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Relationship Advice: Discussing Finances

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Take the stress out of discussing finances with your partner with these top podcasts episodes discussing relationship finances. Listen in and learn how to talk about money with your significant other in a way that is clear, effective, respectful, and productive. Continue Reading >> Take the stress out of discussing finances with your partner with these top podcasts episodes discussing relationship finances. Listen in and learn how to talk about money with your significant other in a way that is clear, effective, respectful, and productive. << Show Less
Discussing Finances with Your Life Partner How do you approach a discussion of financial habits and goals with your life partner? Bill and Anastasia discuss the importance of being on the same financial page with your partner and what that might look like. What if one person is a saver and the other is a spender? Bill describes some of the obstacles he has seen couples face and his joy in being a father.
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Discussing Money with Your Partner - WITHOUT Killing Each Other In this episode, I talk about discussing money with your significant other, why it's important, and what we can do to approach the subject in a constructive and understanding manner. Things you will learn in this episode: Why we must talk about past experiences, childhoods, and previous habits The importance of being open and honest Money and relationship statistics What we can do to maintain respectful and constructive money conversations with our partner Book a CONFIDENTIAL 1:1 Money + Mindset Clarity Call with me: BOOK NOW Sign up for my free $1000 Money Challenge and weekly Budget Bitch Tip newsletters: Money Challenge + Newsletter Sign Up FOLLOW FARRAH ON INSTAGRAM: @budgetbitchpodcast. I love sharing stories and REAL jargon-free content. Let's chat and connect! ENTER MY GIVEAWAY: For a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, all you have to do is follow me on Instagram @budgetbitchpodcast, leave a podcast review, then take a screenshot of your podcast review and email it to by Friday, June 19th 2020 at 11:59:59 pm Pacific Time.
Discussing FINANCES During Times of Uncertainty w/ Adrian Hildebrand, Certified Financial Education Instructor During times of economic uncertainty, there can be a lot of tension around the finances and just talking about it can feel like an argument is about to explode.
In this episode, Adrian Hildebrand, Certified Financial Education Instructor, shares some practical tips about discussing the finances as a couple. She tackles debt, budgeting, investments, financial infidelity, joint accounts, spending limits, and managing an economic crisis.
Adrian also discusses the COVID-19 pandemic specifically and shares some insights on financial do's and don'ts. She shared a specific resource about what you can do with retirement contributions (401Ks and IRAs) right now with the new CARES act -- here is a FORBES article from March 28th that explains the details.
Here are Adrian's Book Recommendations:
The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
Your Money, Your Marriage by Cherie and Brian Lowe
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The Ultimate Guide To Discussing Money! (Avoiding Financial Arguments) #84 Money is the leading cause of divorce and confrontation within marriage, but is there a good way to discuss it? In this episode, we give you 10 actionable steps to discuss money in your relationship. Taking the heat out of the issue, and making sure that you both walk away understanding one another. I want to become a better communicator. J Solie PHD to this link to learn more about the book, and to discover more about the author. The Art of Money Saving Free Share;ll need to sign up using the link and make a deposit to get the free share.Patreon
Ep. 243: Discussing Finances With Your Partner Money has the potential to make or break relationships… so when is the right time to start talking about it in your relationship? The way we see it, there’s no rush. There’s a big difference between casual dating and beginning to build a life together. As in anything, clear and honest communication should always be at the forefront.    How soon is too soon to talk about money? [2:06] Casual vs. serious dating [6:59] Can you attract weird money situations? [8:07] Are you building a life together? [11:40] Should you pay more if you make more? [13:29] You don’t need to have the conversations if you don’t have to [16:16] Look at their past actions and behaviors [20:14]   Get 20% OFF Organifi products at using code ‘thebestlife’   Don’t forget to leave us a review and subscribe so you never have to miss an episode! Comments and questions can also be sent to, and you can head to to join our Facebook Group.   FOLLOW US ON IG: @TheBestLifePodcast FOLLOW JILL: @jillfit FOLLOW DANNY J: @dannyjdotcom   You can also follow us on Facebook @Jill Coleman @Danny-J
Relationship Theory on Meeting the Parents and Discussing Finances Tom Bilyeu and Lisa Bilyeu sit down and discuss all thing relationships including meeting the Parents and figuring out if your partner has a growth mindset from date one. Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Impact Theory is a first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the incubation of mission-based businesses and the cultivation of empowering content. Every piece of content Impact Theory creates is meant to underscore the company mission to free people from The Matrix and help them unlock their true potential. Impact Theory exists to inspire the next generation of game-changing companies and creators that will make a true and lasting impact on the world.   FOLLOW TOM BILYEU TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:   FOLLOW IMPACT THEORY TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:   Subscribe to the PODCAST to get episodes early:
Tilly Talks: Discussing money matters with your partner In this episode of Tilly Talks, Jess and Maureen discuss the big questions around how we should talk to our partner about money. We cover everything from shared bank accounts, home loans, going guarantor, retirement and what to do when a relationship ends.
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