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Ep. 14 - Rick Wood Rick Wood is a stand-up comedian, writer, and musician based Los Angeles, CA. Rick had just a short amount of time to record this episode after a Frank Maloney & His Big Country Unit show @ DC Cherry Hut. Look, the interview is like 2 months old. And it's great! Rick joins Frank and Dan to discuss a variety of topics including pooping your pants and coping with death. Stayed tuned for the end of the episode and enjoy a few original songs Rick graced us with in studio.
Happy Father's Day ft. Tommy Derrick and Rick Woods Happy Father's Day to all the fathers/father figures out there! We sit down with Clark's dad, Tommy, and Jacks dad, Rick for a couple chats. They give their takes on plenty of sports today and from back in the day! As expected, plenty of hot takes arise in these all around great chats! Thank you for listening. We will have a short midweek episode, but wanted to show the dads some love on their day! @onthehillpod
Be The Majority Podcast Series - Rick Wood | Mike Sonneveldt So often people come up to us and ask, "What can I do and how can I make a difference?" In this series of podcasts, we are going to be covering what you can do for your community, city, schools, state, and nation. We will have many guest speakers throughout this series to equip you for the fight! Our guest is Rick Wood!
Album Breakdown: Against The Wind Feat. Rick Wood Brad and Trevor are joined by fellow comedian, Rick Wood as they discuss Bob Seger's 11th studio album "Against The Wind."
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@BradWenzel @heytrevorsmith
Ep. 54: Rick Wood &#160; I was fortunate enough to have comedian Rick Wood stop by the &#8220;studio&#8221; for a chat. Rick moved to Los Angeles three years ago after starting stand-up in Wisconsin. We talk about Rick&#8217;s travels in life, comedy, writing, stupid Yelp reviews and the lack of water in California. I had a great time with [&#8230;]
SACRED Sages Mini-Series (2) - Aimee Mosco, Dr. Kimberlee Woods & Rick Swanson Over the next several weeks we will be covering various SACRED topics, specifically focused on Unity and Connectivity.&nbsp; We will explore aspects of this Oneness with each guest, examining our connections with the Universe, one another, and nature.&nbsp; We will conclude the mini-series with a look at how to move through fear with a heart-filled with hope.
SACRED is an alternative life improvement system aimed at helping individuals bring all parts of self into balance and into a heightened state of awareness.&nbsp; SACRED serves to recalibrate the human energy field using a unique delivery, effectively training the subtle energies surrounding a person to support a heightened state of enlightenment.
SACRED incorporates meditation, tapping, breath work, affirmations, images channeled through intuitive communications and a gentle daily practice to reinforce the energy field shift. During this mini-series we will explore with guests various SACRED topics, specifically focused on Unity and Connectivity.
In Part Two, Paul and his special guests, Aimee Mosco and Dr Kimberlee Woods, talk about the value of hope over fear with fellow guest Rick Swanson.

Rick's acronym for FEAR, allowing the conscious mind to give meaning to fear in a rational way is:


When we examine fear, it is irrational, meaning that there is nothing to be truly fearful of. Fear is actually what is imagined, it is often not the reality of any situation.
The bad things in life teach us invaluable lessons about the world and about ourselves. Blessings can often arrive in dark moments.
Growth and positivity do not have to come in sweeping amounts. Hope is around the corner and arrives incrementally. Take pleasure and comfort in small bouts of light.

&nbsp;'I choose to live above the threshold of fear'
'Fear is actually what is imagined'
'Go with grace and ease'
'I had so many blessings come to me that wouldn't have come to me unless I had gone through the fire'
Mastering The Game Of Life &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
Aim&eacute;e Mosco, author and Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. (IHS) created the SACRED system and a series of corresponding courses to reinforce the concepts brought forth with the system.&nbsp; Aim&eacute;e can be found at
Dr. Kimberlee Woods, owner of Mystical Awakenings, Inc., author, and founder of School of Mystical Arts (SOMA) is a Master SACRED practitioner and training instructor.&nbsp; Kimberlee can be found at
Rick is the founder and CEO of Ten10.&nbsp; Similar to Amazon Smile, Ten10 raises funds for non-profits every time a supporter makes a purchase at local businesses.
Rick previously built two of America&rsquo;s fastest-growing companies, as ranked by Inc. magazine.&nbsp; He is on a mission to bring his fundraising skills to the non-profit world.
Rick is a Fellow of The 8 Principles &ndash; an organisation that provides accessible education and training for non-profits, to create growing fundraising revenue &ndash; as well as a Director of World Game-Changers.
One thing that&rsquo;s never been attached to Paul is the label &lsquo;normal&rsquo; &ndash; something he is totally aware of.&nbsp;&nbsp;He definitely subscribes to being one of those mentioned the iconic &lsquo;Think Different&rsquo; Apple commercial narrated by Steve Jobs in 1977:
&ldquo;Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules.&nbsp;&nbsp;You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do!&rdquo;
Paul has a long and distinguished history of coaching &amp; mentoring &ndash; particularly focusing on helping people make the transition from pain to purpose; a journey he has made himself, from the depths of a deep dark existence, to now living a life of happiness and prosperity.
Through this Mastering The Game Of Life podcast, and books he has been involved in &ndash; including being a best-selling co-author &ndash; Paul also helps others
October 11, 2020 - John Nichols | Paul Wood | Rick Perlstein Congress is Supposed to Play a Key Role in Invoking the 25th Amendment | Was Saudi, Emirati and Russian Money Funneled into Trump's 2016 Campaign Via Micropayments? | Republican Rats Are Deserting the Sinking SS Trump
QUARANTINE QUICKIE #44: Ratchet Reality (w/ Rick Wood) Welcome back to a somewhat hopeful episode of Bleak in Review! Kevin introduces the show this week with chatter of election relief and the breaking of a specific personal streak. Then, comedian / musician Rick Wood (@Rickw00d) returns to the show to chat with Kevin about Veteran's day vibes, getting back into the dating world after a 14 year marriage, and the many problems of romantic men's hearts. Plus, stick around after Kevin's meandering intro for the debut of "Material Child" by The Earth Satellites, Rick's fantastic band!
Check out Rick's guerilla comedy special As Above So Below here:
Check out The Earth Satellites on Bandcamp ( or Spotify (!
And is still a thing! Feel free to go there also!
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