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008 PAUL WARRIOR (WARRIOR PROGRAMMING) We are very excited to announce our first ever podcast guest - Paul Warrior!Paul is a top quality coach working with a number of elite athletes alongside a number of his other ventures ; Warrior Programming, Campfire, Built Up North &amp; Fend For Yourself.In today's episode we discuss ;- Paul's journey into coaching- Paul's training philosophy and the message he tries to express through it- Paul's thoughts on mental toughness and why it is important to develop this, especially during times like this pandemic- Campfire &amp; Deathcamp- What Paul would change about the fitness industryFind Paul...@Paul_warrior__@warriorprogrammingExtra Stuff:Follow Alex on Instagram - Pete's Gym HG3 Fitness on Instagram - in touch. Join the discussion with me and other like minded listeners in the episode comments on the Fitness In 15 YouTube Channel or message us...Instagram:
Warrior with Paul McDonald (son) and Paul McDonald (father) Updated version of the conversation as father and son (Paul McDonald squared) discuss the themes of forgiveness and validation in the 2011 movie Warrior starring Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy, and Joel Edgerton.

Southerly Change performed by Zane Dickinson, used under license from Shutterstock
Audio quotes performed by Tim Willard, Britt Mooney, and Paul McDonald from Abolition of Man (CS Lewis), Epic (John Eldredge), and Song of Albion (Stephen Lawhead)
2017 - 06 - 03 Warrior School Session 1 - Warrior Culture - Paul Bradford Join us for the first session of Warrior School with Pastor Paul Bradford - Warrior Culture. What does it mean to be a warrior for Jesus? Find out in Session 1 of Warrior School!
Utah Warriors' Paul Mullen 🚨 Eagle-Eyed Rugby Podcast 🚨

🔊 Utah Warriors' Paul Mullen

✴️ Growing up on Ireland's Aran Islands

✴️ Utah Warriors

✴️ 2021 MLR Season

✴️ Bill's crappy scheduling & bad mic 😬


Season 1/Episode 28
FP01: God's Warrior, Paul Bettany Welcome to the pilot episode of Faint Praise! We talk about two movies that for some reason have Paul Bettany playing the ultimate warrior of God, made by the same director in almost the same year: Priest and Legion. Here we begin what is likely to be a grand tradition of Toni getting things wrong and not realizing until after the episode is already done recording. The main thing she got wrong this time was of course the sound quality (sorry about that!), but also the pronunciation of Cam Gigandet's name (less sorry about that one).
AgogeTV Episode 59: Paul Warrior, Around The Camp Fire, Built Up North and much more! In today&#8217;s podcast we talk to the one and only Paul Warrior.

Paul is the founder of Warrior Programming, Built Up North, Around The Camp Fire, and many many more epic ideas! Paul was a pleasure to have on the show, enjoy guys!

Show notes:
Instagram @paulwarrior

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Episode 13 - Paul Warrior on being more than a coach, the architects mind in fitness and life lessons from lockdown This week, I caught up with my good friend Paul Warrior.&nbsp;

For those who know Paul already, you probably came across him through the world of crossfit, but Paul has so much more to offer than his input into that world alone.&nbsp;

I first met Paul when he came to the gym I used to work at to speak with us about the way he approaches training and programming and I could tell that his approach was unique. What I found really interesting was how Paul thinks about training and programming much like an architect thinks about a project, with the end in mind and any number of tools at your's about choosing the appropriate tool at the appropriate time and not limiting yourself to what you can choose from.&nbsp;

We spoke about Pauls background and his journey into the fitness world from skateboarding as a young kid to discovering the renegade punk rock esque side of fitness through mark twight and to where Paul is right now with the projects and businesses he runs.&nbsp;

Paul offers a really insightful view on how lockdown has impacted him too and how he has taken a lot of positives from this time in taking a step back and evaluating what is really important to him and where he wants to move in life.&nbsp;

This is going to be the last episode of JACKed Radio for a while now, as much like Paul I'm stepping back to think about the next step for all of this. If you want to find more of Paul, you can head to Instagram and follow @paul_warrior__ @fendforyourself___ @campfire___ and @warriorprogramming to see the awesome work Paul and those around him are doing right now.&nbsp;

So I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, followed, downloaded and given feedback so far! This is far from the end of what I've got planned, but for now it's time to recharge so we can come back with another set of fantastic conversations in season 2!&nbsp;
Bureau Bites Ep.9 – Singapore Social's Eco Warrior Paul Foster Singapore has been widely praised internationally for its efforts in containing COVID-19 and limiting fatalities to two people so far. But concern is afoot as the number of COVID-19 cases in the small island state has doubled over a 48-hour timespan, with an estimated 200,000 citizens yet to return home from overseas. Meanwhile, the livelihoods of just about everyone in every industry have been hard hit, no less so for people working in the entertainment and creative industries in Singapore. In order to find out more about how Singaporeans are coping with COVID-19 and more, we speak to Singaporean actor, host, environmental activist and Netflix' Singapore Social star, Paul Foster.
We ask Paul the following questions:
1. How are things in Singapore at the moment?
2. How have you been spending your time since the COVID-19 crisis started?
3. What is it about Singapore and Singaporeans' ability to simply get things done?
4. What environmental projects are you currently involved in?
5. Is there going to be a Season 2 of Singapore Social?&nbsp;
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