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Podcasting about Ukraine. These podcasts cover the latest news on Ukraine. Continue Reading >> Podcasting about Ukraine. These podcasts cover the latest news on Ukraine. << Show Less
Risk unwind, supply chains and the Ukraine Topics: Tracking the market risk unwind; Supply chain update; Ukraine; Invasion of the COVID Body Snatchers
155 – Angel Investor Makes Millions And Builds A Solar Farm In Ukraine – Yaro Starak Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is Yaro Starak, co-founder of He is an Angel Investor of 30+ companies, has built a Solar Farm In Ukraine, earned $2 Million from blogging and travelled the world living in AirBnb’s in 26 cities all while growing his business working only 2 hours per day. 


Exactly how Yaro started and grew a business and sold for a profit. Not once but twice.
A common myth about being an Angel Investor. This is an important concept to always understand when you want to make money as an investor. 
Are you truly interested in freedom, real freedom, then listen in to hear the best advice ever!
How you can achieve a 7 or 8 figure business with only 2 or 3 employees, and what you need to have in place to achieve those goals!
Exactly how to build a business like a solar farm, what is needed and how to maintain good cash flow for years to come.
Have you ever wondered what life would be like travelling the world and living in Airbnb’s and hotels? What are the life lessons learned!
How to listen to your gut when it says, ‘I don’t want a job, I want to travel’ and how to make that your reality.
Ever wonder what the best skills are to have as an entrepreneur? Listen in as Yaro and Mikkel talk about what they had to do, especially in the beginning of their careers.
Best quote of the day, ‘It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep’

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129: How To Move To Saipan Without A Visa Or Even A Passport – Vin Armani


Great conversation with Yaro. His main business after all these years is InboxDone, an email management company with a team of 25 serving clients all around the world.

I am certainly a great candidate for using his service. I probably spend a good 5 hours every day, opening, reading and responding to emails. I think it’s time to give up my habit and call on the expertise of Yaro. If you are in the same position as me, what a great service to free up some really valuable time to build your business.

Todd Wood Explains Biden‘s Plan To Start War In Ukraine Wreck The Economy & Start A War With Todd Wood!

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Thursday, October 17, 2019: Ambassador Testifies Trump Directed Him to Work With Giuliani on Ukraine Critical testimony today as House Democrats build their abuse of power impeachment case. A Trump campaign donor turned ambassador tells Congress the President personally directed him to work with Rudy Giuliani – and that Giuliani tied Ukraine’s hope for a White House meeting to its willingness to investigate the Bidens.

Plus, VP Pence lobbies Turkey to halt its military operation in Syria — as the President bristles at both Republicans and Democrats who say he is making America weaker and handing a gift to Russia, Iran and ISIS.

And Congress loses a unique, booming voice: Elijah Cummings was a son of sharecroppers who rose to be chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee. The Baltimore icon died this morning at the age of 68.

Today’s Panel: CNN’s Dana Bash, Michael Bender with The Wall Street Journal, CNN’s Kylie Atwood, Asma Khalid with NPR and Julie Hirschfeld Davis with The New York Times
When The Revolution Was Orange – Ukraine In 2004 – Past Daily Reference Room No stranger, it seems, to upheaval.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – BBC Radio 4 Today Program – News Reports – November 22 – December 5, 2004 – BBC Radio 4

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Radio Ukraine – News and Special Broadcast (In Russian) – November 25, 2004 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

With fast-moving events taking place in the Ukraine these past few days, references have been made to another episode in the life of the Ukraine – this one was known as The Orange Revolution. It too had to do with political change and the protests erupting over what were considered rigged elections. The protests forced the initial election to be annulled and a new election was called. But that wasn't until December.

Here are two sets of broadcasts – one via the BBC which spans the period of November 22 to December 2nd, while the protests were gathering momentum. The other broadcast is from Radio Ukraine, and in Russian and is from November 24th.

At the time of these broadcasts, the protests were underway and it wasn't clear how they were going to end. But as we all know now, the new election swept Viktor Yushenko to power with 52% of the vote, compared to his opponent Viktor Yanukovych with 44%.

By 2010 that would change and Yanukovych would come to power – and four years later . . . .it's all happening again. Only this time it's violent and the stakes are higher.

But here's a reminder of where things come from – and they don't appear overnight. They fester for a long time and they are not new.

Enjoy history – it has the baffling ability to repeat. Sometimes often.
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