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Vurbl People Audio Intro Listen to this compilation of insightful interviews, quotes, commentary, news, and more surrounding some of the most well-known public figures. You can also use Vurbl's snippet tool to clip and share your favorite moments with friends, family, and audio creators.
6. ChangeAbility: Listen Deeply with Jackie Welch-Schlicher and Rebecca Mark Jackie Welch-Schlicher and Rebecca Mark are both artists who have mastered the art of listening deeply, receptivity and response, and playing with the magic of the unexpected. Each of them uses “an open hand” when crafting their work, which allows the artistic expression to reflect the improvisational nature of life. The practice of trust rather than control, receiving rather than forcing, keeps the work fresh and alive no matter what the form or task.
Ep. #078 - Finding Your Style with Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer of the Secret Life of Weddings Podcast We were joined this week by Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer of the Secret Life of Weddings Podcast. Settle in to hear about how Lisa and Rebecca got started doing photography and how they discovered their styles. Also, Lisa and Rebecca share the impetus behind why they started the Secret Life of Weddings. There’s a lot more in the episode so hit download and get ready to have a good time.

Questions this week include:
Is it ok to message a past client who got divorced and then engaged again to see if they want to use your as their photographer a second time?
Who’s fiscally responsible for an album ruined at a client meeting, the photographer or the client that ruined it?
Is it possible for your tongue to get stuck to a lens if it’s really cold outside?

You can find Lisa and Rebecca at:, Secret Life of Weddings Instagram, Secret Life of Weddings Twitter,, The Podbooth Instagram, The Podbooth Twitter, Lisa's Instagram, Rebecca's Instagram

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