students can learn about language, culture, and themselves.&nbsp;
001: Training splits, Building muscle, Deloads, Performance and Competiton with Fitness Icon- Nick Cheadle Todays episode features WBFF pro and Optimum nutrtion Athelete, Nick Cheadle. Nick discusses everything from Training splits, strength vs hypertrophy, Eating for performance, Deloads, Powerlifting and so much more.  Learn why Nick is a leading body building Spokesmodel and  one of the leading fitness professionals worldwide. For more information on Nick, visit or


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