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181: Quita Jackson on Thrifty Self Sufficiency. 181: Quita Jackson on Thrifty Self Sufficiency. Taking small steps to being green and making a difference. Quita is one of the founders of   And while some would call her an urban farmer or a gardener, she prefers to consider herself spiritually connected to mother earth and her environment.  She loves everything about nature! is all about showing people ways to be more self-sufficient, whether you’re gardening, making your own clothes, recycling, or making your own cleaning products… every little bit counts. Quita is all about living the lifestyle…everything from maintaining a garden rich with herbs, vegetables and fruit, to raising chickens and tilapia, to using a water generator to make water from the humidity in the air, to collecting rainwater and The list goes on. She is quite passionate about this topic because she believes we are all in this together… and must recognize how our actions about the environment affects others.  In addition, saving money is a huge priority for her and of course that’s a huge part of being green. IN THIS PODCAST: Being green is all about having less of a negative impact on the planet and here Greg chats with Quita who has fully adopted a new lifestyle and loves helping others find their way into it as well. Quita tells how she got the courage to start gardening, and how that gave her confidence to try new ways to become self-sufficient even while living in a major city. Her encouraging attitude and caring nature helps as she spreads the word about little steps people can take in their own lives. Go to for more information, photos and links on this podcast and to sign up for emails about our other great guests.
577: Quita Jackson on Off-Grid Container Homes Building small homes using thrifty resources. In This Podcast: Our ancestors were the pioneers of the past that lived off the land and as society advanced, so did our way of life. Currently, we are living life unsustainably and creating waste along the way. However, Quita Jackson had a vision to revert back to living like the mothers before her and decided to follow her dreams of living off-grid. Listen in to learn about how she built her container home, the challenges along the way, and the importance of mimicking mother nature. Don’t miss an episode!visit UrbanFarm.Org/podcast Nature Lover, Mom and Wife, Producer, Storyteller, and Educator are just some of the words that describe Quita. She is the founder and host of; a site dedicated to leaving less of a carbon footprint by mimicking nature. From helping build school gardens, to building off-grid shipping container homes, to sharing backyard-to-kitchen recipes, She truly lives a sustainable lifestyle and strives for zero waste. Her GreenDesert TV page has more than 100 videos sharing her lifestyle. Quita also produced and created shows for ABC News in Phoenix for the last 20 years. Visit for the show notes on this episode, and access to our full podcast library! Quita Jackson on Off-Grid Container Homes.
C2F 10:The biggest game changer: MEDITATION with Quita Jackson Do you want to shift your daily routine and get motivated to take action? This one simple but meaning thing can change your mindset forever! Join us as we discuss the simple act of meditation : the no frills way we both meditate! Quita Jackson is the owner and host of and Youtube's show: GreendesertTV.
C2F 19: Live a Bit of a GREENER Life with Quita Jackson Quita Jacksongreendesert.orgyoutube: greendesertTV
C2F 0: Retiring Early- Why Quita Jackson went for it at age 42! Quita Jacksongreendesert.orgYoutube: GreendesertTVInstagram: @thegreendesert
C2F 22: The One Request Mom Tells Her Sons with Quita Jackson Greendesert.orgGreen Desert TV on YouTube