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Reggie Yates on directing his first film, the terror of Hereditary and his popcorn particularities Ending this week of cinematic conversation on This Is My Cinema is Reggie Yates. Reggie was part of the jury for the British Independent Film Awards this year and has been a part of British screen-storytelling for two decades. He's just finished directing Pirates, his first feature film, having previously been an actor and presenter on both radio and television. Reggie gets into his favourite cinema haunts from his youth, the movie moments he loved watching with a full audience and his particular popcorn practice. Welcome to This Is My Cinema, a podcast from the British Independent Film Awards. The show is called This Is My Cinema and it’s all about celebrating the very best talent in the British film scene and the cinema experiences that made them who they are today.&nbsp;Our hosts Michael Leader and Rhianna Dhillon will be talking to rising stars and legendary names from in front of and behind the camera, exploring their origins in filmmaking, their inspirations, their memories of the cinemas they grew up visiting and of course whether they take their popcorn salty, sweet - or wouldn’t dream of taking food to a film at all.&nbsp;On the 18th of February, the British Independent Film Awards will be broadcasting live on Facebook and YouTube, hosted by Tom Felton, with lots of special guest appearances too. In celebration of the awards, we’ll be releasing one podcast episode every day that week, so subscribe now to This Is My Cinema wherever you listen to your podcasts… you’ll want a front row seatThis is my cinema is a Little Dot Studios production for BIFAThe show is hosted by Rhianna Dhilllon and Michael LeaderIt’s produced by Jake Cunningham, Annie Hughes and Harold McShielAnd we’re edited by Content is Queen &#10;&nbsp;See for privacy and opt-out information.
Episode 50: Reggie Yates Absolutely delighted to welcome broadcaster, actor and documentary maker, Reggie Yates, to the podcast at long last. Reggie chats about growing up in a very musically eclectic household, being immediately drawn in by hip hop and its culture from a young age, Dr Dre's Aftermath and Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt. Romesh's Recommendation for this episode is: Sean Price - Imperious Rex. Check out Reggie's own podcast, Talk Stew via your podcast app and give him a follow @REGYATES. Huge thanks to Reggie for coming on and a big shout out to Radio Wolfgang for studio assistance. See for privacy and opt-out information.
#89 - Conversation with Reggie Yates Conversation with Reggie Yates
Reggie Yates They have been friends for over half of their lives: working together, travelling the world... so it was only a matter of time before Reggie joined Fearne on the podcast.And just to make it extra special, this conversation was recorded in front of a live audience at the recent Happy Place Festival weekend in London. We'll be bringing you more live interviews over the coming weeks.Thanks to the sponsors of the Happy Place Festival, Rituals. Who create bath, body and home products designed to help you slow down and feel good. Visit, where there's a welcome gift waiting for you... &#10; See for privacy and opt-out information.
E90: Reggie Yates Reveals The Secret To Staying Driven & Reaching Your Potential Reggie is someone that’s been on our screens for the best part of three decades. Making his first tv appearance on Desmond’s at the age of just eight years old. This would kick start a career in acting, tv presenting, radio DJ, singing and documentary film making.

In the last decade, Reggie has become synonymous with critically acclaimed documentaries. His films include the BBC3 Extreme series including Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia, Extreme South Africa and Extreme UK which are all available to a worldwide audience on Netflix. In 2016, Reggie was awarded Best Presenter for the critically acclaimed Extreme Russia at the Royal Television Society Awards, Best Factual Programme at the Edinburgh TV Festival, and Best Multi-channel Programme at the Broadcast Awards.

Reggie is a unique person, the journey he’s been on is one to be admired. I’m sure in this conversation today you’ll begin to understand what got him to where he is today, the factors that made him so driven and adaptable. Thank you Reggie, thank you for your honesty.


Where do you come from?
What factors made you break out of your environment 
what were your dreams for the future? 
The key moments of failure in your life 
Getting to know your shadow 
The force thats driving you 
The best and worst parts of your leadership style 
The most key moment from all your films 
Your relationship with money 
Whats the importance of being your true self? 
Romantic Relationships 
How has your parents relationship affected you?
What does the future look like for you? 
In your view whats your potential? 


The Blend # 3: Reggie Yates and Dan Davies on TV, crime and documentaries Host Paul Croughton is joined by the two journalists who transformed themselves from a TV host and editor respectively to documentary storytellers investigating some of the world’s most troubling people. They reveal what they’ve learned from the industry, from each other and from collaborating with people who need to tell their stories, whatever the cost. &#10;&nbsp;See for privacy and opt-out information.
Reggie Yates Sheffield Doc Fest Reggie Yates Sheffield Doc Fest by Jameisha Prescod
E5: That Time We Accidentally On Purpose Stalked Reggie Yates In today's storytime we tell you about that time we accidentally on purpose stalked Reggie Yates. Did we intend to? No. Did we end up doing it? Yes. To find out how, you're going to have to listen!
Reggie Yates We've all met Reggie Yates in some way, shape or form, whether it was back in the day on kid's show Smile with that bum fluff and those cainrows, his acting in Grange Hill and various roles, or more recently where he's been taking us all around the world, lifting the lid on hidden parts of society. And that varied career started in London!If you happen to go to any of the places mentioned in today's episode, why not let me know by posting a picture with the hashtag #ThisCityPod, and make sure you tell them who sent you. And if you like what you heard, please rate, review and tell a friend!Shop Clara's wardrobe on Depop! podcast is produced by Bea Duncan and Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative.
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