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Ocean Activism: Paul Watson in London Paul Watson in London June 5, 2008. Update on campaign to protect whales, seals, all sea creatures by famous ocean activist, founder of Sea Shepherd Society. Audio rough first two minutes, gets better, well worth your time. 35 min. CD Quality 33 MB or Lo-Fi 9 MB
Captain Paul Watson - Founder, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Co-founder, Greenpeace. | EP 18 Canadian born Captain Paul Watson is a pioneer of environmental activism who has helmed the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for over 40 years. The fierce eco-warrior and founding member of Greenpeace remains one of the most vital voices in the conservation movement. Though he has been condemned, arrested and placed on the Interpol watch lists for his interventionist style, in the current climate crisis, his approach feels appropriate to the level of emergency.


In 1977, he founded the Sea Shepherd Society, which is globally known for using guerrilla tactics to shut down illegal whaling, sealing and other wildlife killing at sea. In recent years Capt. Watson and Sea Shepherd has led the charge for removing hazardous gill-nets where there has long been an issue with extreme by-catch marine-life deaths.  Notable is the activity in the Baja California/ Mexico region, with the Vaquita Whale rescue mission, a near extinct and coveted cetacean species. Today the movement has independent entities in over 20 countries working together on direct-action campaigns around the world with local governments and other NGO’s  Capt. Watson is also a prolific author, speaker and subject of a recently released documentary film WATSON.  




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“WE CALL IT PLANET EARTH, but it should be called Planet Ocean.”  - Paul Watson


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Paul Watson - ORCA - 9:17:21 VI Daily and PQB News Editor Philip Wolf chats with Paul Watson, the President of the Oceanside Running Club. (ORCA
Abundant Prayer with Paul Watson of Contagious Disciple Making Contagious Disciple Making: Book, Website, Podcast, BlogPrayer Calendar: There is a great section about prayer in the book Contagious Disciple Making where you can read more about a prayer calendar.Church Planting Movements BookSteak 'n' Shake :) (If you work there, podcast sponsorships or free milk-shakes would be appreciated.)If you have a question to ask or a story to share, go here and Jump In!If you're interested in a transcription of this episode, check out this link.
PAUL WATSON on Sea Shepherd‘s Life-or-Death Direct Action /55 Paul Watson is a marine wildlife conservationist and environmental activist from Toronto, Canada. Watson was one of the founding members and directors of Greenpeace. In 1977 he left Greenpeace and founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Today’s conversation revolves around the state of our oceans, threats to marine wildlife, Sea Shepherd’s resistance through what Paul calls “aggressive non-violence”, political dynamics and the tensions between subsistence hunters and conservationists.
A Good Day To Die: Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson On The Compassion Behind Confrontation In this episode, my conversation with the Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd, the environmental organization known for interventions with whaling ships around the world.Paul has been at the forefront of the ocean environment for years and was seminal in the foundation of two renowned organizations, Greenpeace, and then years later, Sea Shepherd.Sea Shepherd - and Caption Paul himself - can evoke strong feelings from people, particularly as Paul himself has been at the helm of ships that have boarded, rammed and sunk multiple whaling vessels around the world. Regardless of what anyone might think about his tactics on the sea, I wanted to understand more about what motivated him… why he felt such a deep connection to the whale and the ocean and what pushed him into protecting the ocean in such an active and controversial way.And perhaps unsurprisingly, Paul turned out to be a warm, funny and engaging man of great intellect… and whose passion was less about confrontation, and much more about compassion.Scuba Diving, Free Diving, Ocean Environmentalism, Surfing, and Marine Science.Please give us ★★★★★, leave a review, and tell your friends about us as each share and like makes a difference.
Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson on the fight to save fish, whales, oceans and humans Captain Paul Watson (@CaptPaulWatson) founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (@SeaShepherdSSCS) on the Sea Shepherd's journey from outlaws to law enforcement and his battles to save the fish, the whales and the oceans.
“To be a real conservationist, you have to look ahead a million years.”
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