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Episode 35 - Sandy Wexler We're back after a bit of a hiatus for your, uh, summer episode of the Fourth Adam Sandler Podcast! This time we're talkin' "Sandy Wexler," Adam Sandler's third straight to Netflix picture, a star studded vehicle based loosely on Sandler's old talent manager. What's next, a cartoon about his caddy? A musical about his make-up artist? Just kidding folks, it's all good.
Our rambling conversation includes new thoughts on Adam Sandler's appeal, Margaret Atwood's time capsule novel, and the literally dozens of cameos in the movie.

Note: One of the best jokes in the movie is spoiled at 57:50 so if you're at all inclined to watch it, I advise you to skip to 1:05:38
Bloops! (Sandy Wexler) Your back? Again? For another weekly dose of Lewis and Aiden? On a Wednesday? You really have nothing else to do? Wow. I guess if you really are that desperate for some entertainment. Go ahead. Click the play button and say farewell to all your troubles for approximately two minutes, give or take.


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Episode 20 - Sandy Wexler I... I don't really know how to feel. For the second week in a row, the Cinemaniacs are doing an ADAM SANDLER FILM!!! It's bizarre and strange but here we are. This week, it's Sandy Wexler. We hope you enjoy this week's episode, we promise next time, we won't do an Adam film. Well, Aiden promises, as Lewis LOVES to say: "Put him on blast CinemaNation, put him on blast!"


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Sandy Wexler This week, Luke and Luke are digging into Adam Sandler's Sandy Wexler, a Netflix Original movie about a talent manager in 1990s Hollywood.
Will Sandy's quest for finding a star lead him into the fabled halls of The Sandler Castle, or will he flop and fall into The Sandler Pit?

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Instagram: @TheSandlerPit

Twitter: @TheSandlerPit


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Sandy Wexler & GOS Goes to Hollyweird! The GOS duo is on their way to the city of lights, baby! Sandy Wexler is the topic of discussion for this week's episode. This is the first film in Sandler's catalog that is based on a "real" person, wow! The celebrity cameos keep rolling, Rob Schneider is still a piece of human garbage, and we dig a bit deeper in to the simulation theory. Are these different sentient androids? Is it Terry Crews or Ted Cruz? Is there a direct correlation to how bad the film is versus how intoxicated the hosts are? All this and more inside!

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Episode 265 - Colossal & Sandy Wexler This week Dan and Greg focus on the monster BEHIND the monster when they check out Colossal while Casey hangs out at home with Sandy Wexler.

Then we discuss The Magnetic Fields' long, long play 69 Love Songs.

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#5- Sandy Wexler w/Felicia Folkes In the fifth episode of IMDweed, Felicia Folkes joins Jessica and Kelly to watch and talk about one of the worst movies of all time, the Netflix original movie, Sandy Wexler. Although the movie was garbage, one good thing did come from it -- this great episode! Lotta laughing, we were stoned the whole day, it'a good time. Listen and enjoy!
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Weird Me and Sandy Wexler Gerrit and Dakota take an oppurtunity to fill you in on Al's recent movie appearance, as well as how to get some sweet one-of-kind Weird Al swag. This one is a shortie but a goodie. Follow us on Twitter, @talkingaltoyou, and go talk to us on our Facebook Forum:
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